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How to avoid scams while looking for an essay writer

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How to avoid scams while looking for an essay writer

Sometimes one gets overloaded with assignments, but due to personal commitments, one finds it quite difficult to manage them along with others. Besides, writing an essay without an error may sound easy but it’s definitely not a piece of cake. This is especially true for writing essays in college, when the high school level of essay writing doesn’t come in handy anymore.

How is essay writing useful

Essay writing and learning essay writing skills are very important for students to excel academically. Professors assess the assignments based on the creativity and knowledge which a student as an essay writer will communicate to them. On this assessment, you receive grades, low or high depending on the quality of work that you have submitted.

How does online service help?

When you are overburdened by the thoughts on how to complete your assignments, online services can help you a great deal in writing an essay. One can easily find an essay writing service, which will enable you to get done with all your essays timely. This will also allow the student to get good grades, while they can spend their time in leisure activities. Life will become easier for students as they can now visit their favorite places, watch movies, play games or go to an uncle or auntie for a visit, without having to worry about their assignment deadlines.

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How can you get easily scammed?

Owing to swift advancement in technologies, scamming has also become easier on websites. Many websites can be found online that take money from the students and later refuse to work. You need to be cautious while looking for any essay writing service to complete your assignments. Any invalid online service can easily take your money by earlier soliciting you by their website and then later not replying to your messages.

Tips for students to avoid a scam

If you are thinking of getting your papers or assignments done online, you need to be watchful of the scammers. It’s not easy to recognize these scammers among other websites.

 Look for reviews

One of the first things you must be looking at is reviews of the website in international forums. Before placing an order, you will need to look at the customer reviews of the service availed. These reviews can be found on social networking sites that allow the public to comment on any services offered to the public. An excellent example of such a social networking website is Reddit.

Payment options

A student should also be watchful of available payment options. A website that offers a direct transfer option is most likely fake. This website does not want to share any of the details with the client regarding their services. Whereas websites that offer multiple payment options such as debit or credit for payment purposes should be considered credible.

Review forums

Students can also find reviews of the service providers at writing forums. These forums discuss issues as well as the information relating to any form of writing, including online essay writing services. On such forums, one may find a hint of which websites are preferred from others to get the assignments done.

Features of the service

Another aspect which you should consider is how much value the service is offering you corresponding to the payment made by you. This should include the features offered by the service in comparison to other services offering you help in writing assignments. Here is the list of features that an individual must consult.


You should also look for the website limit on plagiarism. For instance, if the website isn’t offering a plagiarism report, then it might be fake. Plagiarism reports add credibility to an essay and if you want your assignment to be remarkable, its plagiarism level should be at a minimum. The credible websites categorically state the range of plagiarism they comply with. 

Customer services

You should also judge the quality of service by the responsiveness of the customer services. If the representative responds late to your queries or is ignoring your information demanding mails, there can be something wrong with the service. If the website doesn’t value its customers, you should stay away from it. 

Additional services

The writer can look for additional services which they might need to finish their assignment. For instance, some writers are required to complete their assignments urgently and give them an early draft of their work. If the website in question doesn’t entertain special requests from the customers, it might be fake.

Native speakers and writers 

Students should also be careful whether the online service provides them with the facility of native writers. Most probably writers from other parts of the world that have little knowledge about the English language or grammar structuring may get hired to write your paper. You can also communicate with the writer and say please have my money and write my essay as per the essay instructions. This will allow you to check the level of the writer’s skills you are giving your work to.

To conclude, there are numerous ways one can realize whether a website is legit or offering fraudulent services. For this purpose, students need to look at various forums that offer reviews of several writing services. This is important because as a student you will need to save money from any scammer. This will adversely impact your personal budget, that might already be quite limited. 

Hope this helps you avoid any essay writing scams in future!


How to Contact an Essay Writing Service to get your Essay done – 2022 Guide

In a fast-paced world today, life has become hectic for almost everyone and can often become a bit too much to deal with. All of us are simply trying to juggle our day-to-day responsibilities and manage our chores while expecting the best possible outcome in each of these scenarios. People pursuing academic life are facing the same loop of crisis as people belonging to any other field or category of life. Essay writing is also a difficult task you can take help from an essay writer to do your task.

At a time like this, especially with the pandemic restricting the freedom we have been so accustomed to enjoying, it is important to look after your mental health and manage your workload. If you are a student stuck with an overwhelming number of assignments and the academic pressure is killing you, we have some great options to help you out. One of those life saving options include essay writing services websites.

Academic writing services have always been a great helper for students and with its help, students have been finding solutions to their problems for a long time now. Whether it be a simple essay, or an entire semester worth of work, there are services out there with just the right people to get it all done for you.

If you are also looking for one such writing helper website, you must not trust every writing service website out there because to find a good essay writing service, it is important to put in some research. To have your work done in the best possible way, choose an essay writing service that has several fundamental features. To have your project completed, all you have to do is  contact the finest writing service of your choice and follow these simple steps.

  1. Check Service ranks: It is always important to check where service ranks among the competition. It usually gives you a good idea of how a certain service is doing among its competitors, regarding the service provided.
  2. Public Reviews: One must always check public opinion and reviews before using certain services. While a few comments or reviews may be biased based on personal experiences, it allows one to have an idea of the service quality being offered.
  3. Value for the customers: For students, it is important to not only receive a good product but to have a great experience which includes receiving excellent customer service. An organization that does not care for its customers can never truly do a good job. So, it is important to find a service where the service providers truly care for their customers and are passionate about delivering a good experience.

Writing a good essay is one thing, but being someone that provides qualitative work to go with good service, that’s something worth looking out for. If you still belong to some High school or college and are pursuing a career education, but unfortunately you are not able to get time to sit and write your desired stuff, an online writing service is just the right choice for you to get your work done before the deadline. For that, you must keep in view the work of the essay service providers because quality work is just as important as the product being delivered on time.

While it’s simple to just look up a website and go about exploring it, getting in contact with the team behind the curtain to get your work done according to your demand is entirely a different experience. A good and quality essay writing service must provide an opportunity for the client to contact or communicate with their writer to avoid any possible confusions that are often experienced in certain companies due to miscommunication. Such services effectively save a lot of time and avoid confusion.

Placing an order to get an essay written isn’t as simple as saying “write my essay” to the person on the other end. You have to make sure they understand the technicalities, know your requirements, and can deliver what you truly want. You must provide all the information and attachments in the world, but if your request isn’t correctly communicated or accepted, the chance of getting a quality essay gets lower.

When it comes to online writing service providers, you can place 2 orders of different subjects with the same service and expect entirely different outcomes. This means that the quality of work entirely depends on whether or not the essay writer is equipped with the knowledge of your certain field of study and if they can cater to your writing needs successfully or not. If you get a successful result for a certain subject, it’s best to stick with that writing specialist and continue.

A lot of students are hesitant to place an order if the service seems expensive. But trust me, going for something that costs less at the risk of getting poor quality and service is not worth it. Most high schoolers and college students often prefer a essay writing service that charges a bit higher than others but delivers high-quality work. This is because getting a good essay and a great customer experience are both equally important.

In the end, it all comes down to personal experience and judgment. Usually, people do not think before contacting a writing service, but once someone is satisfied with their online public reviews, they get more comfortable and more than willing to pay whatever is due as long as the work delivered is qualitative and on time.

Cute, Fun, Family-friendly DVD based on the award-winning book and TV series.

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Cute, Fun, Family-friendly DVD based on the award-winning book and TV series.

Llama Llama springs to life in these heart-warming tales based on the award-winning book series by author and illustrator Anna Dewdney. Join Llama Llama, Nelly Gnu, Luna Giraffe, Euclid the Sheep and Gilroy Goat as they explore their friendly hometown and make childhood memories. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Cadence G. comments, “I like the Llama Llama Family Fun Collection DVD because every episode has a different main idea with an interesting story to tell. The animated characters each have their own thoughts about things and how to approach a situation.” Ruby A., follows with, “Llama Llama Family Fun Collection is a cute, fun, and family-friendly DVD that is based on an award-winning book and TV series. The storyline and adorable personalities of the characters combine to make the viewing experience enjoyable. The characters’ companionship is very sweet, and they care a lot about one another. They always have each other’s back.” Christine R. wraps it with, “Upbeat, positive messages about friendship and family make these great for family viewing.” See their full reviews below.

Llama Llama Family Fun Collection
By Cadence G., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 10

I like the Llama Llama Family Fun Collection DVD because every episode has a different main idea with an interesting story to tell. The animated characters each have their own thoughts about things and how to approach a situation. The only part I didn’t really like is that the characters sometimes talk too slow and you want to make them talk faster, but it probably makes it easier for little kids to understand.

The Llama Llama Family Collection has 15 episodes and is based on the book series written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney. The animated collection is about a llama and his friends who have awesome adventures together. Each episode has a moral to the story. For example, in one of the episodes, Luna (a giraffe, voiced by Vania Gill) is very scared to go on stage to perform a solo in front of an audience. Then Llama Llama and Nelly Gnu get a dance machine and it really helps Luna lose her fear of performing in front of an audience. Another story tells about Llama Llama, Euclid and Gilroy Goat having a sleepover, where they experience new and different things while at a friend’s house. I know when I go to a sleepover, I find myself trying a new food or doing any activity that I wouldn’t necessarily have done at my house.

I didn’t recognize the voices of any of the characters, although after looking at who does the voices, I recognize Jennifer Garner, who voices Mama Llama. I like Luna’s personality, but my favorite character is Euclid (Brendon Sunderland). He’s smart, but in a funny way. I like when the group of friends take swimming lessons with Mama Llama in Eleanor Elephant’s (Kathleen Barr) pool. Even though Llama Llama (Shayle Simons) isn’t a great swimmer, his friends are supportive. And it is cute seeing Llama Llama’s grandpa (David Hoole) learn to swim, too.

The message of the film is to be nice to others. It’s important to help your friends, rather than make fun of them or bring them down. When I see someone making fun of someone, I try to stand up for them. It is nice to watch a film where a group of friends support one another.
I rate this DVD 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 9. This DVD is available now, so go look for it!

Llama Llama Family Fun Collection
By Ruby A. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Llama Llama Family Fun Collection is a cute, fun, and family-friendly DVD that is based on an award-winning book and TV series. The storyline and adorable personalities of the characters combine to make the viewing experience enjoyable. The characters’ companionship is very sweet, and they care a lot about one another. They always have each other’s back.

The Llama Llama Family Fun Collection DVD is collection of episodes about a group of animal companions that go on a lot of adventures, meet new friends and solve problems along the way. In one episode, Llama Llama’s friend, Luna the Giraffe, struggles with bad stage fright. She has a dance recital the next day. Llama Llama and Nelly Gnu have to help her, or she won’t be able to perform without becoming nervous on stage. In another episode, Llama Llama and two of his friends, Gilroy Goat and Euclid Sheep, plan a sleepover together. What they don’t know is that strange things will happen just as they are about to go to sleep. But maybe the friends’ imaginations will wander too far…

Some of the lead characters are Mama Llama (Jennifer Garner) and Llama Llama (Shayle Simons). They are an adorable mother-son duo, and they love each other very much. What really stands out in this collection is the incredibly detailed and expressive animation. The vibrant colors and homey scenery go hand in hand to create a wholesome, fun show for children and their families to watch. It really is a great choice for teaching good lessons to young minds.

The message of the DVD Llama Llama Family Fun Collection is that you should always be willing to help your friends, and that problems can be solved through the effort of a team. It is definitely successful in communicating its message through the close-knit friend group, and how they stick together and help each other face their fears. The message is definitely positive and uplifting, and can teach young children that companionship is an important life skill to have. There really isn’t anything to worry about when children are watching this series. There is no bad language at all, and there isn’t any negative behavior that young children may attempt to imitate.

I give this series 4 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for ages 2 to 10. The Llama Llama Family Fun Collection DVD is available now

Llama Llama Family Fun Collection
By Christine R., KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer

The Llama Llama Family Fun Collection DVD features the animated friends from Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama book series in 15 stories, including holiday stories for Halloween, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The friends learn to use their unique talents with some creativity to overcome day to day problems by following grown up advice and helping each other. In “Stage Fright,” Luna Giraffe’s upcoming dance recital is giving her performance jitters, but Llama Llama and Nelly Gnu are there to offer support, calming breaths and remind her to just have fun. Nelly Gnu is jealous of the attention her baby brother receives in the story “Jealous Nelly.” Her new tree-house takes a backseat to babysitting and party planning for the baby. She misses her parents’ and friends’ attention, but soon realizes that being a big sister is the perfect role for her. The friends accept the challenge to do without their electronic gadgets when Grandma Llama and Mama Llama take them on an overnight campout in “Let’s Go Camping.” They use their five senses to appreciate the sights and sounds of nature. Upbeat, positive messages about friendship and family make these great for family viewing. Children ages 4 to 8 should enjoy these fun, engaging episodes. I give this 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Christine R., KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer.

Leveraging Technology To Improve Leadership Development

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Leveraging Technology To Improve Leadership Development

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In the current Corona virus crisis, this interview may be useful to those looking to use online platforms in place of in-person instruction. The following blog is a republish of an article appearing in Forbes written by Maureen Metcalf. It is a companion to the interview on Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future on titled Leveraging Online Kajabi Platform To Build Thriving Brands.


As a university adjunct faculty member, consultant and coach, I have been using the tagline of “Innovative Leadership” for many years. This sets the bar for how I commit to my work as well as the services I deliver. I recently started to explore how I could refresh my use of technology to teach leadership in conjunction with coaching and workshops. I am looking for options to accelerate the leader’s learning process and offer a broad range of tools for different learning styles. I want to share my experience of how I am leveraging this technology to support leaders in their development.

I researched the many robust online delivery options and selected a tool that was a solid fit for my work: Kajabi. I selected it because of the strong technology platform, strong start-up support, cost-effectiveness, integrated payment and affiliate tracking modules and the ability to communicate with participants by product.

With the support of the online platform, I am rethinking what is possible. Right now, I am using the online training for the following three applications initially and I will expand these as we use the platform.

  1. We recently launched a 10-month IT leadership development program. This program was designed to build skills in the IT community in order to build the talent pipeline for senior roles. It will be delivered through monthly in-person sessions in conjunction with our local CIO forum. The online platform allows us to deliver training that integrates structured exercises, case studies and audio interviews with local CIOs and executives. One of the key objectives of the in-person sessions is to learn content and build a network. We expect the online element to significantly accelerate the building of leadership skills for mid- to senior-level IT professionals.

The online platform allows us to track payment and engagement with the materials. As the facilitator, this lets me manage the finances easily and also identify who is highly engaged so we can offer additional resources to enrich their experience. It also tells me who is less engaged so I can reach out and troubleshoot.

  1. We often augment our leadership coaching programs with a series of exercises designed to help participants build self-awareness, knowledge and skills. Especially for emerging leaders, we deliver a hybrid of training and coaching to prepare them to step into larger roles. For this group, we created a standard curriculum with exercises, case studies, audio interviews and videos. I can monitor client progress through the platform, and in this case, they share their progress prior to coaching sessions and discuss how their learning can improve their leadership work.

The online platform offers the option to package the leadership development curriculum by leadership level. I can sell packaged offerings of coaching and online training. It also gives the option to support affiliates so the other coaches and consultants in our organization work from a single platform with consistent processes and offerings.

  1. We offer online development programs as standalone offerings for individuals and companies to provide effective (and cost-effective) training for their emerging and current leaders. These programs can be combined with other programs the companies are conducting. Because this program is comprehensive and participants work through it over time, it provides the opportunity to internalize the learning, not just attend and depart.

The online platform allows us to customize materials for specific groups and tweak other courses where appropriate to reinforce and build on the in-person development investments they are making.

Another element we will be building into the platform that we are very excited about is an assessment that will be used by those taking courses, and it is also offered as a standalone service. Because an online platform can support a range of services, we are able to create a clean and user-friendly purchasing experience.

I have struggled for years to present a simple path for clients. Our company website is highly complex and positions us as a thought leadership and executive advisory firm. While that works for some audiences, it is inappropriate for others. Using Kajabi as our online platform and linking it to our main site and our book website, we can tailor the user experience to the target audience in a manner that is cost-effective for us and easy for the user.

I talk about the most effective leaders acting like scientists. This endeavor is one of my experiments. I did my homework and selected this platform. We are implementing several modules and we will continue to test and refine our experiment as we go along. For other coaches and consultants looking to extend your offering, I encourage you to explore the broad range of options for technology to enable and even extend the strong impact you are already having on clients.


To become a more innovative leader, you can begin by taking our free leadership assessments and then enrolling in our online leadership development program.

Check out the companion interview and past episodes of Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future, via iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeartRADIO. Stay up-to-date on new shows airing by following the Innovative Leadership Institute LinkedIn.

About the Author

Maureen Metcalf, CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute, is a renowned executive advisor, coach, consultant, author and speaker.


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Unleashing the Feminine Energy to Shaping Our Tomorrows By Kas Henry

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Unleashing the Feminine Energy to Shaping Our Tomorrows By Kas Henry

Mother Earth.  Mother Nature. Mother Land. Mother Tongue.  All that nurtures and sustains our very existence as well as communication is referred to as ‘Mother” because as a human society, deep down at the core of our souls, we know that feminine power is undisputable.  Female power is necessary for shaping all that is around us.

  As a Hindu child, I was raised to believe that being a woman is powerful and comes with great responsibility.  Responsibility to nurture and support a family.  Be the energy and vitality that anchors both home and society.  For Hindus, God is part male and part female where the female aspect of God is called “Shakthi”, translated in English to mean Energy.  Therefore, the strength of a woman is expected.  The energy and strength of a woman brings each of us into this world. Without women, there is no life and most species will become extinct, including humans.  Given this undisputable fact, I continue to contemplate why women’s rights and women’s empowerment is something we have to take on as a cause?  Why is it looked upon differently than a Man’s given right?


I had the added advantage of being born and raised in Sri Lanka, a nation that gave to the world its very first female head of state from a modern democracy, Sirimavo Bandaranaake, in 1960.  Women were heads of households and women can be heads of states was my childhood reality.  However, as I grew older and travelled the world, I began to realize that was not the case everywhere.  I began to realize there were those who were into empowering everyone including women and then there were those who controlled everyone including women.  

That meant, I as a girl growing into a young woman, needed to learn how not to give over control of my very being and take charge of my journey in life.  A gift of life given to me by my God, who embodies the female energy, cannot be surrendered to insecure human beings who saw their path to success as controlling others.  Instead, I needed to seek the mentorship and support of enlightened human beings to help me fully reach my full potential.

Being an empowered woman means owning one’s journey and empowering others, both men and women, along life’s journey.  It is not about looking at anyone as the enemy but treating everyone as fellow travelers with a shared purpose of leaving this place, any place, better than we found it.  Empowered women ennoble others.  They bring out the noble qualities in everyone they touch.  Empowered women shape their path by continually transforming themselves and those around them.

Growing up in South Asia, it was engrained as part of our basic education that serving others in our free time is not optional or resume building but duty to society.  We were taught that our civic duty is what earned us rights in a democracy for self-determination.  This meant, I had the opportunity to engage in educating and empowering women as the pathway to empowering families and communities.

Basic literacy, finical literacy and other means of empowerment were activities I had the honor of participating in.  I must admit, those activities prepared me more for life than anything else because it gave me the opportunity to learn empathy, walk a mile in another person’s shoes and partner with them to strategize a better future.  I found my humanity and calling in that process.

With a young Dodderi Village girl during University Vacation where I spent the summer building a school and teching.  Dodderi village is located in the State of Karnataka, India.


The true wealth of a society is not measured in currency or material assets, but in how the women of that society are treated.  Be it education, healthcare, career choices, or life choices, when women are not free to make their own choices, the underlying society is not free and it is not truly capable of realizing its collective potential.  Should women get equal pay? Should women have the right to make their own choices with regards to their own bodies? Should women be punished when their bodies were violated? Should women’s reproductive health matter? Could women pursue any career they want without hazing or retribution? If these questions are asked in a society, it is an indication of that society not yet being free in the factual sense of the word.


Supporting women, empowering women and celebrating women is not solely dependent on the men in a society. Good and strong men already do this because they know that they need a strong woman by their side to face their own challenges. Alongside these good men, we women should stand shoulder-to-shoulder and pull each other up.  We can never forget that we hold our destinies in the palm of our own hands.  This week, my guest will be Traci Campbell, the Founder of BIBO, an organization focused on recognizing empowered women, celebrating their positive social impact and laying the foundation for a collaborative effort to magnify the goodness to make it contagious. Please join me on the show and call in with questions.  This is our world and it is our lives that we are transforming.  Let’s get engaged!

Are You Ready? The Information Economy IS Here! By Dr. Kas Henry

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Are You Ready? The Information Economy IS Here! By Dr. Kas Henry

Last week we explored the role of education in shaping the transformational journey needed to compete successfully as a knowledge worker in today’s information economy.  This week, we will delve into what it takes to plan ahead to succeed in careers given the information economy. As the global economy evolves, we need to continue our own evolution to remain relevant if we seek economic empowerment.  Therefore, to sustain ourselves, change is inevitable.  The ability to change and deal with that change is the underpinning of transformation. You may have noticed that this show deals with empowerment as a continued journey of transformation.  Nowhere is this more aptly captured than in the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.


  I can speak from personal experience that change is scary, especially change that grabs you and thrusts you into a totally unplanned and unexpected situation where there is no easy way out.  Such unexpected change showed-up in my life by way of a civil war shattering my expectation of home, family and all that is seen to be save and comforting….  Through no choice of mine, I became a refugee child in my own island nation, Sri Lanka, at the time I was in 8th grade.  I had to work through finishing up my O/Ls (10th Grade in the British system of Education) in my mother-tongue, Tamil, before leaving home, family and country to continue my education in India.


My whole world had changed, including the language I spoke.  I was in Bangalore, India, with no friends, family or anything familiar.  Just like the caterpillar, I had a task ahead…. A task of planning and executing my personal transformation so that when I emerged as a butterfly, at the end of that metamorphosis, I was ready to take flight.  So, I sat in my classes, took notes fanatically in my mother-tongue; using the dictionary and glossary of technical terms translated into English class notes. My daily learning was not limited to the subjects covered in class but the need to think, understand, write and communicate in English after doing all that in a different language up until then.  Was it scary? Certainly!  Did I have a choice? No!

I made strategic choices in my selection of specialization and elected to pursue a triple concentration in Computer Science, Math and Physics because they were subjects that used numbers and logic giving me freedom from language limitations.  This triple major also helped me plan my career options suited for the information economy from the very city that planned to become the seat of global technology, Bangalore. While in Bangalore, I developed the art of building lasting relationships, worked together with my peers for a successful shared journey and built a support system rooted in human kindness.  Bangalore is the city that helped me become the “butterfly” I am today.  To this day, I cherish my friends, extended family and countless caring human beings from various walks of life made my todays possible.

Change is not a threat but an opportunity to seek new possibilities.   Preparing for the information economy jobs in most parts of the world is not as traumatic as mine was but it can be challenging.

Just because the old era jobs no longer exist does not have to stop us from seeking new skills.  We are only limited by our own lack of imagination and tenacity.  Technology is disrupting every industry including Healthcare, Accounting, Finance, Retail, Business, Manufacturing, Communication and even human relationships.  Robotics and Bots are part of our lives and it is time we understood them.  Approaching technology as the enemy is not the prudent way to become empowered.  Embracing it and evolving to effectively utilize it is the pathway to success.




This week, we will engage in an exciting discussion with young professionals who have taken different routes to get to their current role as knowledge workers in the information economy.  Their diverse backgrounds and insights will help the listeners of “Unleash Your Inner Goldilocks: How to Get It Just Right” glean pointers in shaping their own transformational journey.  You will be surprised at the different ways one can pursue career success as long as the passion for pursuing success is alive.  Come join our conversation this Thursday and be a part of embracing the information economy for our shared success!

Want to Transform Your Future? Lay the Foundation of Knowledge Today By Kas Henry

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Want to Transform Your Future? Lay the Foundation of Knowledge Today By Kas Henry

I hail from a society that believes “knowledge is food for the soul”.  The knowledge which sustains and shapes the soul transcends a life-time and continues on with the soul beyond the lifespan of the body itself.  Knowledge with that kind of staying power is not merely transactional but deeply transformational.  Knowledge transforms all souls engage in the process of pursuing it, embracing it and applying it. Just as much a body needs nutrients to sustain wellbeing, the soul needs its learning to sustain its transformational journey.


Knowledge and learning can come from various sources. It is factual. Formal education is the process of learning how to seek knowledge and continue a journey of life long transformation. Somewhere along the way, some societies have switched from teaching the art of learning to teaching for the test.  Life is not about having answers because there are no answers.  Life is about choices and consequences that come with the choices made. Why then did we get off track and start teaching to tests?  Why have we created the false expectation that there are right and wrong answers for all things in life, work, government and societies?  President Randy J. Dunn of Southern Illinois University System will engage with me in a discussion on how we have arrived at a time and place where education and pursuit of knowledge have ceased to be about transformation and become merely transactional. We will also explore how to get back on track towards the intended purpose of education.


Most societies view students as raw material and work in progress, being transformed through the process of learning into knowledge workers suited for the information economy.  Such transformed workers are an asset to the society that invested in the learning and therefore benefit from the social investment.  Treating learners as customers and treating education as transactional exchange based on tuition and fees undermines the opportunity for transformation.


Today, the global economy faces the real challenge where, western societies like the US having paved the way for the Information Economy have failed to transform all its workers from the industrial age to the information age, resulting in a tumultuous civil society. At the same time, developing nations like India have jumped-passed the industrial age, by design, to invest in transforming its population into knowledge workers capable of competing effectively in the information economy.


Pitting prepared knowledge workers of one society against others who missed the opportunity of such a transformational journey does not solve the fundamental issues at hand.  It just escalates conflict.  Instead, how do we explore opportunities to take the industrial age workers through their own transformational journey to be prepared for the jobs of our modern economy is the problem required solving. How can we accomplish this knowledge reset to continue the enduring human journey is the educational public policy challenge of the day!


Please come join President Randy J. Dunn and I to be part of this conversation by tuning into the upcoming episode of “Unleash Your Inner Goldilocks: How to Get It Just Right” to be a part of the conversation.  Then join our shared pursuit of translating that conversation into tangible action.

More Here!

The Voice of Business in Education By Cheryl Esposito

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The Voice of Business in Education By Cheryl Esposito

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Beth Misner, Corporate Vice Chair of BNI, & Co-Founder BNI Foundation. BNI is a global network of business professionals to harness the power of relationship to grow their profits. Have you heard “Giver’s Gain”? Beth Misner lives this philosophy every day, & teaches business owners to harness the power of collaboration & “noble networking” to grow our youth into strong, productive & empowered citizens through the BNI Initiative, Business Voices. More than donating money, this is about T3 – Time, Talent or Treasure. This initiative gets business people to do what they do well: identify a problem & solve it. Meeting with the principal, they ask: What are the 5 biggest problems you have?  Next, the business “Givers” go to work to find solutions to the problems, utilizing their network. Stories of success are inspiring. Join Cheryl Esposito & Beth Misner to learn how Business Voices can serve the life of a child, so perhaps that child may grow up to serve the world.

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Transcendental Meditation Research and World Programs by Marie-Helene Tourenne

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Transcendental Meditation Research and World Programs by Marie-Helene Tourenne

keith wallace

Dr. Robert Keith Wallace is our guest on this episode of Blooming in the Light. He presents the scientific results of research done for decades on the uniqueness of the Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM) and the programs used around the world in schools, jails, military and more to reduce problems of stress, trauma, disease and behavior as well as increase well-being, creativity, rehabilitation and success. He also presents his publications including his last book coming out in August: Dharma Parenting: Understand Your Child’s Brilliant Brain for Greater Happiness, Health, Success, and Fulfillment.
Dharma Parenting offers a uniquely individual approach to raising a happy and successful child. Leading brain researchers Robert Keith Wallace and Frederick Travis combine knowledge from modern science, ancient Ayurveda, and their personal experience to show how to unfold the full potential of a child’s brain, as well as how to nurture his or her inherent brilliance.

A Transformational Approach to Teaching by Ariel & Shya Kane

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February 17, 2016: A Transformational Approach to Teaching

“I remember that before I met Ariel and Shya, I saw teaching as something hard and not fun. Little did I know that listening would make all the difference.” – Susan Finch, voice and speech coach, NYU’s Atlantic Theater Acting School and The Juilliard School

Whether you are a teacher, parent, student or simply would like to learn how to effectively share an idea, listen in and learn how to connect with others in such a way that you experience their brilliance – as well as your own.

Listen Live this Wednesday, February 17th at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Network.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 400 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here.

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Susan Finch – Susan Finch has been teaching Voice and Speech for over twenty-five years. She is an alumna of the Juilliard School, where she currently coaches in their Drama Division and is on the faculty of NYU’s The Atlantic Theater School and Actors Connection. She co-leads Speak Up with Ariel Kane, a fun series of classes where participants discover how to express themselves with clarity and confidence in any situation. An award-winning voice and speech coach and professional actress, Susan coaches theatrical productions, actors, and corporate clients which includes Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Susan’s work please visit susanefinch.com
Michael Hanko – New York City voice teacher Michael Hanko founded his program FreeBody FreeVoice in 2003 to help singers and others discover a new level of skill and wellness. His holistic approach, designed to allow students to experience a magical unleashing of their full potential, includes vocal instruction, Alexander Technique, and bodywork. Michael teaches private lessons in his studio in Chelsea and group classes at various venues. He also performs regularly, most recently in his original one-man show Platoon Lieder. For more information on Michael’s work please visit freebodyfreevoice.com

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