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How To Hold Your Own During The Holidays

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7th Wave
How To Hold Your Own During The Holidays


How To Hold Your Own During The Holidays ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

It’s that time of year again. We’re heading into the time of family gatherings. We’re being inundated with ads, movies, and shop windows filled with gifts and expectations.

When you visit with relatives, everyone reverts to old behavior patterns. No matter how much therapy you’ve had, it’s hard not to fall into the familiar scripts. How do you not match the prevalent energy level?

Perhaps you don’t have family and are happily on your own. How do you convince well-meaning observers that you’re a healthy, well-adjusted person who happens to be spouse-and-child-free?

How do you hold your own during the holidays?

We cover a lot of these issues on our November 5th radio show including some helpful Consciousness tools. I thought I’d add a couple more here.

The Bug-Zapper: Imagine yourself surrounded by iridescent blue light, just like those electronic devices that hang outside your back door, keeping flying insects from entering the house. Any negative thoughts or projections that come at you from the outside gets instantly zapped. However, it also neutralizes any negative thoughts or projections from *inside* as well! I used this at a wedding last year and it felt wonderful!!

Different Colors: When you walk into a home or a party you can feel the prevalent energy of the place. One way to not be either raised up to their level of frenzy or brought down to their level of gloom, is to be a 1/2 above the energy. Imagine what that vibration would be if it were a color (some people hear or feel it) and let yourself be a half step lighter. You won’t be too out of sync, but enough to keep your own sense of self!

Doorways and Portals: Every door or archway can step you into a different Universe, as effortlessly as stepping into different movies at a multiplex or different soundstages in Hollywood. Just by getting up to go to the restroom, you shifted realities in several ways. By the time you return you can be in an entirely different scenario! Your family still looks the same, but the atmosphere can be completely different.

All of these tools work best when done playfully, from a space of amusement and fun. Try these out and see what happens!

Joan Newcomb is co-host of Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet on Voice America’s 7th Wave. To read more articles like this, go to her blog.  To hear more about handling the holidays tune in on Wednesday at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 10pm UTC

Transcending Fear

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Transcending Fear



Transcending Fear ©2014 Joan M Newcomb

Two of my friends just returned from the East Coast. One stayed in a cabin in New York that was over 100 years old, another stayed in a similar place in Vermont, that I think was even older.

What life must have been like back then. No electricity, no running water. No neighbors for miles. You could possibly go without seeing another person for months. A letter could take even longer to reach you. New traveled slowly.

Even though people lived in survival then, your primary focus was growing, making, or getting enough food to sustain you, staying safe from animals or outlaws, there was time for reading, reflection, creative arts.

Now we take so much for granted, a roof over our heads, groceries in our fridge, it seems we have to artificially manufacture things to freak us out. We like thriller movies and amusement park rides that make us scream.

Faux News doesn’t really communicate current events, it uses language and distorted ideas to transmit fear.

When I look at this energetically, I see the energy of fear pulling the focus away from Consciousness and towards form. Really, it’s survival energy. It looks like the original intent is to remind folks to take care of physical needs, to not get so caught up in prayer and meditation (things that connect you to Spirit) that you forget to eat and sleep.

It’s distorted now in that it disconnects you from your higher awareness, so that you’re running in circles thinking you’re gonna die.

The irony is that, disconnect from Spirit, you do feel like you’re dying. When spirit leaves the body, what happens to body?

With the energy of survival moving into form, towards density, and the energy of Consciousness moving towards Source, it may seem like conflict. But it’s actually in harmony. Breathing in, breathing out, moving in, moving up. Except it’s happening simultaneously. Kinda like the circular breathing needed for bagpipes or didgeridoos.

When we go through growth periods, it can feel like we are dying. We are expanding in our awareness, we are growing as Consciousness. But our limitations are disintegrating. Aspects of our personality are passing away.

As we are gaining in expansiveness, we can still stay connected to our bodies. We can assure them with comfort and affection. We can give them naps, bubble baths, chocolate… we are not abandoning the physical realm, we are taking our body/personality vehicles along with us in this adventure.

Perhaps fear isn’t to be transcended but transmuted. The energy of survival can produce creativity and abundance. Embrace it, take ownership of it. Navigate it’s white water with the seniority and skill as the magnificent, all knowing, Conscious Being that you are.

Equinoxes, Eclipses and Portals For Change

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave
Equinoxes, Eclipses and Portals For Change

Equinoxes, Eclipses, and Portals for Change ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

We’ve just come through the Equinox, which is a shift in seasons and a new cycle for Nature. And this month we’ve got two eclipses which bring sudden endings and sudden beginnings. They all happen every six months and launch us to a new level of growth, which lasts six months, two years, or more.

This occurs whether we’re aware of it or not, but if we’re operating from Consciousness we can take full advantage of them to accelerate our growth.

Eclipse Anular

Nature’s cycle begins with the Equinox after harvest time. It’s Nature’s New Year. You can align your cycle with Nature and call in a new phase of growth. Be amused to see what unfolds when you do! For the first three months there is ‘soil prep’. View your life as a garden, this is when you are tilling, removing rocks, and adding fertilizer.

Winter Solstice is when things seem to go dormant, but in actuality there’s a lot of activity happening on an unseen level. It may seem that you are daydreaming, but really there are seeds that are overwintering, waiting for the perfect time to sprout.

I find that my life speeds up after the Spring equinox. This is when the unseen architects bring their plans to nature, it’s when you can actually order seeds and start planting. In your life you can begin to move forward, giving roots to your dreams.

It culminates in the Summer, harvest time, you see the fruits of whatever you called in back last Fall.

Eclipses have similar cycles, they’re every six months, coinciding with the Full Moon and New Moon, and about every two years they shift to a different pair of signs. Full moon Eclipses bring sudden endings, it feels like the scaffolding of my life gives way and things collapse, to reveal how strong (or weak) my foundation actually is.

New Moon Eclipses bring beginnings. Opportunities will present themselves, and doors will open. It can seem traumatic. I find that things will suddenly occur, the last straw to ‘break the camel’s back’ and force me in a new direction.

Manifestation sometimes seems to take two years. “Stuck” or static energy held within for two years will show up with physical symptoms. Fantasies will show up in real life two years after they were first dreamt. It seems like one year is rebuilding, the next is deconstruction.

Everything is a creation of Consciousness, and it actually emanated from within. However, you can consciously work with these forces to set your intentions and bring things into form.

You can think of astrology like energy weather. If you want to build a house, you’d probably aim to do so during the dry season in your geographic area. If you’re sailing around the world, you’d choose to go with the wind and ocean currents (and avoid hurricane season)!

Realize that if something sudden or shocking ends or begins, you called it in from your highest Consciousness. Find a way to be in agreement with it, or in the least amount of resistance to it happening. See that behind everything is an opportunity to grow, expand, emotionally deepen, and gain greater awareness. Keep this in mind for the rest of the month and see what happens!

Listen to our show, Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, for more in-depth discussion on this topic!

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