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Busting Tantra Myths by Jacqueline Hellyer

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Busting Tantra Myths by Jacqueline Hellyer

T.LoungeThe Tantric Lounge is back for its second season, sponsored by the fabulous folk at Lelo, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate products.  The Tantric Lounge remains a sleaze-free zone, devoted to beauty and meaning in sex, love and intimacy – this is where sex is an art and sex is a science.

But it’s not just about sex, at least, not just about what so many people think Tantric sex is about. So in this episode Jacqueline Hellyer and her co-host Xavier Waterkeyn are doing some Tantric myth-busting!

Is Tantra some weird hippie practice that involves hours of sex and kinky orgies?

Or is it an approach to living, a way of being in the world that encompasses sexuality rather than marginalizing it or trying to ‘transcend’ it?

Find out  at The Tantric Lounge, on Voice America’s Empowerment Channel.



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