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How to Run a Profitable Business as a Creative Entrepreneur by Hemda Mizrahi

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How to Run a Profitable Business as a Creative Entrepreneur by Hemda Mizrahi

Rob Fortier

Business Coach Rob Fortier joined me on “Turn the Page” to describe what it takes for creative entrepreneurs to run a profitable business.

After his guest appearance on my show, Rob offered three additional strategies and related tactics for owners of new or growth ventures.

During the interview, we discussed that success starts with adopting a business-owner mindset. Part of that, as an entrepreneur, is asking yourself and considering: What am I willing to do or give up in order to get what I want and reach my goals?

Are you willing to be brave and step out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to think bigger than you ever have before? Are you willing to take risks even though you might fail?

Action steps to make bold choices:

* Make a list of five bold, positive choices you’re willing to make for your business.
* Identify which one of the five will have the most significant impact on your business.
* List five moves you will make to take action on that bold choice.
* Decide what you can stop doing or give up to create more opportunity for your business.

During the show, we discussed how important it is to define your target market. Who are the purchasers and consumers of your products or services?  Who do you want to be serving? Many creative entrepreneurs are tempted to say “everyone!” No matter what you do or how good you are, your work is not for everyone. The person who buys a $20 poster at the local discount store might not be the same person who’s willing to spend $1,000 for an original painting.

The last thing you want to do is waste your valuable time and money marketing to the wrong people. The more specific you can be, the better.

Questions to ask yourself when determining your target market:

* To whom do my products or services appeal?
* How old are my customers?
* What do my customers do for a living?
* Where do my customers shop?
* Where do my customers or clients hang out (online or in person)?
* How much are they willing to spend on products or services like mine?
* How often do they purchase my product or service?
* What is their yearly income?

During the interview, we talked about drawing a map that guides your business toward financial stability. This process involves learning to do what I call “Energizing Your Money.”  As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s vital to look at your attitude about money and what you’re saying about it. Many people have a love/hate relationship with money: they love it when you have it and hate it when they don’t!  Do you often say that you are poor and that you can’t afford this or that?

Strategies for Energizing Your Money:

* Replace “I can’t afford it!” with “That’s not something I’m choosing to invest my money in right now.” How does that change things for you?

* Take a look at what you’re spending your money on. Decide right now that you will stop perpetuating the scarcity mentality. Start living from a place of abundance and sending that positive message out into the world. Developing a positive attitude around money will affect the choices you make.

* Choose to INVEST in YOU and your success as a creative entrepreneur by honing in on what you need to run your business rather than just SPENDING money.

* Money is meant to flow in and out, back and forth.  Don’t clutch onto it for dear life.  When you spend it, wish it well and send it on its way. When you earn it, welcome it and give thanks.

* Don’t be intimidated by money. Ask for money you’re owed for work you completed.

Rob advises, “taking any action in your business is better than taking no action at all. Don’t wait for amazing opportunities to come to you. Go out and create them. If you want to create for your own enjoyment, you’ve got a hobby. If you want to create so that you can serve the needs of others, that’s a business!”

He suggests the following resources for further guidance: “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, and “Selling For Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky” and “Scary” Out of Sales,” by Hugh Little.

Ready to go even further to ensure your success as a creative entrepreneur? Read Rob’s free workbook, available at www.RobFortier.com, and purchase a recording of his talk at a business telesummit: http://www.unstoppableprofitsrockstarcreatives.com

Listen to my conversation with Rob.

Hemda Mizrahi


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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert and TEDx speaker, she coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and authors how to craft concise, compelling communications that connect. Whether you are creating a brand, pitching an idea, or making acquaintances, you have 60 seconds – max – to capture people’s favorable attention. (Sam says “goldfish have longer attention spans than most of us do!”) And…if you can’t get people’s favorable attention, you’ll never get their business. Practicing what she preaches, Sam has cracked the code – she is an award-winning keynote speaker who has presented to more than half a million people worldwide, and has authored 6 books. Got Your Attention? Join Cheryl Esposito & Sam Horn as she reveals her “secret sauce” to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone! Tune into Leading Conversations 5/1/15 @ 10am PT

Artificial intelligence with Dr. Steve Omohundro plus Body Shaming

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with Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio brought to the airwaves under the auspices ofBe the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity, LIVE, since 1998.

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Baidu, Foxconn, and others have recently made multi-billion dollar investments in artificial intelligence and robotics. Some of these investments are aimed at increasing productivity and enhancing coordination and cooperation. Others are aimed at creating strategic gains in competitive interactions. This is creating “arms races” in high-frequency trading, cyber warfare, drone warfare, stealth technology, surveillance systems, and missile warfare.
Cynthia Brian finds out what ASI is and how it will affect our world with scientist, author, entrepreneur, professor, and expert on artificial super intelligence, Dr. Steve Omohundro.

Steve omohundro-wall

Fat shaming has been a #hashtag topic of conversation with people posting negative comments on social media about people’s body. Now the new trend is skinny shaming. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany tackles way to stop the cyber-bullying and harmful judging.


Guest Bio:Steve Omohundro has been a scientist, professor, author, software architect, and entrepreneur doing research that explores the interface between mind and matter. He has degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Stanford and a Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. Berkeley. He was a computer science professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and cofounded the Center for Complex Systems Research. He published the book “Geometric Perturbation Theory in Physics”, designed the programming languages StarLisp and Sather, wrote the 3D graphics system for Mathematica, and built systems which learn to read lips, control robots, and induce grammars. He is president of both Possibility Research and Self-Aware Systems, a think tank working to ensure that intelligent technologies have a positive impact. His work on positive intelligent technologies was featured in James Barrat’s book “Our Final Invention” and has generated international interest. He serves on the advisory boards of the Cryptocurrency Research Group, the Institute for Blockchain Studies, and Pebble Cryptocurrency.

Steve omohondro-dolphin

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I Love Networking with Dr. Ivan Misner

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7th Wave
I Love Networking with Dr. Ivan Misner

Do you ever wish that you were more comfortable communicating in a group, especially regarding the things about which you are passionate? Join Ariel and Shya Kane as they welcome back special guest Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. The Kanes will discuss Ivan’s book, “I Love Networking: A Story About Finding Your Inner Networker” (The Mentor Code).

Listen Live this Wednesday, March 11th at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Network.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 400 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here.

You can also subscribe to BEING HERE on iTunes!

ABOUT Special Guest Dr. Ivan Misner:


Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. Dr. Misner is one of the world’s leading experts in business networking and referral marketing. He is a columnist for Entrepreneur.com and Fox Business News and has taught business management at several universities throughout the United States. In addition, he is the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute – a referral training company with trainers around the world.

Called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and one of the “Top Networking Experts to Watch” by Forbes, Dr. Misner is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on business networking and has been a keynote speaker for major corporations and associations throughout the world. He has been featured in the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times, as well as numerous TV and radio shows including CNN, the BBC and The Today Show on NBC.

Dr. Misner is on the Board of Trustees for the University of LaVerne. He is also the Co-Founder of the BNI Charitable Foundation and was recently named “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Red Cross. He and his wife, Elisabeth, are now “empty nesters” with three adult children. Oh, and in his spare time!!! he is also an amateur magician and a black belt in karate.

The Five Irrefutable Laws of Small Business Success

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The Five Irrefutable Laws of Small Business Success

Squeeze Inn, Misty

Join Chris and his guest Misty Young as they discuss what she describes as the “Five Irrefutable Laws of Small Business Success” and what it takes to be succeed as a small business owner in today’s challenging business climate. A proven entrepreneur, Misty not only talks the talk but skillfully walks the walk. As she recorded success after success, she designed and developed processes, systems and efficiencies to lead the company’s growth from a single location to four locations today with a fifth on the way and franchising around the corner. During her appearance on the show, she will share with the listeners the “how” of her success. Her discussions during the show will focus on Leadership, Operations, Financials, Products/Services and Marketing. Every business owner whether you own a restaurant or not should make the point of listening to this show.


After nearly two decades in politics, public relations and marketing, Misty Young risked everything to buy the Squeeze In, a little “hippie restaurant” nestled in the High Sierra in historic downtown Truckee, California. Throwing herself in with reckless abandon, working days, nights, weekends and holidays, Misty made it her mission to understand the business from top to bottom. She served guests, cooked omelet’s, washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, mopped floors, paid vendors, prepared payroll and tax returns. During her dramatic growth phase, Misty’s emphasis changed dramatically from focusing on processes — to focusing on people. She developed a comprehensive training program designed to assure every single guest was being served as if by an owner of the company. Misty’s best selling book, “From Rags to Restaurants: The Secret Recipe to Success” and has launched her personal brand, The Restaurant Lady, as a resource to independent restaurant owners.


The Step Up and Play Big Radio Show with Chris Ruisi will focus on sharing practical concepts and tools addressing leadership, business and entrepreneurship that you can use to become exceptional, raise your personal success bar, and Step Up and Play Big.

Far too many people accept “average” as their personal standard either out of fear, lack of effort, or as a result of a misconception that it is too hard to go beyond average. Our goal is to have you see the possibilities and recognize that exceeding average is not as hard as you may think. People give up far too early and allow themselves to become victims of their circumstances when they can actually be the master of them. We’ll show you how to create your own plan by answering your questions, showcasing expert guests and presenting some great tips. Step Up and Play Big with Chris Ruisi can be heard live every Wednesday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

Are You Planning to Leave a Legacy or a Mess? By Marcia Zidle

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Are You Planning to Leave a Legacy or a Mess? By Marcia Zidle

succession planning

As an entrepreneur or business leader you want to create a successful future for the company and the next generation of people who will lead the company.  Unfortunately according to David Franzetta, author of Changing Places: Making a Success of Succession Planning and my recent guest on The Business Edge, most fail to successfully navigate the succession and transition process that’s required to have a profitable future.

Given the importance of succession planning to continue the success of the business, it’s a bit surprising that according to the Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM), the number of U.S. organizations with a formal succession plan in place is less that 25%.

Why Do So Many Avoid It?

Again SHRM says, “the number one reason organizations are not developing formal succession planning is because more immediate projects are talking precedence – not surprising given that organizations are focusing their energies on dealing with an uncertain economic outlook.

However, there’s a lot more behind putting succession and transition planning on the back burner than concerns about the economy. Business leaders avoid planning for all of the reasons people avoid change. They opt for the apparent certainty of continuing day-to-day routine rather than planning for an admittedly unfamiliar and uncertain future – hoping things will work out for the best.

Hoping For the Best Is Not the Answer

The best solution to uncertainty is to take some small action and build on it. In other words, start in small doses. Here’s what one of my clients did: The leadership team spent one staff meeting a quarter to answer a key question about the company’s future. Here are some of the questions they focused on.

  1. How are we navigating the company to a promising future? Do we have a clear destination in sight or is it clouded with uncertainty?
  2.  What changes in the business environment can have impact on us – our industry – our region, etc.? Do we need to do a SWOT?
  3. What skills, knowledge and capabilities exist inside the company today and what will be needed for our future in 1, 3 or even five years?
  4. What is our culture today? As we grow or change, does it have to change? What values and

You can develop additional questions that are most relevant for your company. What you want is deep conversation about each question – not let’s get through this as fast as we can. Remember to record the key points and review them at the next meeting before moving on to the next question. The purpose is twofold. Create an awareness and priority for succession planning and keep it on the front, not the back burner.

 Smart Moves Tip

If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there. But the “there” could be “nowhere.” Don’t wait until you have more time, more money, more customers, more of whatever. Start now to focus on succession planning. Otherwise you’ll be leaving your future to chance and who knows where your company or organization will end up.

Marcia Zidle, the smart moves executive coach and speaker, is host of The Business Edge  on the Voice America Business Network. The show features the Smart Growth System providing small to medium sized businesses the proper foundation for expansion: a Growth Agenda that becomes their roadmap, a Growth Engine that attracts and engages the best talent and Growth Leaders that make it happen.  Marcia, the CEO of Leaders At All Levels, brings street smarts to help businesses get on the right track and not get sidetracked on their path to higher performance and profitability.

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