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Missing My Morning Coffee

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Missing My Morning Coffee

Missing My Morning Coffee

An Excerpt from Practical Enlightenment

I love my morning cup of Joe. Coffee and I have been friends for almost as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I used to drink from my parents’ forgotten cups, pretending I was an adult. Coffee was my com­panion in college, company during late-night cram sessions. Coffee houses were the destination of choice for my friends and me as we spent long evenings having deep, philosophical discussions about life – life we had yet to live. In later years, when Ariel and I got together, there was a progression of caffeinated times and those that were without. When we moved to our Park Avenue apartment in the ‘80s, there was a little bistro down­stairs where we would have a morning cappuccino and a croissant or sugary pastry. There were years when we gave it up, but even in those times, Ariel and I still en­joyed the pungent aroma of coffee being freshly ground and brewed.

A few years ago, Ariel and I splurged and bought ourselves a lovely espresso machine that heats our cups, grinds the beans, and makes the espresso as strong or as light as we like. Since I like my espresso strong and hot, I pushed the appropriate button one morning and it pressed out a little cup of my favorite elixir. The cup was small, its contents strong. I took my first sip. Mmmm, hot, delicious – both the ritual of a morning cup and its smell and taste. Cup in hand, I set off to start my day. There were things to do and plans to be made. Shortly thereafter I looked down and magically, my cup was empty. I realized that I’d been lost in thought and tossed the coffee down as if it were water, oblivious to the taste, temperature, texture and the moment itself. My thoughts had been all-consuming and the moment was eaten by their magnetic force.

Smiling down at my cup somewhat wistfully, I realized that enjoyable things cease to be enjoyable if you aren’t there to experience them. I couldn’t go back and taste what I’d already drunk. I could make another cup but the caffeine I’d consumed had already worked its magic and I didn’t need more at that moment. Returning to the kitchen, I washed my cup. It was time to move on with my day. It was a short but sweet reminder that if I don’t want to miss my morning coffee, I need to be there while I’m drinking it, even if I’m not yet fully awake.

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Coffee Benefits, Fall Outdoors, Parenting

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Coffee Benefits, Fall Outdoors, Parenting

2017-brian-banner-radio alone.jpg

Are you a coffee aficionado? Did you know that coffee is now considered good for your health and longevity? Learn more about America’s java cravings, cautions, claims, and benefits.

coffee growing-botanical gardens-st. lucia.jpg

As summer draws to a close, it’s natural to want to grab the last rays of outdoor living. Tips on how to enjoy the outdoors at the end of summer including how to get rid of a skunk’s stinky spray on your beloved pet.

skunk on patio.jpg

Sometimes our adult children make choices that are destructive. As a caring parent, we have to step in with an opinion while maintaining family harmony. What do you say and how do you say it?

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Try A Little Tenderness

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7th Wave
Try A Little Tenderness


Want to experience happiness and joy in all your relationships – from the person serving your morning coffee to the love of your life? Tune in to Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane and find out how being tender and kind with yourself will set the stage for all of your relationships to come alive. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-866-472-5795!

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Cynthia Brian Interviews USA Best Selling Author of Breathing Series Trilogy

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Cynthia Brian Interviews USA Best Selling Author of Breathing Series Trilogy

         The Breathing Series, Brain Boosting Beverages, Price of Privacy

     Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on the Voice America Empowerment Channel.  Our goal is to seed, stimulate, and support space for positive, meaningful conversations that will get you talking around the dinner table.

Rebecca Donovan is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the highly-acclaimed New Adult trilogy, The Breathing Series. Her novels include: Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, and the Out of Breath. Rebecca talks to Cynthia Brian about her first book, Reason to Breath, one girl’s story of life-changing love, unspeakable cruelty, and her precarious grasp of hope.

What are the two beverages that boost our brain power? A clue, one wakes you up and the other relaxes you. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany and Cynthia Brian talk about the two drinks that when consumed in moderation, keep you young and may prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Is our privacy an illusion? With the race to the internet fueled by social networking posts and the data collected about us by the National Security Agency, our secrets may not be confidential anymore. Cynthia Brian investigates the price we pay protecting personal privacy.

Listen to the program at the Voice America Network: 

Listen at StarStyle® Radio: http://starstyleradio.com/Starstyle_Radio/Entries/2013/10/2_The_Breathing_Series%2C_Beverage_Brain_Boosters%2C_The_Illusion_of_Privacy.html

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