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Building a Culture of Excellence: You’re Never Too Small or Too Big to Do It! By Marcia Zidle

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Building a Culture of Excellence: You’re Never Too Small or Too Big to Do It! By Marcia Zidle

Today’s economic environment demands excellence from everyone in your business. The key to scaling up your company from the status quo to a higher standard of excellence is your company culture. When you build a culture of excellence, you create better employee engagement, better customer experience and build a powerful brand.

My guest on this episode of the Business Edge is Tal Shnall a Customer Experience (CX) expert in the hospitality industry. As a hotel brand and customer service manager, Tal served as a catalyst, trainer and coach to develop a culture of excellence for hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Starwood and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Listen to This Podcast and Learn:
* Why Tal says culture is not a cliché but rather values in action
* How a culture of excellence will transform you from being a commodity to a valued brand
* Five simple strategies to build a culture of excellence in your business…it’s not rocket science
*How to develop leaders of excellence who become role models, mentors and coaches to their employees
*Ways to create great experiences that customers remember and share with others – it starts with your people

The key take away: Don’t look for microwave solutions
A culture of excellence requires an investment of time, training and mentoring of your leaders AND your employees. The results will be first a recognition of your brand as one of service excellence; second better engagement of your talented people; and third higher retention of your customers. This is one area not to skimp on.

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