Back in July of 2018, VoiceAmerica started up the end of Summer with a brand new contest looking for the next host to join the VoiceAmerica family. The contest ran until September 15th . We had a multitude of entries over the summer, and the last month was spent tabulating all the votes from listeners, our broadcast experts and the Management Team at VoiceAmerica. We are so happy to see that we had a well-rounded bevy of talent and the decision was not an easy one to make. Now today, October 17th, 2018, we have the winner!

The winner of the contest is Chris Epting! Congratulations Chris! There were many entries worldwide, and after our judges and listeners voted, Chris was named the winner. Within the next week, Chris will be set up with his own Executive Producer and start the process to begin his show in the coming weeks. Now what exactly does Chris get? As the Grand Prize winner, he has been awarded his own series, which is a 13-week live radio podcasting, in a live time slot, or as a pre-recorded podcast. He will also have a one-on-one session with noted broadcaster, President and our CEO, Jeffrey Spenard. He will also be featured in a segment of Finding Your Frequency, Jeff’s radio program co-hosted by our VP of Broadcast Operations, Ryan Treasure. And finally, he will also receive a personalized, signed copy of Jeffrey Spenard’s book, Finding Your Frequency. Congratulations again!

Along with Chris, there was a second and third place prize for the first and second runners-up. The first runner up is KJ Blattenbauer! Congratulations KJ! What is the prize as the first runner up? As the First Runner-Up winner, she has been awarded a four (4) week recorded podcast on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. She will also have a one-on-one session with Jeffrey Spenard. She will also receive a personalized, signed copy of Jeffrey’s book, Finding Your Frequency.

Finally, in third place, second runner-up, is Joshua Berglan! As the Second Runner-Up winner, he has been awarded an interview opportunity with Jeff on the Finding Your Frequency radio show and receive a personalized, signed copy of, Finding Your Frequency.

Congratulations to our winners! Way to go! Also, we want to give a big thank you to all who entered the contest. All of you created wonderful ideas and really showed us how passionate you are in hosting your own radio show! Hopefully one day, we can have you all part of the VoiceAmerica family.  Everyone who participated will also receive a signed copy of the book, Finding Your Frequency, written by Jeffrey Spenard.

If you missed your chance to enter and you still want to host your own radio show, just head to and sign up. Congrats once again to all the winners and we shall see you all again in the next contest!

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