Hi.  My name is Jill Schiefelbein.  And I’m a speak-a-holic.

 Yes, I am one of those weird people who loves public speaking.  Who thrives on having an audience.  And who genuinely wants to connect with people in a meaningful way through words and speech.  I understand, that makes me odd.

 But I’m fortunate.  I’ve taken this passion and launched it into a full-fledged communication consulting company, Impromptu Guru, where I have been lucky enough to influence the confidence levels of thousands of people.  Recently, in launching my talk radio show, Communication Nation, I’ve been able to expand that reach.  And once per month, I bring a special episode to the world on relevant and timely communication topics.  This week I launched the inaugural episode of Communication Training on Communication Nation.  The topic: Public Speaking and Speech Writing.

 The show has four segments, and each segment comes complete with tangible takeaways that you can implement immediately in your professional life, as well as links to supplemental videos to help aid in the training process.  The thought behind the Communication Training episodes is that listeners can immediately walk away with numerous ways to immediately improve their professional behavior through communication. 

 The first segment covers nervousness and anxiety, and how physiological signs manifest in speaking behaviors.  I provide two exercises for eradicating some of these symptoms, as well as contextualize anxiety as passion.  The second segment goes into preparation of speeches and presentations and covers how to write and outline a successful message.  Basic organizational structures are provided, as well as the three things that all introductions and conclusions should contain.  We also go into attention getters and the two important rules for using humor in a public speech.  In the third section, we discuss delivery techniques that make for confident, composed presenters.  And finally, the show ends with a discussion of the differences between speaking to a live, face-to-face audience versus speaking through a mediated channel, such as audio conferencing, webinars, or videos.

 Want to know more?  Check out the episode Communication Training: Public Speaking and Speech Writing.


Jill Schiefelbein is an accomplished speaker, author, professor, and business owner. She is the owner of Impromptu Guru, a communication consulting company that was named Gilbert Arizona’s 2012 “Rookie of the Year” less than a year after its inception. She is also the host of “Communication Nation,” a business communication talk show on VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel. She works with professional athletes, politicians, business executives, and groups to improve their communication and messaging strategies. Learn more at http://impromptuguru.com

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