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Roles And Values with Dr. Yomi Garnett and Guest Maurice Evans

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Roles And Values with Dr. Yomi Garnett and Guest Maurice Evans


In our excursion through this fascinating project called life, we are necessarily called upon to contribute to the overall evolution of mankind by performing some role or the other. We may even find ourselves performing a multiplicity of roles. In the process, we affect our environment, either for good or for bad. Of equal significance is the fact that the extent to which we are committed to our roles, or mission, if you will, especially when they do turn out for the collective good of all, is primary determinant of just how purposeful our sojourn has been. However, the basic framework on which that purpose is built, in turn, is determined by the values which we hold dear. We must stand for something, lest we stand for just about anything. Today’s Show celebrates all that is noble in human thought and motivation. Tune in for the latest episode “Roles and Values.”


Maurice Evans comes from the rich background of a ten year stint as an NBA veteran player and Vice President of the NBPA. Now the fulfilled author a book titled: “Every Level Of Success,” he is now a co-founder and proud promoter of Access Brand Management, LLC, a customary organization geared towards helping produce events, transition professionals and athletes from pro sports or expired opportunities to future careers. In strongly identifying with high profile professionals and athletes, and having dealt first hand with the disparities of healthy relationships, sound financial literacy, and career management, Maurice is now devoted towards empowering people to reach every level of success.


Our show challenges you to grow, and helps you to win. Our entire show is based on the thirteen unbreakable habits of truly enlightened people. Each episode of this initial series focuses on one of these life-changing habits. It will be an interactive excursion in self-discovery, with the aim of effecting a radical alteration in your world view. Our program is designed to touch your very core if you are seeking your own true path to destiny.

Tune in to Dream the Life. Live the Dream, every Thursday at 7 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

Just For Today with Dr. Yomi Garnett

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Just For Today with Dr. Yomi Garnett

Chinese FolkloreJUST FOR TODAY, I will take solace in just three words: IT WILL PASS.
And what better way to appreciate these words than by recalling a story from Chinese folklore.

As the story goes, the great Chinese Emperor, Liu Bang Chew, would be sixty the next year, and an epoch-making event was planned to celebrate this milestone. The gifts started pouring in. Horses, camels, bales of raw silk, spices and exotic perfumes. Gifts they all were. They came in their torrents, as the provincial governors, noblemen, and even peasants, all tried to outdo each other in a frenzied, sycophantic display of fealty. The sheer deluge of gifts was such that an entire city had to be emptied to accommodate them.

Alas, these heroic efforts did not impress the Emperor, as he disdainfully dismissed the gifts as being all too common-place!
A simple peasant, Xu Chi, arrived the palace gates after traveling 2,000 miles on foot from the northern provinces.  After a month of groveling before the guards, he was granted imperial audience. “O great Emperor, I bring birthday felicitations, and a gift for you!”
“Peasant, your gift had better be an improvement on what I have already seen, or I shall decree that your head be separated from the rest of your body!” The Emperor gravely declared.

Xu Chi hurriedly produced his gift. All craned their necks to peer curiously at it. For, it was a peculiar gift, indeed. It was a bronze bracelet, and on it was the inscription: IT WILL PASS.

The Imperial Executioner gleefully caressed the sharp blade of his sword, even as he calculated just how much force would be needed for a single, effectual swipe at Xu Chi’s scrawny neck. “Peasant, what sort of ridiculous gift is this? How dare you insult the throne in such an infernal manner?” The Emperor roared. Xu Chi, prostrate and trembling with fear, replied tremulously: “Majesty, I humbly beseech you to wear this bracelet from today onwards. As it says on the bracelet, everything shall pass. Your days as Emperor shall pass. Your happy days shall pass. And, no matter the form of adversity, it will also pass, for there will always be light at the end of every tunnel. With the words on this bracelet shall you console yourself in your days of sorrow, and laugh at yourself when you take yourself too seriously. And with the same words shall you caution yourself in your days of glory and conceit. For, indeed, Great One, nothing is of any real and enduring importance in the annals of man, except the value it is given by man.

Yet, My Lord, ultimately, life is nothing if not pure magic, for when all is said and done, all things usually turn out for the best.
And at the end of it all, only one entity will remain; eternal, divine and unchanged: The Almighty, your Creator.”

With tears in his eyes, the Emperor, who had never as much as touched a peasant all his life, got up and embraced Xu Chi.
“Surely, this is the wisest man in all of China!” He proclaimed.
And as the Executioner sadly and regretfully sheathed his sword, the Emperor knighted Xu Chi, and pronounced him Grand Counsellor of China, second in rank only to himself.
From peasantry to nobility. From grass to grace. It will pass.


Today, merely carry these three words with you, in your mind, wherever you go:

Tune in to Dream the Life. Live the Dream, with Host Dr. Yomi Garnett every Thursday at 7 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

Dr. Yomi Garnett

Just For Today By Dr. Yomi Garnett

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Just For Today By Dr. Yomi Garnett
self control

JUST FOR TODAY, I will accept that, although I cannot stop certain things from happening, how I react is what matters most.  I cannot stop the traffic light from changing to red.

And even if I was in an inordinate hurry, I must terminate my break-neck speed at the sight of that red light.  Whether I am happy about this, or frustrated about it, is of little or no consequence.  The germane fact is really quite simple: I have no control over the traffic lights.

Today, I will remember the 90/10 Rule of Life.  10% of my life depends on what happens to me.  90% of my life depends on how I react to it.  In real terms, this means I have no control over 10% of what happens to me.  For instance, I cannot stop my car from breaking down, any more than I can terminate a sudden storm that prevents my plane from taking off to Jamaica, where I have an important scheduled meeting.  Indeed, I have no control over this 10% of the circumstances of my life.  The other 90%, however, is of a marked difference, if only because I determine it.  Friend, did I hear you skeptically ask, “how?”  And, my really simple response is, “By my reaction.”  Yes, indeed, I may be quite unable to control the red light, but, certainly, I can control my reaction to the Red light.  Today, I easily recall the all-too-human story of David Preston, a middle-aged resident of a quiet, upper middle class neighborhood in a Philadelphia suburb.  He was eating breakfast with his family.  His daughter inadvertently knocked over a cup of coffee, even as a wide stain spread rapidly over the front of David’s pristine white dress shirt.

He had no control over the unfortunate incident, and the final outcome of the entire episode would be determined by how he reacted.  David chose to curse loudly, harshly scolding his daughter for knocking the cup over. She breaks down in tears.  David next turned angrily on his spouse, and virulently chastised her for placing the cup too close to the edge of the table. An unpleasant verbal altercation ensued. Shortly after this, David stormed upstairs to change his shirt.  Meanwhile, back downstairs, his miserable daughter had occupied herself with crying, rather than eating her breakfast, and unable to be ready for school at the appropriate time, she missed the school bus.  Having dissipated valuable time into bickering, his spouse had to rush out for an early appointment with a client.  David had to rush to his car to drive his daughter to school.

Not unnaturally, being late, he exceeded the speed limit for suburban traffic, and had to suffer a fine of  $40 after an excruciating twenty minute delay.  On arrival at the school, his daughter dashed out of the car without as much as a backward glance.  David eventually arrived the office twenty minutes late, only to discover that, because of inordinate haste, he had forgotten his briefcase at home.  Quite obviously, his day had started on a very bad note. It got worse.

Finally, he could only look forward to coming home.  Sadly though, he arrived home to a strained relationship with his spouse and daughter.  All because of an unwholesome reaction to the spilling of coffee on his shirt!  Today, if someone says something negative about me, I will merely let the attack roll off like water on glass.

Indeed, I will react appropriately, and it will not ruin my day.  And, when someone cuts me off in the traffic, I will resolutely refuse to lose my temper.  I will decidedly not pound on the steering wheel in frustration.  My ten minutes lateness to work will not cost the firm the whole world.

No one will be permitted to ruin this morning’s pleasant drive to the office.  So, the plane is late, and I am going to be late for the rather crucial meeting.  I will resolutely refuse to take out my frustration on the flight attendant.  For, after all, she had no control over what was going on.

I would, rather, invest my time in useful study and the fulfilling past time of knowing the new person sitting next to me.

Today, the brilliant, new vista of an exciting and infinitely more positive life looms ahead of me, as I prepare to live by the 90/10 principle.  And, for me, one good day will always follow the next.  There will be little or no stress in my life.  And, my life will be filled with joy and wholesome relationships.  Just for this day, I will understand the 90/10 principle, and my life will change forever!


Why did David’s day turn out a nightmare?

A) Did the coffee cause it?

B) Did his daughter cause it?

C) Did the booking policeman cause it?

D) Did David cause it?

The answer is: David caused it.

He had no control over the incident with the coffee.  His unfortunate reaction in the immediacy of the incident was what caused his bad day.  Together, let us attempt to reconstruct a better sequence of events.  Coffee splashes over David. His daughter is on the verge of tears.  David, gently puts her at her ease: “It’s ok honey, you just need to be more careful next time.”  David runs upstairs with a towel.

He throws on a new shirt, and grabbing his briefcase, he is back in time to look through the window and see his child getting on the bus. She turns and waves.  David and his spouse kiss before he goes to work.  David arrives five minutes early and cheerfully greets his co-workers.

David’s boss commends him for his effective supervision of his current project.

Dr. Yomi Garnett


Just For Today By Dr. Yomi Garnett

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Just For Today By Dr. Yomi Garnett

JUST FOR TODAY, I will write the story of my life in advance.
I will dream big again and play a game with the high potential that my life
is meant to be.
And I will write my story with as much emotion as I can muster, and with
every ounce of the love I have for myself.
And as the tears drop onto the paper on which I write, my heart will open up
to all the glorious opportunities that life can offer me to attain my
My family will be my bastion of hope in a land filled with despair.
To my spouse shall I be a friend, a confidant, a lover, a brother and a true
And to my children shall I be a hero, a mentor and an oracle for truth,
fairness and unflinching love.
My life will stand for love to my Creator, love to my fellow being and love
to myself.
Today, I hold myself accountable to the noble values of integrity, courage
and hope.
Faith shall be my pillar of support in the my times of self-doubt, and
anxiety and worry shall flee from me with the speed of light.
At my table, only the best, and the highest standards in etiquette, decorum
and culture will prevail.
I hold myself firmly to the most noble pedestal in my inter human
relationships, subscribing irrevocably to compassion and empathy for rich,
poor and equal.
On this most magical of all days, I dedicate myself to playing my biggest
and best game as a person.
And the light that I have discovered within me will shine for all to see.
For, will I light a lamp on the hilltop, and then cover it with a shroud?
The chains that have bound me to my comfort zone will be broken today.
The shackles that have restrained my Highest Self from ascending to its
glorious heights will be broken today.
The layers of rust that have covered my gold will come off today, and I will
discover the authentic path to my fortune, and gold shall fill my purse
And I will pamper my body, for it is the temple of my Creator.
I will partake of healthy nourishment that will nurture my body to
Do not apparels make the man? Do I not deserve to step out regally, the
epitome of sartorial elegance?
Savile Row, here I come to be fitted with the snuggest of bespoke suits!
And, when I step out of my suit maker’s salon, all heads will turn in my
direction as I waft along in a subtle fragrance of my earthy cologne.
Today, I shall indulge myself in the best of gastronomic delights at my
favorite gourmet restaurant, where I shall start off with caviar on ice.
Yes, indeed, today I shall live the life of my dreams, for that is the true
story of my life.
And, in my story, I will keep moving towards truth and enlightenment.
I will be willing to visit those places that frighten me, going deeper than
I have ever done.
And, although my life may not turn out in exact consistence with the story I
have written, it will not matter so much, since, in any case, if I do not
know where I am going, just about any road will get me there!
I would rather have a road map in front of me than no map at all.
At least, I will put up my best and allow divine providence to do the rest.
I will do my best and set very clear intentions in the fertile field of all
I will chase my dreams with unequalled passion and commitment.
And then I will repose calmly in my special field of calm and confident
acceptance, content in the knowledge that, in due season, my Creator will
deliver on His promises.
Is life not simply a gentle balance between making things happen and letting
things happen?
Indeed, having set my intentions in the arena of a certain hope for
achievement, I will have the bravery, and the wisdom, to confidently let go.
I will surrender to the ultimate will of the divine, knowing that, whatever
the outcome, it will be for my best purpose, even if it does not appear to
be so at the moment.
Friend, I have come to the fascinating conclusion that life is very much
like a beautiful tapestry woven together.
For, is it not one of life’s greatest and most enduring of lessons that we
often do not receive what we want, but, instead, receive what we need?
And, truly, we always get what is in our best interest.
I am simply mesmerized by the graciousness, and the magic of it all!


Pick up a pen and a paper.
Write out the story of your life.
Welcome to your authentic path to self-discovery and personal destiny.

To Listen to “Dream the Life. Live the Dream” with Host Dr. Yomi Garnett , Tune in every Thursday at 7 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Tune in to this weeks Episode “Dream The Life Live the Dream

Our show challenges you to grow, and helps you to win. Our entire show is based on the thirteen unbreakable habits of truly enlightened people. Each episode of this initial series focuses on one of these life-changing habits. It will be an interactive excursion in self-discovery, with the aim of effecting a radical alteration in your world view. Our program is designed to touch your very core if you are seeking your own true path to destiny.

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