Podcasts for Wellness During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has been challenging for everybody. While people are isolated and stuck at home, the pandemic seems to be nowhere near its end. Coping with isolation is hard, and not knowing what the future holds can be scary. Although social media is making the quarantine somewhat easier, podcasts for wellness prove pretty helpful. With America’s mental health and wellness struggling, how are people making ends meet? You could start listening to podcasts for fitness if you aren’t already. These podcasts will surely give you some much-wanted answers.

Why should you listen to podcasts online?

Podcasts are the most effective way to calm your mind and improve your knowledge. Listening to people talking can indeed be very therapeutic. Podcasts can be of great help when your mind is in chaos and you have no one to turn to because it’s the pandemic and you are stuck at home. While video calls and other Social Media are a click away, they don’t always help when you become anxious or in distress. They are the perfect way to feel attached and understood! Podcasts on health and wellness can be the ideal distraction when finding peace of mind seems like a task!

Top health and wellness podcasts popular on VoiceAmerica

When you listen to podcasts online, you are not only welcoming peace for your mind, but you are also allowing positive energy to radiate through your body. Here are some of the most loved and best wellness podcasts popular on

  1. Born to Be Breastfed – hosted by Marie Biancuzzo

Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed, so their baby has the best. But soon after birth, the days are often fraught with sleep deprivation and conflicting messages from peers, family members, and health care professionals. This show aims to empower parents to overcome the barriers that keep them from the beginning or continuing to breastfeed.

The show teaches you how Functional Medicine, natural healing, and biological dentistry, a.k.a. natural, holistic, complementary, and alternative medicine and dentistry, can help prevent and safely and effectively treat your health problems.

On Good Grief, we explore the losses that define our lives. Each week, we talk with people who have transformed themselves through the profound act of grieving. Why settle for surviving? Say yes to the many experiences that embody loss! Grief can teach you where your strengths are and ignite your courage. It can heighten your awareness of what is important to you and help you let go of what is not.

Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Our show focuses on education, inspiration, and hope, by offering advice to the patients and survivors while teaching their friends and family how to provide significant and helpful support to their loved ones.

There are SO many issues in healthcare that impact medical/nursing providers and patients alike. Still, each of them may not see the connections to themselves. This show is a forum for nurses to tell stories about their own experiences, whether professional or family-focused, and guests will inspire conversation on health and nursing-related topics. 2021 is here, and we should be more health-conscious; if you want to take care of yourself better, then wellness and listening to health podcasts make a perfect combination

The Role of Podcasts in Today’s Era

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Today’s world is all about the internet as well as technology. These days, people are spending a lot of their time watching movies or listening to their favorite songs. In this case, the trend of the podcast is rising and helps people listen to their favorite podcast programs or music. For children, teenagers, or any other age group, podcasts can be beneficial in improving the mental state of a person. Podcasts are important for businesses as it is important in making those in the workforce feel and stay energetic. 

Besides this, there are many other benefits of choosing podcasts. In this post, we discuss all the important things about a podcast’s role in detail. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

The best way to pass the time

These days podcasts are used by people in every age group as a time-passing activity. Whether traveling or working, everyone loves listening to their favorite podcast. There are many websites, mobile applications, or web applications that let the listener easily listen to their favorite podcast. 

Beneficial for business owners

Many business owners are taking ideas from podcasts to help run their business smoothly. There are many business podcasts for beginners which are beneficial for start-up business owners. There are many business owners who love listening to the stories, which makes them feel motivated toward success.

A great option for healthcare workers

Besides being beneficial for business owners, it is also beneficial for healthcare workers. There are many concepts mentioned in health podcasts, that especially target the health worker and lets them hear from respected experts. Such podcasts are designed especially for those who are conscious about their health and well-being. 

Where can you hear your podcast?

Our website at or your favorite podcast platform lets you listen to your favorite podcast. Whether it is wellness, business, empowerment or variety, one can easily listen to a VoiceAmerica hosted podcast directly from our website or mobile app on Android, Apple, Amazon and other devices. 

You can also check for the schedule and listing of over 300 different podcasts on the VoiceAmerica website. If you think you have what it takes to become a host, you can also look into becoming a host on the website. Voice America Talk Radio Network is one of the best live internet talk radio networks, with listeners and hosts Worldwide. There are hundreds of original programs, which are available on our website. If you are an expert or Entrepreneur then you might want to also host your own show. It is a great benefit for those who want to take their business or expertise to the next level. 

As mentioned earlier, at VoiceAmerica we offer our own app, powered by Airkast, where you can also access a live or on-demand podcast. Our apps are available on the Apple store and the Google Play store, so, if you are using a smartphone or other connected mobile device, you can listen to your favorite show. The only thing that you need is an internet connection, which can be found nearly everywhere these days. We also have an intuitive website for those listening through a web browser.

Don’t wait to listen to the Best influencer podcasts today!

Know How Podcasts Expand Audio Experiences

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At its core, a podcast is an audio track published online for audiences to listen to at their whim. They come in a wide variety of genres. Any podcast online falls under one of these categories: history, comedy, politics, spirituality, science, news, technology, nature, sports, and more.

Reasons More People Have Started Enjoying Podcasts

Radio used to be and continues to be a popular platform that audiences enjoy in consuming live audio content. Podcasts turns this kind of entertainment and information into something that you can listen to podcasts online whenever you have the time.

Other than convenience, podcasts usually have less advertising than commercial broadcast radio, allowing the audience to enjoy the content with fewer interruptions. Podcasts also allow their audiences to pause, play, forward and rewind the content whenever they desire.

Podcasts online have the added advantage of involving a much broader demographic of listeners, including a range of ages, genders, and interests. Listeners have widely listened to podcasts while multitasking from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Podcasts can be informative, such as news or nature shows, or can be entertaining, comical, or contain sports content.

Informative podcasts include news, politics, and business topics. The best business podcasts are beneficial for both listeners as well as businesses. A podcast hosted or sponsored by a business can push more traffic to the company’s website and informs the audience about their available products and services. Free or highly cheap marketing strategies are intelligently buried under the impressiveness of the best business podcasts in the market.

Companies can have an alternative source of income if the podcasts do well with the audience. In the past, audiences have had to derive a brand’s identity, voice, and tone merely from their advertising posters, images, and videos. Having an audio platform extends their ability to establish their voice and what they stand for among their listeners. It also encourages more employees to work efficiently, as it allows people to listen to their podcasts while simultaneously completing their work or household chores. Business podcasts give an added element to the personification and personalization of a brand.

Choosing Podcast Topics

Before choosing specific podcast topics, it is essential to establish what genre the podcasts will be about. Not sticking to a particular genre can hurt listener traffic and confuse the audience. Once the genre for the podcasts is set, the first thing to do is to define the audience you plan to reach out to and impact with the content.

Do enough research on the topics you are contemplating covering to figure out which ones you think you will be able to speak about best. Choose topics based on what you think your listeners will enjoy but make sure it is something that interests you as well. Not being interested in the content you talk about can often be detected by the audience and can reduce traffic to your page and content. Talk about something that you believe in and speak to your listeners.

If you feel that a particular topic seems too broad to fit into one episode, consider making it a two part or multi-part series or divide it into major subtopics that you can cover over more than one episode. Make sure not to cram too much information into a single podcast episode and help your listeners have a better listening experience with more information that they deserve.

Based on the topic you plan to choose, consider the option of having guests who have expertise in that field or opinions to share on your show to be interviewed or have a conversation with you on each topic.

Benefits of a Podcast

Podcasts have proven to be highly beneficial to their listeners in a variety of ways. Informative podcasts have made easy learning “on-the-go” access to anyone with access to an internet connection. Podcasts are personal in nature and often help the listener feel heard and understood. It also makes the listener feel like the person on the other end of the mic is a genuine friend or trusted expert speaking directly to him or her.

Along with the benefit of being digital, the myriad of freely available streaming platforms in today’s world help podcast listeners cut costs when it comes to content consumption. Some podcasts have also been proven to help people fall asleep more quickly while keeping others company. At the same time, people can actively do other work, while passively engaging in the content of the podcast, making podcasts portable and highly time-efficient. Being an on-demand kind of content provider, podcasts give their listeners more control and influence than standard radio.

The Creation And Distribution of Podcasts and Radio

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With the emergence and the sudden boom of podcasters and their popularity among its listener base, more people have started to wonder whether or not radio is dead. Although many, including the generation of today’s young world and others who have been more linked with the digital world, may assume that radio is still not dead as it gives an entirely different experience compared to podcasts and is still very much alive to a whole other demographic.

Podcast VS Radio

Podcasts and radio are very different in their styles and platforms aside from the similarity of the two being audio programs. Podcasts are recorded, edited, and published onto a streaming or on-demand website to be listened to by the audience whenever they desire. On the other hand, broadcast radio is a scheduled live audio program that allows the listener to tune into the station at any time, even though some may have missed a part of the show. Because of this fact, radio broadcasters have found the need to reintroduce themselves, their guests, and the topic from time to time to ensure everyone listening has caught up.

Audiences listen to podcasts online using one of a streaming service or podcast aggregator, whereas broadcast radio is listened live from a radio station. Radio shows are almost always produced and recorded by more prominent companies, but any group, organization, or individual can record podcasts. Individuals with no experience who want to share information with or entertain their audience often opt to register and post free podcasts online to publicize on other social media platforms for their audiences to see.

Radio stations appeal to a much larger group of people as compared to podcasts which are more niche. Radio shows are planned according to the locality, city, or country’s interests and requirements. By contrast, podcasts can be listened to by anyone in any part of the world that shares the same views and interests as the podcaster.

Producing Podcasts

Starting a podcast is not as technical as people think it may be. It involves planning a genre, theme, and concept for your series as well as episode length and target audience. Themes can range between a large variety of existing options based on what interests listeners the most – religion, science, sports, movies, comedy, technology, art, environment, news, and more. Once you have planned out what you want to focus on and your brand, you need to start planning out your episodes. Next, you need to plan the format in which your podcast will be recorded – interview style, more than one host, documentary style, narrative style, solo style, or a hybrid style. Record and edit the audio pieces and ensure you have a few episodes ready to post well in advance to be prepared for any issue that may arise in the future.

Once you have a couple of shows ready, find a preferred hosting service, such as, to host your podcast files. We can syndicate your audio programs into an RSS feed and can then distribute it to the major podcast platform of your choice to post your content to and where your listeners will find you easily.

Outsourcing Podcast Production

Podcast production services, which include the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, are often hired by businesses or organizations that want to start their podcasts to advertise the products and services they provide. These service providers can assist anyone from the beginning of the planning through the production process to the final product. They help the individual or company develop a concept for their podcast that aligns with their brand identity and personality. Before this, they do ample research to understand better the person or company they are working with to turn their message or concept into a podcast that their audience would be more interested in and inclined to listen to.

Podcast production services like VoiceAmerica can also help their hosts find guests or prominent speakers to grace their show and simultaneously boost the podcast’s listens and shares. They also help the company or organization work with deciding who should host the podcasts according to how well they capture and portray that brand’s voice. They ensure that listeners resonate not only with the speaker but with the organization or the brand as a whole. The podcast production service providers can take care of all the podcast’s technical aspects, such as editing the audio according to the requirements established by the client and taking care of the podcast distribution onto the streaming platform of their choice. They can also help edit soundbites as promotional content to be posted on the client’s social media pages for their audience to be notified about their upcoming podcasts.

All About Women Empowerment Podcasts

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In our busy lives, it becomes nearly impossible to gain knowledge about any subjects circulating in the world. News channels show only a part of the actual content. Plus, there is no proper and broad discussion on these platforms. That is why we require a particular service where we can listen to any topic. A Women Empowerment Podcast provides such a service.

A podcast is a digital way of expressing your views about any topic. Podcasts and radio shows are created in a systematic way where all members are allowed to share their ideas. This entire session is uploaded in an audio format. However, some podcasts are also available in a video and live podcast streaming format. 

There are various types of podcasts on the internet that are informative, conversational, and non-fiction. But, out of all these, some podcasts can have a more significant impact than others. Series like the women empowerment podcasts help in reforming our society. It is an excellent technique of putting your thoughts, providing knowledge, and changing many people’s mentality. Today, we will take a deep insight into women empowerment podcasts. This article will help in creating awareness about women’s empowerment.

What Are Women Empowerment Podcasts?

We all live in a world where the idea of gender equality sometimes creates a disturbance in our lives. When we talk about women’s empowerment, not many people are open about this topic. That is why we need a medium to create a positive change.

Women empowerment focuses on different aspects of women in our society. It primarily consists of self-confidence, growth and creating a better world for women. This empowerment is done via conversation between two or more individuals. Moreover, this movement is not targeted to a single country. It explains the conditions of women worldwide and how we can play our part in improving this situation.

Therefore, women empowerment podcasts are gaining massive popularity in recent times. Not only with women but even the male community can learn a lot from these services.

Importance of women empowerment podcasts

Women empowerment and female-hosted podcasts have brought several improvements in this modern era. Additionally, the entire concept is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Creating equality among all genders in various corporate industries.
  • Women are now elected to a prime position in different fields.
  • The education system has started providing several benefits to financially suffering women.
  • Parents are now treating boys and girls as equals.
  • There is no partiality between the training and development of men and women in any field.
  • This movement prevents the marriage of young girls that still happens in some countries.
  • Women can now self-sustain and grow without any additional help.

How these podcasts are changing the perspective

podcasts hosted by women have created a change in our way of thinking. This is an amazing initiative that is influencing many people. The best part about this is that anyone can listen to these podcasts from any region in the world. Most podcasts are available for free on different online platforms.

You can even listen to, watch or create your own podcast streaming page. One such website that provides free content creation is VoiceAmerica. The VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel is available as one channel that focuses on women-oriented empowerment podcasts. Hosts talk about unique topics and also allow their listeners to interact with them.

In addition to that, some YouTube channels also show live streamed podcasts. Using this method, anyone can live chat with creators and explain personal views about a topic. These types of sessions reach millions of listeners.

As a plus, people are providing sponsorships to girls, educating them, and also investing in women empowerment as a result of the involvement in these types of programs.

About VoiceAmerica

VoiceAmerica, the pioneer of digital radio programming since 1999, is the original digital broadcast company for the production and delivery of Live Internet Talk Radio programming and continues to be an industry leader in Live Internet Talk, podcast audio creation, production, and distribution. VoiceAmerica creates and distributes over 500 unique and innovative radio programs that engage millions of listeners worldwide. Five diverse VoiceAmerica network channels distribute live programs daily that reach a growing domestic and international audience. Listen live at VoiceAmerica Variety, VoiceAmerica Business, VoiceAmerica Health,  VoiceAmerica EmpowermentVoiceAmerica Influencers, and on our Apple and Android devices. Follow VoiceAmerica on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. To learn how to become a host or sponsor on, call 1-855-877 4666.  VoiceAmerica | Become a Host | Advertise with us | About VoiceAmerica

All We Need is Love

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All We Need is Love

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val1_left1.gif val1_left2.jpg
All You Need is Love!
Happy Valentine’s Day


“All you need is love

All you need is love

All you need is love, love

Love is all you need”

The Beatles



Cynthia-star earringFebruary is American Heath Month and Black History Month. It also celebrate two significant holidays, Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day.

American Heart Month encourages us to take care of our hearts by motivating individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles to present heart disease.

Black History Month began in 1926 to celebrate Negro History Week because the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas, two Americans who shaped African American history were on February 12 and February 14th. In 1976, President Gerald Ford launched Black History Month.

Valentine’s Day, with its third century roots in the Roman Empire emboldens us to share the love. The Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the coming of spring and included fertility rites and other activities morphed into a minor Western Christian feast day honoring a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Today it is a commercial celebration of affection, love, and romance.

Presidents’ Day, originally established in 1885 to recognize George Washington, has since 1971’s’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, been a three day weekend honoring all Presidents.

The single message that I understand from all of these commemorations is the necessity for all of us to increase our love quotient. The times have been tough and everyone has been challenged. People are fatigued. We all are looking forward to hugging our loved ones again.

This month share your love in safe, simple ways. Love is more than romance. Everyone craves appreciation, attention, and approval. Write a note to a friend. Pick up the phone. Smile at a stranger. Leave flowers for a neighbor. Offer a compliment. Congratulate a success. Make a donation to charity. (We hope you’ll chose Be the Star You Are!®)

And don’t forget self-care. It may be the most important love of all.

For an hour of power focusing on health at home and staying safe as you navigate the pandemic, vaccine, and life, tune in to StarStyle ®-Be the Star You Are!® self-care special on the Empowerment channel,

To find other ways to share the love and survive the pandemic happily, read on.

Remember, love always wins, kindness always prevails, and smiles keep us happy.

Wishing you a very loving February. Wear your mask, keep your distance, and be safe and sound.

Sending virtual hugs,

Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556



karen kitchel with millennial book 2By Karen Kitchel

We often remember our spouses, kids, or special friends on Valentine’s Day. But how about reaching folks who may not know what it’s like to feel special? Keep it simple. Pick up a bag of little chocolate hearts and put them in your pocket.  Wearing your mask, when you are out for a walk or going to an appointment, look for someone whose holiday you can brighten. Maintain social distancing, smile, and say “Here’s a little treat for you, CATCH, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!”  Toss the candy gently while you scatter Valentine kindness.

Karen Kitchel who penned two chapters in the book, Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World, is the Kindness Coordinator volunteer with BTSYA. She serves meals to the homeless and is a volunteer teacher, writer, job coach, and mentor. Valentine-Hearts-1024x630


Diya Hituvalli-headshotBe the Star You Are!® is thrilled to welcome our newest teen reporter to Express Yourself!™ Radio. Diya Hituvalli is a junior from the Bay Area. She is passionate about technology, speech, literacy, women-empowerment, and business. Her eclectic interests include mindfulness, exploring other cultures, and fashion.On Express Yourself!, her segment is called Silver Lining where she discusses elements of life with added humor. Tune into her debut show on Valentine’s Day where she offers the history of the celebration along with humorous trivia at 


Nihal Gill 2021If you’ve been sheltering-at-home, doing on-line school, and missing getting together with friends and family, two Be the Star You Are!® volunteers who are also reporters on Express Yourself! Teen Radio, Nihal Gil and Andrea Smith, spotlight how you can make this time a very happy and exciting memory. Try bringing a positive outlook, these tips are not just for teens but for anyone who wants to stay upbeat and happy during these trying times. Meet our youth reporters:

Nihal Gil offers activities that interest him and keep him excited. Hopefully they will encourage you as well.

  1. Play sports as it is important to stay active. His favorite sport is golf which he finds relaxing.
  2. Spend time with family. On the weekends, watch movies together or play board games.
  3. Volunteer to help your community.
  4. Game online with friends, cousins, and others to socialize safely and laugh more.

Nihal Gil is a reporter on Express Yourself! Teen Radio with a segment called Spark the Interest. As a 16 year old sophomore at Turlock High School where he plays varsity golf, is involved in Key Club, and expresses his love for music by playing piano. He teaches STEM/Robotics to elementary students and has won an award for Outstanding Community Service. His goal is to spark in interest for health and wellness for teens globally.

heart logo.gif

andrea side-stairsAndrea Smith, presents fun, creative ways to hang out with friends safely during the pandemic. You can listen to a full hour of her tips at Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel:

  1. Socially distanced picnics! Set up a hangout at the beach or other nature place and have each person bring their own meal with their favorite foods! This is a great way to see your friends and eat delicious food all while staying socially distanced and safe!
  2. Socially distanced yoga! Sick of staying in your room during virtual school or work? Plan a yoga day with your besties to relieve your daily stresses and anxiety. Any park or beach would be the perfect location and of course staying 6 feet apart!
  3. Socially distanced painting session! Feeling like getting creative during quarantine? This is a perfect way to hang out with friends while doing something to spark your creative juices. Plan to meet in either a park or other outdoor location while staying socially distanced to have an awesome time!
  4. Birthday drive-through! Is it your best friend’s birthday coming up?! Plan a surprise birthday drive through for your friend and make him/her feel extra special on their big day! Have each person bring a gift and a card and leave it at the front porch of the birthday girl/boy.

Andrea Smith is a senior at Santa Margarita Catholic High school and will be attending Georgetown University in the fall of 2021. She loves the outdoors and is always up for a new adventure. She is extremely passionate about global politics through her devotion to Model United Nations. Andrea finds beauty in the simple things in life, is an avid swimmer, and also loves to share ways on how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle! She is a reporter for In the Spotlight and host on Express Yourself Teen Radio and looks forward to a career as a media personality.

SHARING THE LOVE: NEW WORLD—A Choral Production from St. Marys Glee CLUB

New WorldDespite the Covid-19 pandemic, widespread fires, power outages, political unrest, and cold and windy outdoor rehearsals, the Glee Club was able to come together to create this virtual choir video of Björk’s New World.


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Sundays from 3-4pm PT, it’s Express Yourself! Teen Radio with our Be the Star You Are! star teen hosts and reporters.
You’ll meet authors, actors, artists, activists, musicians, poets, scientists, educators, and other creatives. Enjoy our upbeat, authentic, and fun radio parties on the Voice America Network Empowerment Channel or wherever you like to listen. 
Visit for our line-up of guests.
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Share the Love, Celebrate Black History Month, Be Heart Healthy, and Happy Presidents’ Day

With gratitude from Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556


Flag- Love is love

6 Essential Leadership Lessons Learned from Experience

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6 Essential Leadership Lessons Learned from Experience

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This blog is provided by Ron Riggio, author and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College, as part of the International Leadership Association’s interview series.  It is a companion to his interview on Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future titled Becoming a Better Leader: Daily Leadership Development that aired on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021.  Ron recently published a new book called Daily Leadership Development: 365 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader.

How to turn experiences into valuable leadership lessons

What is Wisdom?

I found myself pondering this question the other day and I think I have an answer: Wisdom comes from a combination of learning from experience, reflecting deeply on those experiences, and applying the scientific method (that is, trying to find objective support for what you have learned, and/or testing whether what you have learned, or what you think you have learned, is valid).

Here are some leadership lessons that I have learned from the combination of experience, observation, and what we know from the research literature on leadership.

  1. Be Authentic. It is critically important to let others know where you stand on issues. Dealing straightforwardly with others is the key to authenticity. Indeed, authentic leadership is becoming a very popular theory of leadership. Learn more about this here.
  2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Arguably, the biggest mistake that leaders make is under-communicating. Many times leaders believe others know more than they actually do. Make sure to let others know what is going on – the direction the company is taking, any critical changes (particularly those that may affect them), and address any rumors that are going on with information that informs workers. It is nearly impossible to over-communicate.
  3. Don’t Be Stingy with Praise. Too many leaders dole out praise like it is money from their own pocket. Show appreciation for the accomplishments of others – and do it frequently. Research supports the idea that positive reinforcement is extremely effective, and under-used.
  4. The One Hour Rule. This is a more practical lesson and it comes from an informal policy at my previous institution. The “one hour rule” refers to a norm that typical department, committee, or team meetings should be scheduled for no more than one hour. If a longer meeting is needed, people are told in advance. What is the lesson for leaders from this rule? Use your time wisely. Don’t waste others’ time needlessly. If you can get it done in 15 minutes, get it done!
  5. Be Patient, But Not Too Patient. We all work at different paces, and sometimes people take longer to perform a task than we would, or complications arise that delay completion. Learn to be patient with others, but it is also important to not allow unnecessary procrastination. Leaders can cut followers some slack, but not too much.
  6. Be Kind, But Not Too Kind. Leaders need to be aware of the power dynamic and avoid being too overbearing. Kindness can go a long way toward building good leader-follower relationships. It is important, however, for a leader to not allow followers to take advantage of that kindness. More on this here.

What are some of your important leadership lessons learned from experience?

To become a more innovative leader, you can begin by taking our free leadership assessments and then enrolling in our online leadership development program.

Check out the companion interview and past episodes of Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future, via iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and iHeartRADIO. Listen to podcasts online and stay up-to-date on new shows airing by following the Innovative Leadership Institute LinkedIn.

This article was originally posted on Psychology Today.


About the Author

Ron Riggio is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College. He is the author of more than a dozen books and more than 100 research articles and book chapters in the areas of leadership, organizational psychology, and social psychology. Ron is the former Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College. He has served on the board of numerous journals and writes the Cutting-Edge Leadership blog at Psychology Today.  At the 2020 International Leadership Association’s annual conference, Ron was one of two people awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The Well-Being Revolution: Building a More Resilient Workforce

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The Well-Being Revolution: Building a More Resilient Workforce

Join me October 14, 2021 at 9am EST!

Well-being is in the midst of a revolution and the more organizations understand wellbeing – what it is, what it’s not – better they and their workforces become. I speak with Occupational Health & Safety and Well-being expert Kate Field to talk about well-being and what it really encompasses. As Kate puts it, well-being is not just “yogurt and yoga” and you’ll have to listen to know what that means. Kate will talk to us about how resilience in people and organization’s is created by trust and working together; bridging various groups instead of working in isolation. We’ll even get some pointers on how Business Continuity professionals can help with and contribute to, the wellbeing revolution.

If you want a better workplace, don’t miss my chat with Kate.

Show Logo w Microphone.jpg

“Enhance Well-Being, Focus & Work Life Balance with Dr. Igor”

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“Enhance Well-Being, Focus & Work Life Balance with Dr. Igor”

Immerse yourself in the world of invigorating Rhythmical Breath Control practices that transform stress and anxiety, develop focus and efficiency and promote Well-Being. VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio Empowerment Show, LOVE LIGHT Host, Dr. Jean Marie Farish, welcomes prominent Guest, Dr. Igor Iwanek, Live Friday, February 12, 2021.888.346.9141)1 (9:00 Pacific/11:00 CST/12:00 EST). Dr. Igor will take live calls from listeners (USA callers dial 1.888.3469141; International Callers dial 001-480.5535760).  Dr. Igor’s programs draw on his expertise in the field of yogic meditation, classical music of the east and west, psycho-acoustics and Afro-Cuban music. Dr. Igor is a composer, left-handed pianist/keyboardist, and an NPR featured sound and well-being diplomat. A versatile performer, Dr. Igor feels at home both in Western and Indian classical musical traditions. As an internationally Certified Yoga of Sound Instructor, Dr. Igor has a keen appreciation for sound-body-mind interconnectedness and deep reverence for treasures of world’s contemplative traditions. He trained in Indian Raga under the amazing violinist Smt. Kala Ramnath and the legendary Gundecha Brothers. His compositions won competitions in USA, Japan and Europe.  As a well-being Diplomat, Dr. Igor helps people use their innate listening skills to explore the infinite wellspring of awareness and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Igor


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