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Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

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Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

creativeThere is a creative intelligence within you that has been imprisoned since childhood, sentenced to a maximum security prison for the crime of self-expression. It’s desperate to break out from behind the four electronic doors that keep it hidden from you and the world.

The lock down began in your family when you first heard messages like: color within the lines; grass isn’t orange; people don’t have blue faces. Then there was the hysteria that ensued when you thought the living room wall would make a great canvas. Or maybe your sibling or parent was the real artist. You were supposed to hide your talent so they could shine.

The second door was locked by your teachers. In the process of helping you become a real artist, they taught you that you were no good. There was a right way to do it, and if you couldn’t or wouldn’t do it that way, you were no good. The so-called “best” pictures were put on display and held up as examples for everyone to honor. The rest of the students were the “have not’s.” They were made to feel bad about their work through benign neglect or direct criticism.

Our society shut the third door. It tells us what good art, music, writing, acting, or dancing is. There’s legitimate theater, experimental dance, fine arts versus arts and crafts. Then we have the critics who make sure we don’t color out of the lines or dance in the aisles.

Finally, we locked the last door on ourselves. Creating became a high risk venture. Fear of criticism coupled with self-doubt separated us from our own creativity. It was much safer to be the audience than the creator. Now we love going to concerts, seeing plays, attending art openings. We try desperately to feed the artist within ourselves through viewing and critiquing someone else’s art, all the while knowing that we are hiding. Like Rip Van Winkle, everyone thinks your artist is dead. In fact, it’s pacing incessantly inside a tiny cell, waiting desperately for an opportunity to escape.

Today is that day. The guards are so sure you’ll never have the courage to escape that they’re all playing cards in the coffee break room. Their music and chatter are so loud that they’ll never hear the electronic doors or your footsteps. Your job is easy. You just have to push the button to open each door and walk out into the freedom of self-expression and artistic creativity.

What has this article motivated you do? I’d love to hear from you about the steps that you are taking or questions about how to take that first or next step.

The Tantric Lounge By Jacqueline Hellyer

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Health & Wellness
The Tantric Lounge By Jacqueline Hellyer


Down on The Tantric Lounge it’s all about men at the moment! We’ve just had two shows totally devoted to the male of the species.

The first show, Secret Men’s Business, was all about being a man. The key point made was that as a man you need to entice rather than thrust. It’s great that men desire their partners, but when that comes across as intensity then she’ll draw back and close off. It’s like shoving a chocolate cake in her face – it doesn’t matter how delicious the cake is, if its shoved in her face it won’t be appealing. Giving up and shutting off yourself is no solution, because then she’s got nothing to work with. What you need to do, energetically, is entice her: hold that cake a little away from her so she has the space to desire and move towards.

Then this week it was Black Belt in the Bedroom – how to be a great male lover. It’s not about tips and tricks, it’s about being calm, centered, connected, in control and creative. With this state of being you can arouse her to the point of the ‘horny face’ at which point she’s shifted into virtually an altered state of consciousness and from there she becomes fully sexually expressed. That’s when the good times roll….

Tune in to learn how, on The Tantric Lounge.


Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts in sex, love and intimacy as well as the host of The Tantric Lounge on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.  She’s a Sex Geek, unabashedly fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual.

Educator, therapist, coach, author, blogger, workshop presenter and speaker, Jacqueline brings her extensive knowledge and experience to her work, combining the wisdom of the ancients with the best of modern scientific practice. Best of all, she shares what she knows in an incredibly open, playful and inspiring way.

“Sex is a celebration of life and our sexual energy is our fundamental life energy. Yet we live in a sexually dysfunctional society with millions of people confused, misinformed and struggling with their sexuality.”

“I’m committed to enabling women, men and couples to become fully in touch with their sexuality so that they can use this powerful energy for personal growth and transformation, allowing them to rise out of the mire of what passes for sex in our sexually immature society, and create extraordinary lives for themselves.”

“My job is to be a ‘light in the darkness’ to help guide people to fulfill their sexual potential and become truly empowered!”

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