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Sink or Swim By Ariel & Shya Kane

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Sink or Swim By Ariel & Shya Kane

July 5: Sink or Swim When you fight the currents in your life you drown. Tune in to Being Here and discover how to be appropriate to life’s flow so that you can swim with them rather than have life be a constant struggle. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141! Listen Live this Wednesday, July 5th at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the

Listen Live this Wednesday, June 28th at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

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Drama is Optional By Ariel & Shya Kane

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Drama is Optional By Ariel & Shya Kane

June 21: Drama is Optional You have been pre-programmed to get upset and emotional when things don’t go your way. What if all the drama in your life is of your own making? Challenging situations don’t have to result in suffering but when you say “No!” to how your life is unfolding, you create a life full of pain. Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and realize that Drama is Optional. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141 Listen Live this Wednesday, June 21st at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 500 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here: http://www.transformationmadeeasy.com/being-here-radio-show-archives/ You can also listen to Being Here on the go! Stream or download new and archived episodes to your smart phone or mobile device with these applications:

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Nurturing Friendships

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7th Wave

10/14/15 – Nurturing Friendships

“You can’t do it alone.” – Ariel & Shya Kane

Although the United States was founded on the principles of independence and pride in being autonomous, we have discovered that life is so much more rich, satisfying, easy and fun when you share it with people. Challenges get easier and good times are more satisfying. Join the Kanes as they share how to nurture your relationships and even make new ones. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-866-472-5795!

Listen Live this Wednesday, October 14th at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Network.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 400 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here.

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How to Own Grace and Courage Under Fire

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How to Own Grace and Courage Under Fire


Do you ever feel like you are continually experiencing crisis or challenges day in and day out? Would you like to learn how to cope with these challenges with Grace and tap into Courage? Join me and my guest, best-selling author of “Simple Steps Real Change“ Cheryl Maloney, as we discuss Cheryl’s simple steps that lead to real change. There will be a Q&A portion where we will open the phone lines to your questions by calling, 1-888-346-9141. Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie on Gentle Power Radio Tues, May 5 at 3pm ET 12pm PT.

A Simple Message of Hope By Yomi Garnett

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A Simple Message of Hope By Yomi Garnett

PathDear Friend,
How time flies!
Life is but a twinkle of a star in the infinite journey of eternity!
Barely nine weeks ago, I embarked on the headily exciting adventure of Hosting my Internet Radio Talk Show, Dream The Life; Live The Dream, on the VOICEAMERICA network, the world leader in Internet Talk Radio, with a daily, worldwide listener base of 4.5 million people. Nine weeks down the road, and the astonishing verdict from my Executive Producer, Josh Bernstein, with reference to the ever-increasing listener density on the Show, borders on nothing short of the superlative. This phenomenal feat could not have been accomplished without your active connivance, dear friend and listener. That is why, I unabashedly, and unreservedly, celebrate, today, the valuable hours you have invested in listening to the Show, by making a modest attempt to justify your monumental investment in time and effort.

In achieving this justification,the principal question to ask is:
“Dr. Garnett, what role are you expected to play on this Show, and to what significant degree are you meeting this objective?”
My response, as usual, will be magnificently simple.
I have come to the perfectly valid conclusion that my role as your Host on this Show is two-fold:
(A) I am here to assist you to accurately identify the major concerns in your life.
The next, and pertinently relevant question then becomes, “what, averagely, are the sources of perturbation in your life?”

The issues that bother you, dear listener, will fall somewhere within this wide spectrum:
1. You acknowledge peace of mind as the ultimate human good, and you want it.
2. You crave financial security, and you deserve it.
3. You desire a certain hope for future achievement.
4. You need to develop coping mechanisms in the event of the inevitable adversities and disasters of this life time.
5.  You want to rise above depression.
6.  How do you raise positive kids in a negative world?
7.  How do you cope with your pervasive fear of the unknown?
8.  How do you cope with the stress incident to day-to-day living?
9.  How do you handle the unfair, and sometimes, downright malicious attitude of others towards you?
10. Ultimately, you want to find true meaning in, and to make some sense out of, this chaos called life!

(B)  Secondly, having assisted you to identify your core concerns, it then becomes my unavoidable obligation to assist you in arriving at a rational resolution of these concerns in your life.

I urge you, at this stage, to come into a full appreciation of two facts:

1. Life is quite a challenge. It has always been, and will always be. Now, let us work from first principles: Is it not patently true that once you gain so much familiarity with something, it is only a matter of course that you will become contemptuous of it? An oft-quoted refrain puts it quite simply:”Familiarity breeds contempt.”
Begin to intensely familiarize yourself with the fact that life is quite a challenge. Become so familiar with this valid notion that, soon enough, you would have developed so much contempt for the very fact, that, the fact that life is a challenge will no longer be one worthy of your attention. This means that the fact that life is a challenge will simply pale into insignificance, and life itself then becomes a much easier project to pursue.

2. Realize that no one promised you that life would be a bed of roses. However, you may pray that you will be accorded sufficient grace to safely navigate your path through the thorns, and the narrow bridges of life.
HEREIN, then, lies the functional utility of my messages.
To encourage you.
To tell you that there is a certain hope for the future.
To assist you in building up your dormant faith.
To inform you that courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it.
To tell you that you can rise above adversity, and become whole again.
Above all, to join you in composing a new song that says: I WILL DREAM MY BEST LIFE EVER, AND THEN, I WILL LIVE THE DREAM!

To put matters in a beautiful nutshell, I am your dream catalyst, and your dream merchant, all in the same instance!
And, that was why I christened my Show, DREAM THE LIFE;  LIVE THE DREAM, in the first place!

Accept, with the most affectionate regards, my best wishes for a life filled with the magical splendor of glittering dividends, in all areas of the glorious life which you so richly deserve!

Yomi Garnett

Dr. Yomi Garnett
President, The Global Institute For Human Excellence.
For more information about Yomi, Tune into his Show “Dream the Life. Live the Dream.”  Our show challenges you to grow, and helps you to win. Our entire show is based on the thirteen unbreakable habits of truly enlightened people. Each episode of this initial series focuses on one of these life-changing habits. It will be an interactive excursion in self-discovery, with the aim of effecting a radical alteration in your world view. Our program is designed to touch your very core if you are seeking your own true path to destiny.

Tune in to Dream the Life. Live the Dream, every Thursday at 7 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

Yoga & Alternative PTSD Therapy

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Yoga & Alternative PTSD Therapy

Yoga and meditation while dealing  with PTSD, TBI and MST.


Pamela Stokes Eggleston: MBA, Senior Consultant. Since 2004, Pamela’s goal has been to raise awareness of the challenges military families and veterans face upon returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since her husband was combat injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Pamela can identify with military spouses and caregivers who are often ignored. She has worked in the public policy, criminology, research and business management fields for over 18 years, serving as a consultant, peer reviewer and grant reviewer for numerous agencies including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the VA, the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), the Department of Labor, the National Resource Directory, and as an advisor on Congress-supported publications, and as Development Director for Blue Star Families. She is a member of the National Black MBA Association; additionally, she serves as an Advisory Board Member of Tee It Up for The Troops and on the Business and Professional Women Foundation’s Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Advisory Council.

Lorinda Fontaine Farris: Lorinda has been a practicing nurse practitioner for fourteen years, in the military for 27 and a spouse for 17 years. Of those 17 years of marriage, Lorinda shared her husband, Doug,  with the Army for fourteen of them.  Her husband retired from the Army four years ago; ironically, she has now worked for the Army as a government civilian for four years continuing to care for military women, spouses and retirees. Lorinda loves what she does for a living and is honored to be caring for her fellow military comrades. Lorinda and Doug have two ‘children’, their cats, Moxie and Glacier.

Tune in for a new episode with the Hosts of the American Heroes Network on the Voiceamerica Variety Channel.  Listen for this weeks episode “Yoga & Alternative PTSD Therapy” Tuesday January 28th 8am Pacific Time.


 It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history. Disabled American Veterans struggle every day to overcome life-changing sacrifices. Their stories provides a vital part of history that has contributed to our American tradition. American Heroes Network provides a way for individuals, corporations and small businesses to support our Heroes by helping our veterans and their families rebuild their lives. They help aim our veterans, looking for jobs, in the right direction, help provide homes for our troops, assisting individuals and their families who have been severely injured while serving in the U.S. military and providing scholarships for families of our Fallen Heroes.  This will be a weekly hour long show joined by our military heroes and people and organizations that make a difference. American Heroes Network airs live Tuesdays at 8 AM Pacific, powered by Voice America Variety.

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