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Cry of the Seals

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Cry of the Seals

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“When ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” Anais Nin

Joven Hundal hosts a fascinating program that speaks to the elements of escape. He reads Malika Demings chapter from the new book, Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World where she writes about escaping from a turbulent childhood environment and her dreams of the future. J. Finn Wake joins Joven with her first novel, Cry of the Seals, which is all about communicating with our friends under the sea and how that would change our lives. For many, communicating with marine life would be a dream come true.

sea lions (1).jpgScientific research has recently been conducted on how dolphins speak to one another, and the idea of possibly communicating with these marine mammals is potentially transformative. In World Watch, Joven examines the plight of refugees as millions upon millions of people are displaced from their family homes. Be encouraged that escape is possible. Enjoy an escape  under the sea.  

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Bio: J Finn Wake

As a longtime freelance writer, J. Finn Wake has written hundreds of feature articles for regional magazines and newspapers, as well as essays in the Cup of Comfort series, writing under the name Jennifer Finn Wake. She has always been drawn to water.  As a child, she often pretended to be a mermaid in her neighbor’s swimming pool, swimming with legs glued together and wishing she could develop the ability to breathe underwater.  As a young woman, she swam with seals in the Sea of Cortez and snorkeled with sea turtles and schools of fish off the coast of Hawaii, always in constant wonder of the underwater world around her and the creatures that live there. She is currently the editor of a weekly newspaper and lives with her husband and two teenage sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This is her first novel. jfinnwake.com

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Listen at Voice America Kids Network: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/106738/the-gift-of-escape-and-cry-of-the-seals

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AeroMobil could be lifting off commercially in 2017, says CEO Juraj Vaculik

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AeroMobil could be lifting off commercially in 2017, says CEO Juraj Vaculik


AeroMobil could be lifting off commercially in 2017, says CEO Juraj Vaculik

by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa
It’s closer than you think.  By 2017 drivers may be pulling off the freeway, accelerating for 100 yards, lifting off, and flying above the traffic below.

Though the idea of a flying car has been around since 1903, when the first patent was filed, it wasn’t until two men who lived under communist-ruled Slovakia joined forces that it became a commercial reality.  According to Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil, “All of us were dreaming of a way to escape to the free world, to be able to travel without limits – without borders.”  He continued, ” … these things were, of course, prohibited by the government, so the possibility of becoming a private entrepreneur, and the possibility to travel free, was created by the ‘Velvet Revolution.'”

The 1989 “Velvet Revolution” was a peaceful protest that brought an end to 41 years of communist rule in Slovakia – an event which opened door for Vaculik and co-founder and chief designer, Stefan Klein, to pursue their vision of a flying car.  Their first prototype, AeroMobil 1.0, was born a year later, bringing 25 years of secretly tinkering in a garage to fruition.

The newest prototype, AeroMobil 3.0 lifted off in October 2014 at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. The two-seat “roadster” is under 20 feet in length, with wings that fold in for driving, and open and extend to a wingspan of approximately 27 feet for flight. To get airborne, the AeroMobil requires a space the size of an American football field.  Its top flight speed is 124 mph and it has a maximum range of 435 miles.

Though the AeroMobil engine uses regular gasoline — the kind sold at any gas station –- it can hardly be called fuel-efficient: 31 miles per gallon on the road and 4 gallons per hour in the air. Future versions are expected to do much better. A hybrid AeroMobil — electric on the ground, internal combustion in the air — is already in development. “It’s very important to us that it will be very environmentally friendly in every possible way,” Vaculik said.

According to Klein and Vaculik, the reason a flying car has been over a hundred years in the making is because the two modes of transportation operate on opposite principles: airplanes rely on “lift,” and automobiles require downward energy to perform. “It was difficult to combine different specifications and needs for the plane and the car,” Vaculik admitted. AeroMobil’s solution?  Rather than a compromised driving and flying experience, the vehicle switches “modes” between driving and flying. Likewise, the driver behind the controls of an AeroMobil must have both a driver’s license and a private pilot’s license.

Commercial units of the AeroMobil are targeted to hit the market in 2017, and are expected to be priced similar to a high-end luxury automobile or light planes. As production ramps up, future versions are expected to be more affordable.  “This technology will revolutionize future transportation,” concluded Vaculik.

To hear the full interview with AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik, visit rebeccacosta.com

Grounded Spirituality: What It Is and How We Achieve It!

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7th Wave
Grounded Spirituality: What It Is and How We Achieve It!

grounded spirituality

Join us for The InsideOut Forum Discussion Call at 6:00am Pacific time on Thursday mornings every week at 832-551-5100 x 173936, where we expand the conversation from the InsideOut radio show of that week. This week we look forward to continuing the discussion about grounded spirituality, what it is and how we can achieve it. It is a real call to awareness about how we use our spirituality to escape, at times, and what the consequences are. On the other hand, we can see how, if we use our spirituality to be grounded and to FACE reality, rather than escape it, we can become much more powerful agents of divine consciousness on earth. Join us! Bring your experiences and feelings to the community!

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