Thomas DiNapoli

Thomas DiNapoli

He’s been called “the unsung hero of Albany.” As part of our series on leadership & governance, New York State’s popular Comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli talks about using the power of the state’s $173 bn pension fund to improve corporate transparency, accountability & community responsibility. The leverage he and fellow public pension fund fiduciaries exercise produces stronger long-term investment performance benefitting not only their fund participants, but individual shareholders as well. Should mutual fund managers follow suit? A leader of campaign finance reform and environmental impact accountability, Tom will also talk about the comptroller’s role in improving governance in New York and in consequence in the state’s business climate. And that’s not all. Liz Kennedy of Demos looks at what’s going on with the SEC and disclosure. She’ll also update us on moves in several states to “take back” the first amendment and end the sale free (political) speech goes to highest bidder.

Liz Kennedy

Tune in for a New Episode of “Global Reach: Winning in Global Markets” with Host Therese Revesz. She will be discussing “Pension Power and Corporate Accountability: an interview with NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Plus, whats up with the SEC?” This will be aired January 30th at 11 am Pacific Time.

We are all operating in a dynamic global marketplace, whether we reach across borders to find new customers and fresh ideas or face overseas competitors in our home market.Global Reach embraces the opportunities and challenges we encounter when operating in multiple countries and cultures. We talk with entrepreneurs and executives about their strategies for winning in fast changing world markets: cross-cultural communication, global branding, media and marketing, transportation and manufacturing, the future of finance, alternative investment strategies, innovation and IP protection.Global Reach interviews thought leaders about 21st century megatrends that impact international entities: trends like the business and politics of sustainability, the morphing nature of competitiveness, globalization, global companies vs national governments, worldview and growth prescriptions, emerging markets issues, and the corporate impact on society (governance, ethics and leadership).


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