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QDNA Quantum View of Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness

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QDNA Quantum View of Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness

Join Marina Rose, QDNA® and Amit Goswami, PhD at 3:00pmPST on 10/13/15.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow the creator of “Hierarchy of Needs” stated, “When our material needs are satisfied, we yearn for higher needs like love.”

Since the meltdown of the economy, Amit Goswami, PhD, physicist and author, has been focusing on important issues for a new paradigm for economics and business for the twenty-first century.

Quantum creativity created quantum interference and synchronicity in the quantum realm to lasso and ensure Amit Goswami, PhD took the Dali Lama’s request to heart. In 1999 at a conference with 30 other exemplar leading scientists the Dali Lama challenged the scientists to use their science for social problems. Goswami inspired by economics but got side tracked with social problems. Divine intervention intercepted, Rinaldo S. Brutuco, Founder and CEO of World Business Academy asked him to write an article on “The New Paradigm on Economic Thinking” the basis of his new book, “Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness”. Goswami weaves both subjects together, highlighting Quantum Worldview, the importance of stability and sustainability of the economy and leadership, creativity and ethics in business, and offers a way to achieve a revitalized business arena, an economy of sustainability, prevention of economic meltdowns eliminating poverty and hunger.


Author Amit Goswami PhD and Marina Rose, QDNA® will decode, recontrust and recode the Quantum View of Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness for the audience.

Marina Rose is the founder and developer of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in health, life and business. QDNA® combines the cutting edge science in Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, DNA Reprogramming and Quantum Field Theory into a powerful new technique to assist you to achieve optimal results. Accelerate your life and business now.

Change Your DNA. Instantly Change Your Life.™

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Written by Marina Rose

Quantum Connection™: Exploring Health, Science, and Spirit” with Marina Rose, QDNA® airs live on Tuesdays at 3 PM Pacific on The VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.


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New Book Release

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New Book Release


On Friday, February 26, 2015, Ronald Baker and Ed Kless released The Soul of Enterprise: Dialogues on Business in the Knowledge Economy exclusively on Amazon Kindle. The book is based on the VoiceAmerica top-rated radio show of a similar name, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, available exclusively in Amazon Kindle format. Further, links to many of the ideas, definitions, books, and other interesting things we cite have been added to create a complete digital experience. For more information about TSOE Click Here.

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