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Mental Health And Life Transformation

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Mental Health And Life Transformation

It is no secret of the decline in mental health across America, especially following a major worldwide pandemic and all the negative impacts of war. It is estimated that nationwide, almost one in five people (47.1 million) in the U.S. are living with a mental health condition. That number increased by about 1.5 million over last year’s report, with about 10% of youth in the U.S having severe depression. According to the world health organization in their article titled Mental Health “Depression is one of the leading causes of disability. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. People with severe mental health conditions die prematurely – as much as two decades early – due to preventable physical conditions.” If it continues to go unchecked, this decline in mental health will have detrimental effects for individuals as well as the collective.  

The first step in healing the mind starts with becoming aware of all the components that make up mental health. MentalHealth.Gov puts it in perfect terms as they state “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.” There is a lot more to maintaining our mental health than we know. It is important to provide yourself with the tools needed to support a healthy mind. In VoiceAmerica’s new hit podcast Make America Healthy, host Beth Shaw, along with her exper guests provide some helpful tips in maintaining a healthy mind and how to recognize the signs of declining mental health. In the episode titled “Mental Health and Life Transformation,”  Beth talks to psychology specialists Dr. Cheryl Meyer and Dr. Ellen Albertson on both their personal and professional experiences within the mental health industry. Through their research and understanding it is clear that the only way to achieve a healthy mind is by coming back to the basics – breath-work, meditation and yoga. 

The only guaranteed thing anyone can control is themselves. In order to correct our external environment we must first turn inwards. Recognizing our own mental blockages or triggers is the first step in developing a healthy mindset. It is only through deep meditation and yoga practices that we are able to reflect inward and gain insight on our true thoughts and feelings, while eliminating all the negative energies that we pick up throughout the day. While on the show, Dr. Ellen Albertson mentions the influx of cortisol levels in the average American today and how the constant exposure to the media is keeping us in a state of fight or flight. We need to recognize what emotions are ours and release the heavy burdens society feeds us on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable factor in life, but learning how to cope with stressful situations will make all the difference. It is utterly too common for stressed individuals to rely on dopamine as a quick fix. Weather it is drugs, alcohol, food, or sex, people are fiending for a dopamine high and resulting to unhealthy habits to get it. We need to recognize these toxic patterns and address the root of the problem, rather than prolonging the solution. As the founder and CEO of YogaFit Worldwide, Beth Shaw has made it her mission to envision a healthier world both physically and mentally. In her book Healing Trauma With Yoga, Beth provides a path to an improved body and soul through her practices on becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible while reducing stress and improving concentration. If you are looking to reduce stress and improve your mental health visit and receive 15%  off your first yoga training session by using the code VOICE22 at checkout.  

If you are struggling with your mental health or know someone who is, remember to be patient with each other. Life’s a journey of ups and downs, but it is through our struggles that we find our strength.

The Opioid Crisis In America & Prescriptions Drugs

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The Opioid Crisis In America & Prescriptions Drugs

Opioid addictions and overdoses have become an incredibly real problem affecting the whole health of Americans today. It is estimated that about 2 million Americans are currently battling opioid addiction, and in 2017, the Council of Economic Advisors estimated that the Opioid Crisis was costing the United States over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity, premature deaths, and increased healthcare and criminal justice costs. In their article titled Opioid Overdose, the World Health Organization defines opioids as “compounds that are extracted from the poppy seed as well as semisynthetic and synthetic compounds with similar properties that can interact with opioid receptors in the brain. Opioids have analgesic and sedative effects, and are commonly used for the management of pain.” While opioids can be helpful for whole health when used in moderation, the reality is that they are heavily addictive and often abused. 

When most people think of pain treatment, they picture someone laying in a hospital bed in sheer agony. But the truth is, pain is relative and is sometimes not as obvious to detect. Unlike physical pain, mental or emotional pain is a lot more elusive and is not subject to a specific location in the body, allowing it the potential to be even more detrimental if untreated. It is important to recognize the signs of emotional pain affecting whole health before they become unmanageable. Some of these symptoms include isolation from others, poor self care or risky behavior, chronic headaches, feeling heavy, and even depression. Unfortunately, with so many factors affecting our whole health, more people are relying on opioids as a short term solution rather than eliminating the root of the problem for long term gratification.

In VoiceAmerica’s new hit podcast series Make America Healthy, host Beth Shaw addresses problems, like the opioid crisis in America, and works through solutions alongside her expert guests. In the seventh episode of the series, Beth invites Dr. Joseph Volpicelli, a renowned psychiatrist in addiction treatment, to discuss effective ways to overcome addictions of any kind. Through his extensive research in psychology, Dr. Volpicelli found that all behavior is influenced by the prefrontal cortex and the limbic brain. The prefrontal cortex is the part of our brains responsible for making logical and long-term decision making, while the limbic cortex (or emotional brain) is responsible for instant gratification and short-term thinking. It is to no surprise that addiction based behavior mainly occurs in the limbic cortex. 

It’s easy to blame the opioid crisis on the addicted individuals themselves, but it is often the medical and pharmaceutical industries that are responsible. It is utterly too common for doctors to prescribe pain medication to patients with conditions that could have been treated through plant based alternatives. Many doctors are also guilty of over prescribing pain medication to vulnerable patients, creating a drug dependency. Many treated patients will experience drug withdrawals, causing them to find alternative drugs on the streets. This influx of drug addictions is one of the root causes of the prevalence of fentanyl overdoses in America. There are new stories every day of people overdosing on drugs laced with fentanyl. With a higher demand, drug dealers are using fentanyl to replace opiates because of its high potency and cheap cost. Having a 80 -100% higher potency than morphine, fentanyl, used in minuscule amounts can cause overdose and often death. 

If you are dealing with an opioid addiction or know someone who is, there are whole health treatments and helplines available to you. Dr. Joseph Volpicelli offers virtual and in person services to treat addictions on his website Volpicelli Center. You can also call SAMHSA’s national helpline for free and confidential help.  

The truth of the matter is that prescription drugs typically only treat the symptom rather than the root causes. If you are suffering from any physical or emotional pain, the best results are achieved through an internal journey of meditation and yoga practices. If you are looking for guidance on your whole health journey, YogaFit Worldwide, the world’s largest online yoga training school, offers an array of practices perfect for all levels. Founder and CEO, Beth Shaw, through her years of experience has developed a specific yoga program for addiction and recovery. If you enter the code VOICE22 at checkout you will receive 15% your next yoga session.

Remember to be kind and understanding of those suffering from addiction. We are all in this together.  


Reboot Your Body With Supplements

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Reboot Your Body With Supplements

On a daily basis, the average person is exposed to numerous toxins that affect one’s overall health and fitness. These carcinogens are in our air, our beauty products, our food, and even in the water we drink. While chemical exposure seems almost unavoidable, it is important to recognize the reality of how this build-up of toxins in our body is affecting our overall health and wellness; while contributing to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The World Health Organization provides us with some helpful tips in the article Guidelines on the prevention of toxic exposures, the first guideline starts with “A reduction in the number of exposures and poisonings in the home, outdoor and indoor environments and the workplace.” By greatly reducing the number of toxins we are exposed to daily, we can lead a healthier lifestyle and ultimately live longer more enriching lives. 

In a society where avoiding harmful chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens seem almost impossible; It is now more important than ever to prioritize our health and fitness by following a healthy diet as well as maintaining a steady exercise routine. We must take control of our health by focusing on solutions. As a guiding light in the health and fitness industry,  Beth Shaw, provides helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in her new podcast series Make America Healthy premiering live on VoiceAmerica every Wednesday at 5 pm eastern time. Beth has made it her life’s mission to create a healthier world for current and future generations stating “Our health is our most valuable asset always.” 

As the founder and CEO of YogaFit Worldwide, the world’s largest yoga training school, Beth Shaw has made groundbreaking revelations in the health and wellness industries, while also touching upon the lives of millions around the world through her yoga training systems and best-selling novels. In her novel Yoga Lean, Beth provides helpful poses and recipes to promote weight loss and overall vitality for life. 

In the second episode of Make America Healthy Let’s Clean it up – Reboot and Rebuild Your Body, Beth interviews Dr. Edward Group as they discuss helpful tips on sustaining a healthy relationship with your body. One of which is how to safely detoxify your body of all the harmful toxins absorbed and how to rebuild your body with the nutrients essential for a healthy life. Dr. Edward Group, founder and CEO of Global Healing, provides his expert insight on the importance of body detoxification and its impact on whole health. 

Global Healing has a variety of supplements that are beneficial in supporting a strong immune system. The Oxy-Powder, an oxygen-based colon cleanser and one of Beth’s favorites from Global Healing, provides a safe and natural way of cleansing out all the toxins that have a tendency to build up in your colon. If you suffer from chronic gas, bloating, or constipation it might be a good idea to tune up your digestive system with this superior product. Want to know more about how to properly cleanse your colon? Check out the article Are Herbal Colon Cleansers Safe? provided on Global Healing’s website. 


One of the main causes of high blood pressure is a congested liver. This is due to the body’s inability to pump blood through the liver, causing the heart to pump faster and work harder. Global Healing helps you fight deadly ailments like heart disease with their 6-Day Liver Cleanse Program. This program will provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to revitalize the liver, support healthy digestion, and naturally flush out all the toxins that build up over time. As one of the largest organs in your body; the liver is responsible for metabolizing glucose, breaking down fat, cleansing the blood, producing an important digestive liquid called bile, and storing energy in the form of glycogen. As you can see, supporting a healthy liver is crucial for cultivating whole health. After conducting research on over 300,000 people participating in a liver and gut cleanse, Dr. Group recommends detoxing once or twice per year, as your body can only cleanse about 15% of your liver at a time. The more frequently you detox, the greater percent of your liver will be cleansed. 

Another consumer favorite supplement offered by Global Healing is the Paratrex, which helps eliminate any parasites hiding in our bodies at any given time. By using a unique formula, Paratrex safely creates an environment in the body that is harmful to invading organisms, while also supporting a healthy cleansing system. Some common symptoms and side effects of parasites include headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty sleeping, weight gain/loss, rashes, vitamin deficiencies, brain fog, and many more. A common misconception of parasites is that they are secluded from bugs and worms when the reality is most of the parasites affecting people today are fungal and bacterial. It is no secret that the human body is teeming with bacteria and fungus, some crucial for a healthy body while others can be detrimental to whole health. It is important to detoxify our bodies of the harmful parasites we might not even know are there, especially before symptoms become unmanageable.  

During the interview on Make America Healthy, Dr. Edward Group discusses three key tips he uses to keep healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally.

  1. Counteracting emotional issues by decreasing media exposure
    1. Dr. Group talks about the importance of dissociating from reality and how social media toxifies the mind
  2. Starting and ending your day the right way
    1. Group recommends avoiding any technology or media in the morning and before bed in order to cleanse the mind and maintain a positive state of being
  3. Lastly, Dr. Group recommends thinking about yourself more often and starting cleansing your body.
    1. This means learning about what toxins plague your environment and start replacing them with healthier alternatives. 

If you are looking to take your health into your own hands, listen to Beth Shaw’s podcast Make America Healthy featured on VoiceAmerica and visit Global Healing’s website to receive a 10% discount of all supplements using the code YOGAFIT at checkout.


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Health & Wellness


Make America Healthy is the new live radio show on VoiceAmerica by Beth Shaw. Ms. Shaw is the CEO and founder of YogaFit, author of four bestselling books, and advocate for a healthy body and mind. On her show, she discusses the many health challenges Americans face and gives easy and accessible tips and tools to help address these challenges while hosting many groundbreaking and expert guests.

Many exciting episodes are coming up soon, including a deep dive into fad diets, Biohacking, self-directed mental health strategies, and why clean water is vital for our health. Ms. Shaw will also be discussing healthy cooking and the best foods to eat, diets to try, and supplements we need. Healthy living is not just important to us humans; it is also essential for our pets. And that informative episode is coming as well. The health needs of children are different than those of adults. Ms. Shaw will explore everything important to our children’s mental and physical health as they grow and develop. As an expert on fitness, Ms. Shaw will deliver a thorough episode on senior fitness and discuss the importance of weight training and yoga. As the founder of YogaFit, Ms. Shaw has a wealth of knowledge and a vast reservoir of expert guests to educate and inform her listeners.

If you have missed her previous episodes, they are available on VoiceAmerica’s website and your favorite podcast hosting apps.

In her first episode, Ms. Shaw welcomes an expert guest, Dr. Michael Hasz, a world-renewed spinal surgeon and author. They talk about the obesity crisis in America and how this contributes to chronic back pain. They also discuss the use of stem cells and explain fact versus science fiction. They delve into how to prevent the body from falling apart and, when it does, how to put it back together. In the second half of the show, she brings in Tom, a friend, and client of Yoga Fit’s Yoga Lean program who self-administered the 7-day jumpstart program and lost 56 ½ pounds. For him, it’s not just about losing weight; it’s more of an upgrade to his life. It is challenging to make behavioral changes, and this episode dives into methods to help create long-lasting behavioral changes that become second nature.

In her second episode, Ms. Shaw welcomes Dr. Edward Group from the Center for Global Healing, and they discuss the importance of helping the body learn how to heal itself. They delve into the supplements and cleanses offered by the Center and discuss the benefits and effects of certain products. Ms. Shaw is a loyal customer of the supplements and cleanses, and she provides first-hand experience on how they have helped her.

Having a healthy body is imperative to living a happy and productive life, but it’s not just the body that needs to be maintained. In the third episode, Ms. Shaw delves into the brain’s health with Dr. Patrick Porter, the creator of Brain Tap, a brain fitness company. Dr. Porter’s research supports the view that the brain is elastic and can indeed change and grow. Unlike earlier beliefs, the brain does not have a set number of brain cells, and we can certainly train the brain to become more efficient as we age. Ms. Shaw has always been interested in how to keep her

brain health and increase cognition and firmly believes that having a healthy brain is part of having a healthy body. In this profound and enlightening episode, they discuss how to improve cognition and brain health, and delve into Alzheimer’s and dementia. They discuss how Brain Tap can replace opioid use and reduce pain.

Many times, we ingest harmful products that hinder our health. But there are also harmful environmental factors from which we need protection. In episode four, Ms. Shaw talks with Marty Grosjean, founder of Life Harmony Energies, about protecting ourselves from harmful rays and EMFs – electromagnetic fields – or radiation. Public concerns about the safety of these rays are increasing, and numerous studies conclude these rays are hazardous. EMF side effects could include headaches, loss of sleep, and, in extreme cases, brain cancer. Unfortunately, we are all exposed to these dangerous rays because these fields surround us, even if we don’t use a wireless phone. Mr. Grosjean and Ms. Shaw discuss where to get EMF protection products and how to get a coupon code for 10 percent savings. The show ends positively with Iggy Rodriguez talking about wearable products from Hapbee. These products use a low frequency to enhance or augment one’s center of being. Hapbee helps to increase positive feelings, such as happiness, pain relief, or recovery, without using substances like caffeine, alcohol, or other compounds. Once the product is removed, the body returns to a baseline within 5 minutes. While the product can help alter brain waves, it does not create additional vitamins or other nutrients. But it can be used for recovery, and they talk in length about this.

As the CEO of YogaFit, Ms. Shaw helps people develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. She gives them the tools and resources they need to create a healthy body for themselves, and if they desire, they can train to teach others how to live the YogaFit life. In her fifth episode, Ms. Shaw talks with Rachel Levy about Imago Therapy, a type of relationship therapy centered around healthy love and healthy relationships with others and ourselves. Ms. Levy believes a healthy relationship begins with a healthy relationship with ourselves, which is the foundation of her work.

The obesity crisis in America is profound with 50 percent of the adult population considered obese in the United States. In episode six, Ms. Shaw discusses the reasons for this increase and techniques to combat obesity. She talks with two experts, Dr. Pam Peeke and Francis Kuffel, about tips and techniques to reduce obesity and why it is necessary to keep our weight in check. They talk about emotional eating and how to create a healthy relationship with food. They also talk about food addiction and how food can have a cocaine-like effect. Also discussed are the catastrophic results of Covid Lockdowns on the obese and pandemic weight gains across the United States.

Over 2 million people in the United States are addicted to opioids. The opioid crisis in America is ruining people’s lives, destroying families, and is costing the country over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity. Ms. Shaw talks with Dr. Joseph Bal bacheli in episode seven about the signs of opioid dependency and how to tell if your prescriptions are causing a dangerous dependence. Dr. Joseph explains addiction and withdrawal and the deadly impact of the opioid crisis. Last year over 100,000 people died from an overdose, most from opioids, specifical fentanyl.

Prescription drugs are not the whole problem, but they are undoubtedly a significant contributor. Fentanyl is all over the news nowadays, but what is it exactly? Ms. Shaw and Dr. Joseph explain it and discuss breaking addiction and remaining sober.

One in five people in the United States lives with mental health conditions. In episode eight, Ms. Shaw talks with Dr. Cheryl Meyers about strategies and tools for mental health and the mental health crisis in the United States. Dr. Meyers talks about the collective energy happening now and how people are picking up on this energy and thinking it is their responsibility to help everyone. They talk about the book The Power of Now and the importance of meditation to one’s mental health. Ms. Shaw also talks with Christopher DeSanti about plant medicine and a Course of Miracles. She talks with Dr. Ellen Albertson, who works with people in midlife, and all the issues and healing that need attention.

It’s time to Make America Healthy – Listen to new episodes of Make America Healthy with Beth Shaw and her expert guests live every Wednesday at 5 pm EST on VoiceAmerica. Catch up on informative and profound past episodes on your favorite podcast hosting app.

Reboot & Rebuild Your Body in 2022 with Dr. Edward Group on Make America Healthy with Beth Shaw

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Press Releases

Phoenix, AZ Join us for this informative episode where Dr. Edward Group explains the need for detoxification on many levels so that you can enjoy perfect health. Learn about toxins that may be weighing you and your body down. Explore healing options to experience greater wellbeing and more joy. Beth Shaw shares her experience.

About Dr. Edward F. Group:

Dr. Group is the Founder & CEO of Global Healing and The Global Healing Institute. As a world-renowned Naturopathic Practitioner, Cancer Researcher, and compassionate visionary – His goal is nothing less than changing the world. Global Healing is recognized as one of the largest organic health resources in the world, helping millions to embrace full-body detoxification, the self-healing mechanism, and address the root cause of disease. Dr. Group is a truthseeker, veteran of the U.S Army, and alumni of both Harvard and MIT business schools. He is a best-selling author with over 25 million views on YouTube, and a frequent guest on television, documentaries, and major publications. Emphasizing “a doctor’s job is to educate, not prescribe,” – He recently launched his online school, “The Global Healing Institute.” Through this vision that is 25+ years in the making – he empowers others with the knowledge to take control of their own health, happiness, and life.

About Beth Shaw:

Beth Shaw is the author of four best-selling books on health and wellness. A pioneer in the Wellness, Yoga & Fitness space in North America. Beth is the CEO and Founder of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Inc the global mind-body education school, YogaFit. Beth is a go-to yoga/mindfulness expert in the media and has been featured in numerous fitness, business, and consumer publications Beth is a frequent speaker at universities, conferences, and Fortune 500 Corporations. Beth educates others on Health & Mindfulness in the workplace and conscious business. In her latest book, Healing Trauma With Yoga & Mind-Body Techniques, Beth provides tools and techniques drawn from her work as a recovery and health coach. She offers a deep understanding of the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes brought on by trauma and depression, with techniques to survive and thrive through these sometimes debilitating conditions.

“Make America Healthy is a Holistic approach to wellness. We are looking forward to Beth Shaw continually bringing us experts like Dr. Group to keep us mindful of our health and the world around us and its precious resources.” Sandra Rogers, Senior Executive Producer of Make America Health.

If you have any questions about the show or would like to advertise your products or services, please contact Sandra Rogers at

Tune in at 2pm PT/5PM EST Live on:

Call in to live shows with questions: 1-866 472-5792/International 001-480-553-5759. This episode is now available 24×7, on demand within 24 hours of the live show.

About Make America Healthy:

Wednesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Are you tired of feeling overweight, toxic, tired, heavy, slow and sluggish? Have you lost your energy, drive and motivation? Want to make changes but not sure how to feel good again? Lacking knowledge and desire to be healthy and manage your weight and health? Make America Healthy focuses on practical solutions for you to live your best life and be the best version of you. Topics will include weight loss, addiction, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety solutions, cures, mindfulness and more. Expert guests include health practitioners, psychologists, biohackers, holistic practitioners and REAL people providing real easy solutions. Reclaim your health, lose weight, get fit, maintain your emotional state at the highest level and learn to be happy again on every level. Yes it’s true – you can get stronger, more fit and more mentally balanced at ANY AGE. With a 50% Obesity rate in the US and more unhealthy people than ever before – it’s time to MAKE AMERICA HEALTHY ! We promise to empower you with practical tools to take control of your physical, emotional and mental health. Wednesday at 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment and Health&Wellness Channels. Tune in here 24×7: Make America Healthy Make America Healthy (

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