Launching a high quality radio show or podcast to build your reputation, create a platform for a message, or expand your business is all the rage these days. Yet even if you’re somewhat tech savvy and feel comfortable talking to people and even doing interviews, turning that radio/podcast show into a highly popular and attention grabbing media vehicle requires some careful thought and planning.

You probably have listened to a few popular podcasts and seen some of these individuals have built some pretty substantial followings — even with major sponsors — and asked yourself, how did they do it? 

To answer that question adequately would require a long and complicated response, because there is really not one simple way or process to make a big splash with a podcast.

I know. I’ve been a producer working in the digital radio and video industry for more than 14 years and developed more than 200 original radio shows for best selling authors, leading business personalities, celebrities, top speakers, and many other professionals. Today, some of my shows reach millions of listeners every year and a number of them are sponsored; which means their shows bring in advertising dollars.

Another important fact I mention is the digital Internet of today is a media business, just like the business world of movies or TV. It follows the rules of traditional ‘show business’. That means nobody “makes it big” without some kind of professional support — people who take care of the things you are not an expert at doing. It’s either a serious learning curve or you are going to spend money to have that support. That’s show biz reality. People outside the media business sometimes don’t understand this and think they can just DIY everything. I’ve run into a lot of them.

So traditionally, producers are the people who develop talent and build careers in the media/entertainment business. Producers know how to help you tell your story and communicate your own unique value proposition, identity, expertise, or message. We help you define your audience and know who your show will be talking to (your market). Or as we say in show biz, “who is this for?”

Then there are the list of questions I usually get asked when someone is looking for answers on the best ways to produce a radio show/podcast. These questions usually center around these general topic areas:

How is the show recorded/produced and what are technical options?

What are the best ways to distribute the produced show?

What are the most efficient methods of promoting the show through social media channels, email, press releases, and more?

How do people find my show if they don’t know about it? How do people find me?

How long does it take to build an audience?

Is there a way to accurately track actual listeners ongoing?

How to I get high quality guests?

What if I also want to go live with my show?

What are ways of making money with my radio show? Or ‘how do I monetize the content?’

How does one pitch advertisers and close deals for sponsorship?

Are there ways of incorporating video along with the podcast?

What equipment is required?

You can see what I mean when I say its a complicated answer. 

So when I give someone that digital radio reality check, that individual usually comes back to me with a question like this:

“So I don’t have time for all that…is there a some place where I can get some kind professional media support, state of the art digital production and distribution, and just drop in every week to talk and do interviews?” (or something like this)

Yes, there is — it’s where I hang out as a producer. It’s called VoiceAmerica. You may have heard of it.

The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network was an early pioneer in the digital talk radio industry. They have been and still are the world’s leading live digital network for talk radio shows and have been going almost 20 years.

Yes, before there were mobile apps, iTunes, Facebook, and You Tube, there was VoiceAmerica.

There are nearly four million active listeners that tune in and hear VoiceAmerica shows every month all over the world. It’s a destination online that people actually go to looking for ideas, solutions, and answers and to hear what’s going on in the world. It features some of the world’s leading experts in various fields that do weekly live talk shows which are also distributed as podcasts through the latest digital technology.

These smart hosts also get creative, technical, business, marketing, education, media coaching, and other professional support from people like me. They don’t do it alone.

Like I said, I’m a producer. If you didn’t know what a producer actually does, now you know.

So now I think I’ve given you enough to think about. If you want to know more, visit

And…you know where to find me if you want to know “how does it work?”.

Randall Libero, Producer