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Practicing Joy, Pets as Therapists, Blame Busters By Cynthia Brian

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Practicing Joy, Pets as Therapists, Blame Busters By Cynthia Brian

Research indicates that it’s the little things in life that lead to a joyful life. Do you notice the small moments that make you happy? Learn how to practice being blissful.

According to a 2015 Harris poll, 95% of pet owners consider their pet part of their family. Is it any wonder that scientists are spending time investigating how animals can increase our mental and emotional health.  Animal therapy is on the rise. Hug your pooch today!

We all know someone who is a constant complainer and blamer. Nothing is ever right for these people. Since they don’t know how to get attention in any other way, they find the negative in everything, then blame others for mistakes or faults of their own. Find out how to tame the complaints, bust the blames, and reframe the resistance.

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Awaken To Bliss Retreat by Angela Blaha

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7th Wave
Awaken To Bliss Retreat by Angela Blaha

Awakening to Bliss
A Weekend Retreat April 29th- May 1, 2016
We are living in incredible times, where energy insists we awaken our hearts. You are being called to let go of the struggle.

This weekend of finding peace, finding a deeper connection to self will include guided meditations, skills to become true creators.
You will learn to understand emotions such as forgiveness, guilt, and shame. These skills create a deep sense of freedom, allowing you to step into your power and to live blissfully.

It is truly a time to transform your life from worry and pain, to infinite possibility and manifest your true desires. We will work with higher states of consciousness and understand what it means to become conscious.

Join Jenna Ward & Angela Blaha on an exciting journey to transcend fear and doubt and instilling confidence, strength and love.
Susannah Furr will be leading healing Singing Bowl sessions throughout the weekend as well.

When: April 29 – May 1, 2016

Where: Honeysuckle Farms
3588 Causeyville Road
Meridian, Mississippi

Time: Friday April 29th 5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday April 30th 9:00am-8:00pm.
Sunday May 1 ~ 9:00-2:30pm
Other: http://angelablaha.com/event/awakening-bliss-weekend-retreat
Cost:$265.00 for retreat. A list of lodging options will be forwarded upon registration.
For more information call:
Jenna Ward 310-597-2405 or email:

Viewing the retreat by tele-seminar option may be online soon! Stay tuned!

About Angela Blaha

Like you, Psychologist, Intuitive & meditation expert, Angela Blaha often wondered how to transform her thoughts, emotions, actions, dreams, wants and desires, so life flowed effortlessly. Is it positive thinking or Charisma? Do I have to quit my job and meditate for hours a day to find tranquility? Can I really have everything I want or is that meant for Guru’s? Or, is there another way?

With twenty-two years of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is a transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author. Her methods help to decrease stress, clarify goals by increasing optimism and strengthening natural abilities.

About the Councils

Angela has embodied two councils of light beings that deliver Akash wisdom through a unique energetic experience. The counsel focuses on strength and courage and is devoted to the surrendering of a perfected state of consciousness, the natural condition of the soul, or pure love.

Tap into Your Inner Stillness to Achieve Happiness

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Tap into Your Inner Stillness to Achieve Happiness


This show will explore tapping into our inner stillness to find a connection with our mind and body, community and nature. By doing so we can achieve a life of peace, love and bliss! I am excited to welcome yogi, surfer and Blissologist, Eoin Finn, to the broadcast! Join us as we discuss the concept behind blissology and how we can cultivate a relationship with our inner stillness to guide us in our relationships and connectedness. There will be a call-in Q&A session where you can ask Eoin or me any questions by calling, 1-888-346-9141, 4/5/15 @ 12pm PT

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