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Debt Collectors, Naked Ladies, Wild Kingdom, Baby Breathing

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Debt Collectors, Naked Ladies, Wild Kingdom, Baby Breathing

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f you are looking for upbeat, life-changing, and mind stretching information, you’ve come to the right place. Host Cynthia Brian takes you on a journey of exploration that will encourage, inspire, and motivate you to make positive changes that offer life enhancing results. It’s party time on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. And YOU are invited! Join us LIVE 4-5pm Pt on Wednesdays or tune in to the archives at your leisure. Come play in StarStyle Country.

Are you pestered by debt collectors for bills that you’ve long forgotten or already paid? Zombie debts may come with steep fees and penalties. Find out what you can do to protect yourself.


Is there anything more glorious that Naked Ladies dancing in the sunshine? Every summer these long necked beauties raise their pretty pink faces when little else graces our gardens with blooms. You’ll want to invite these ladies to your next garden party.


The suburbs have become a wild kingdom with coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks, wild turkeys, deer, snakes, and other critters bravely wandering into backyards. Is there anything you can do to deter them? Goddess Gardener Cynthia Brian shares a few tips.

As an acting and media coach the first technique that Cynthia Brian teaches clients is how to breathe like a baby, also called belly breathing. When you want to relax and de-stress, baby breathing is your ticket to serenity and success.


Cynthia Brian’s new book, Growing with the Goddess Gardener, is available for purchase at www.CynthiaBrian.com/online-store .

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The Gift of Acting by Cynthia Brian

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The Gift of Acting by Cynthia Brian

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Every week, Express Yourself!™ will bring you a stimulating program based on a chapter from our award winning book Be the Star You Are!® for Teens.

Have you always been interested in the entertainment industry? Did you know that acting happy will change your emotions to being more cheerful?

Asya Gonzalez-stinking feet - 4Brigitte Jia - Version 2

Asya Gonzalez and Brigitte Jia interview actor, producer, writer, and coach, Cynthia Brian, who offers strategies on avoiding scams and achieving success.  Her book, The Business of Show Business, A Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models is available at the store and Cynthia is available as a private coach.

Alex Pawlakos

Eric Pawlakos provides an upbeat look at the relationship between acting and health in Health Rap. Science has proven that if we act happy, we will become happy because our body chemicals change.

katie choo

Career Reporter, Katie Choo gives a first rate synopsis of what it takes to be an actor. All acting is reacting, so get real and start acting as the star you are.

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