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Managing Stakeholder Comms During a Cyber Crisis

Posted by rstapholz on
Managing Stakeholder Comms During a Cyber Crisis

Join me July 7/22 at 1pm EST on the VA Business Channel!

Managing communications during a crisis can be tough, but it’s even harder if you don’t know who your stakeholders are. I’m joined by Crisis Management expert Caroline Spaniel, who will help us understand how to identify our stakeholder and stakeholder groups, and how we need to communicate with them.

We touch on:

1. Defining a stakeholder,

2. Why quick ownership of a cyber event is important,

3. Who owns a cyber incident,

4. Why empathy is important during an incident,

5. Why we should pay attention to what stakeholders think, say, and react,

6. Various impacts upon stakeholders,

7. Situational awareness,

8. How to identify our stakeholders (5 steps),

9. Stakeholder mapping,

10. Stakeholders vs shareholders,

11. Modes of communication, and

12. What types of communication we should leverage.

Cyber crises are happening every day and knowing how to communicate with stakeholders is key. Don’t miss the valuable information Caroline shares.



Organizational Resilience – Connecting the Dots

Posted by presspass on
Organizational Resilience – Connecting the Dots


Organizational Resilience does not come about by working in silos. Join me, as I talk with resilience and crisis leadership expert Caroline Sapriel, as we discuss how we can connect different groups to create strong crisis leadership and build a sense of organizational resilience. Caroline touches on such topics as: 1) common themes in crises, 2) After Action Reports, 3) Crisis Preparedness, 4) distinguishing between sudden and creeping crises, and 5) Stakeholders Management and Mapping. And more! There is allot of good advice for organizational leaders and resilience professionals on how to look at crises and crisis response to help create Organizational Resilience.

Don’t miss it!

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