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Ever wonder how you can improve your skincare and overall wellness without resorting to cosmetic surgery.  Dr. John Tang knows all about it.  He is currently practicing advanced treatments in cosmetic skin care and has his own clinic called Rejuve in Saratoga California. 

Focusing on healthier lifestyles, Dr. Tang looks at his clients internally and externally and decides what factors or issues need improving.  Most of his treatments involve proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation, managing exercising regiments and balancing deficient hormones through bio-identical hormone replacement. Now you might be asking yourself, what does it mean to balance your hormones through bio-identical replacement.  Well, it all starts with a blood test then you and Dr, Tang will evaluate what hormones or vitamins your body is missing then prescribe those hormones to get your body balanced.  Bio-identical hormone replacement is just one of many treatments Dr. Tang offers his clinic.  Some of the other services the Clinic provides are hair removal, hair restoration, reducing the signs of aging like dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles through laser treatments.

Dr. John Tang discovered aesthetic medicine through his family.  His mother and father being physicians encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine.  Dr. Tang’s sister is a dermatologist and his wife practices cosmetic medicine.  For Dr. Tang, his interest in aesthetic medicine all started with his curiosity in bio-identical hormones.  In the beginning of his career he didn’t know much about bio-identical hormones, so he took courses to better understand this subject then developed a passion for it.  As Dr. Tang said “my entire paradigm shifted and the rest is history.”   

When I asked Dr. Tang what are the most common illness or most wanted skin care treatments that clients come into the clinic for he said, “food sensitivities and overall poor gut health.”  While getting to know Dr. Tang a little better I wanted to ask what is his favorite type of exercise was which was playing basketball and weightlifting.  I also asked what his favorite snack food was and he said a bowl of mixed berries. 

Getting to know Dr. Tang and what he does opens the door to new methods in helping skin care without the risk of any surgery.  As Dr. Tang would say “go out and live your life, don’t let life leave you.”

Dr. John Tang is host of Health And Beauty For Life on the VoiceAmerica Network.  Tune in Wednesdays at 4 pm PST on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel.


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