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How to Run a Profitable Business as a Creative Entrepreneur by Hemda Mizrahi

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How to Run a Profitable Business as a Creative Entrepreneur by Hemda Mizrahi

Rob Fortier

Business Coach Rob Fortier joined me on “Turn the Page” to describe what it takes for creative entrepreneurs to run a profitable business.

After his guest appearance on my show, Rob offered three additional strategies and related tactics for owners of new or growth ventures.

During the interview, we discussed that success starts with adopting a business-owner mindset. Part of that, as an entrepreneur, is asking yourself and considering: What am I willing to do or give up in order to get what I want and reach my goals?

Are you willing to be brave and step out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to think bigger than you ever have before? Are you willing to take risks even though you might fail?

Action steps to make bold choices:

* Make a list of five bold, positive choices you’re willing to make for your business.
* Identify which one of the five will have the most significant impact on your business.
* List five moves you will make to take action on that bold choice.
* Decide what you can stop doing or give up to create more opportunity for your business.

During the show, we discussed how important it is to define your target market. Who are the purchasers and consumers of your products or services?  Who do you want to be serving? Many creative entrepreneurs are tempted to say “everyone!” No matter what you do or how good you are, your work is not for everyone. The person who buys a $20 poster at the local discount store might not be the same person who’s willing to spend $1,000 for an original painting.

The last thing you want to do is waste your valuable time and money marketing to the wrong people. The more specific you can be, the better.

Questions to ask yourself when determining your target market:

* To whom do my products or services appeal?
* How old are my customers?
* What do my customers do for a living?
* Where do my customers shop?
* Where do my customers or clients hang out (online or in person)?
* How much are they willing to spend on products or services like mine?
* How often do they purchase my product or service?
* What is their yearly income?

During the interview, we talked about drawing a map that guides your business toward financial stability. This process involves learning to do what I call “Energizing Your Money.”  As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s vital to look at your attitude about money and what you’re saying about it. Many people have a love/hate relationship with money: they love it when you have it and hate it when they don’t!  Do you often say that you are poor and that you can’t afford this or that?

Strategies for Energizing Your Money:

* Replace “I can’t afford it!” with “That’s not something I’m choosing to invest my money in right now.” How does that change things for you?

* Take a look at what you’re spending your money on. Decide right now that you will stop perpetuating the scarcity mentality. Start living from a place of abundance and sending that positive message out into the world. Developing a positive attitude around money will affect the choices you make.

* Choose to INVEST in YOU and your success as a creative entrepreneur by honing in on what you need to run your business rather than just SPENDING money.

* Money is meant to flow in and out, back and forth.  Don’t clutch onto it for dear life.  When you spend it, wish it well and send it on its way. When you earn it, welcome it and give thanks.

* Don’t be intimidated by money. Ask for money you’re owed for work you completed.

Rob advises, “taking any action in your business is better than taking no action at all. Don’t wait for amazing opportunities to come to you. Go out and create them. If you want to create for your own enjoyment, you’ve got a hobby. If you want to create so that you can serve the needs of others, that’s a business!”

He suggests the following resources for further guidance: “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, and “Selling For Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky” and “Scary” Out of Sales,” by Hugh Little.

Ready to go even further to ensure your success as a creative entrepreneur? Read Rob’s free workbook, available at www.RobFortier.com, and purchase a recording of his talk at a business telesummit: http://www.unstoppableprofitsrockstarcreatives.com

Listen to my conversation with Rob.

Hemda Mizrahi

Every Company Must Be Innovative: Is Yours?

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Every Company Must Be Innovative: Is Yours?

zidle banner-new-2

According to Steve Jobs, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”
Dr Yoram Solomon, founder of Large Scale Creativity, will tell us how to unlock innovation on the individual and organizational level on this week’s podcast of The Business Edge

He discusses how to create an environment for creativity and innovation that costs little and leads to big results. His firm belief, like Steve Jobs, is that everyone has good ideas to increase productivity and profitability; the challenge is to tap into the brainpower of your people and turn their ideas into reality.

Listen and learn the answers to these questions:
Is creativity the same as innovation or are they different? Why are start-ups more innovative than mature companies? What role does culture play in fostering or restricting innovation? How does trust affect innovation? How does innovation affect trust?  Who’s responsible for coming up with and implementing great ideas? Is it management’s fault for not accepting great ideas or is it something else?

Be Limitless: Breaking Down Mind Barriers

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7th Wave
Be Limitless: Breaking Down Mind Barriers

LD-Main face050

We all think we understand our mind, but what if we don’t? What if we are much more than we think we are? We’ve all heard the concept that we only use 10% of our brain. But what does that mean? What’s the other 90% and how do we access it? Well, it’s actually the most powerful part of our mind, the part that can help us feel and know that we are always connected to each other, to our limitless self, to the spiritual realm, to details of our past and future, to the wisdom of the ages, and even to creativity.

As you understand the full scope of your mind, everything changes. Fears and worries, self-doubt, guilt, blame and shame begin to disappear. They become replaced with hope, compassion, love, improved health, peace and happiness. You will even see your past differently and the silver linings in every experience will become apparent.

Listen as we explore new dimensions of our own mind and learn how we are more than we think we are!

Tune in every Thursday at 8am PST to Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

Harnessing our Inner Power to Awaken Creativity

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Harnessing our Inner Power to Awaken Creativity

Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie 3/17/15 on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Network @ 12pm PST as we explore how to awaken your creativity within, as Spiritual beings in human form we all have creativity within. The challenge is understanding how to tap into the wellspring and learning to express in our day-to-day lives from this uniquely beautiful space that makes us individuals. My guest this week will be Writer, Director and Teacher Julia Cameron who for decades assisted individuals to awaken their creativity successfully through her book, The Artist’s Way. There will be a Q&A portion of the show where you can call 1-888-346-9141 and ask Julia or myself questions.

About Julia Cameron:

The Artist’s Way began with Julia sharing her ideas with a few artists in her living room. Now after selling almost 4 million copies of The Artist’s Way and more than two decades of teaching her creativity tools around the world in lecture and workshop form, Julia is taking her teaching online. Cameron explains, “Most of us have no idea of our real creative height. We are much more gifted than we know. My tools help to nurture those gifts.” She’s thrilled to introduce The Artist’s Way Video Course

Purpose-Driven Employees: Sustainable Happiness and The Bottom Line

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Purpose-Driven Employees: Sustainable Happiness and The Bottom Line


Tune in for a new episode “Purpose-Driven Employees: Sustainable Happiness and The Bottom Line” on Coffee Breaks with Game Changers on the Voiceamerica Business Channel.

The buzz: Purpose. Engaged employees are happier, which translates to greater productivity, creativity, and commitment to their company’s success. If this describes only a few of your people, what are you doing to attract and nurture more like them? You can start by unleashing employees’ personal passions and creating work environments that recognize and reward purpose-driven staff. Done right, it will impact your employees, workplace culture, the bottom line. The experts speak. Jenn Lim, Delivering Happiness: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou). Aaron Hurst, Imperative: “Wherever you go, there you are” (Buddhist saying). Alyse Wyler, SAP: “Just 40 hours a week equals 30% of our lives, so slacking in doing what you love isn’t an option. It’s all about finding your why” (Simon Sinek, The Power of Why). Join us for Purpose-Driven Employees: Sustainable Happiness and The Bottom Line.

Game-changing technologies are transformational, exciting and disruptive for a reason. They shake up your status quo. They get you thinking about new ways to scale, compete and grow. They move you in amazing new directions. If you’re not already having a weekly breakfast with game-changers, join us for valuable food for thought, inspiration and information. Learn how you can become the savvy innovator who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next breakthrough strategy. Coffee Break with Game-Changers, Presented by SAP, is broadcast live every Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time and 11 AM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

Creating From The Right Side of Your Brain By Dr. Paula Joyce

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Creating From The Right Side of Your Brain By Dr. Paula Joyce


On an order of ten million to one, brain researchers estimate that there is more information in the right (creative, intuitive, unconscious) brain than in the left (linear, logical, conscious) brain. As artists, it is essential that we learn how to dig deeply into the infinite creative flow that is available to each of us. The alternative is to skim the surface of our unique talent, denying ourselves and our clients of unending growth, delight and richness of expression.

There are two approaches to engaging in the creative process. The most common one is to use your logical mind to determine what the completed project will look like before you ever begin. The less common approach is to focus on the process rather than the product. One way to do this is to lay out all of your painting materials, randomly choose a brush and a paint color and begin applying the paint to the silk with no concern for where the project is going. The piece evolves brush stroke by brush stroke as you ask yourself, “What’s next?”; always listening deeply for the authentic answer and allowing what is supposed to be painted through you to emerge onto the silk.

The latter is the way I paint and the way I teach my clients how to paint. We expand our creativity, listen carefully to the still voice within and ignore the voice that shouts, “This is the correct way.” When I paint, my main job is to kick out that critical voice that is always telling me what I am doing wrong, what’s pretty and what’s ugly and, of course, the question that stops creativity dead in its tracks: “Can I sell this?”

When we turn ourselves over to our creativity, we are tapping into a force much greater than ourselves. There are lots of names for this depending upon your spiritual beliefs: authentic self, higher self, God, energy, the Universe. Regardless of the terminology, we are all tapping into that part of ourselves that knows much more than we think we do. It’s the part that has been taking in the beauty of the world while your left brain was focusing on something else.

Painting with my right brain, has brought me an array of surprising gifts. The main one was discovering that I could paint. As a child I was told at home and at school that I had no talent. It was so bad that I actually cheated in art class. What made it worse for me was that I had always had a strong desire to paint. As an adult, I took a few oil painting classes at a local recreational center because I could work and rework the piece to make it “perfect.” Later I challenged myself to play with children’s watercolors without taking lessons. Eventually I took about four silk painting classes and read a couple of books to get a few basics. Then I just began to explore, play and create without knowing where I was going—or what I was doing.

The result has been that figures appear in my paintings that I do not consciously put there. My pieces are often filled with dolphins, dragons, fish, birds, flowers and people. For instance, during a lecture for a couture design class, I did a very quick silk painting demonstration, just putting color down to show them a simple technique. When I got the piece home, I couldn’t remember where the top was. In turning it to look at different views, I discovered that the painting was actually a large bird in an apple tree. It is very clearly a robin, which was my favorite bird growing up in Detroit, Michigan. There aren’t many robins in Dallas and none had been in my back yard over the years. Within the week, there were robins covering my side and back yards. They stayed for days. Since I cannot paint realistically in any medium, allowing this robin to come through me felt mystical and incredibly fulfilling.

As I continue to explore my creativity, I have added watercolors, acrylics, metal sculpture, mixed media and have even invented ways to display fashion as art on the walls. I have been shown internationally, in the Canton Art Museum, in juried art shows and sell through art museums and galleries as well as fashion designers. For someone who was convinced that she had no talent, I continue to be amazed by what is showing up in my life.

No matter how creative you are, there is always more creativity that is lying dormant. Shut out the negative voices, open yourself up to create from your soul and enjoy the beauty of your hidden gifts.

How are you using your right brain to create art and/or your life? If you want to change your life, contact Dr. Paula, The Life Doctor.


Executive/Life Coach Best-Selling Author Speaker Artist

www.PaulaJoyceDesigns.com 214-208-3533 www.PaulaJoyce.com

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