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Earthquakes and Earthquake Prediction

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Earthquakes and Earthquake Prediction

Earthquakes are powerful natural forces that have the ability to cause allot of devastation and early prediction is something still to be defined. Yet, it’s happening. We speak with Dr. Dimitar Ouzounov, an expert in pre-earthquake phenomena, Earth’s lithosphere-atmosphere coupling, and short term earthquake forecasting using space technologies. Dr. Ouzounov talks to us about a current AMADEUS initiative that is helping to determine earthquake probabilities and their potential impacts; something that will take years to accomplish but potentially save the lives of millions of people. Dr. Ouzounov will also discuss some of the challenges with these new technologies and what the future holds for Earthquake predictions.


Homeowners Insurance, Home Budget Upgrades, Having Enough

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Homeowners Insurance, Home Budget Upgrades, Having Enough

When you are looking for upbeat, life-changing, and mind stretching information, you have come to the right place. Host Cynthia Brian takes you on a journey of exploration that will encourage, inspire, and motivate you to make positive changes that offer life enhancing results. It’s party time on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. And YOU are invited! Join us LIVE 4-5pm Pt on Wednesdays or tune in to the archives at your leisure. Come play in StarStyle Country.

Do you understand your homeowner’s insurance policy? It’s time for a refresher course. It only takes one major plumbing leak, a fire, hurricane, or other disaster to bankrupt you if you don’t have adequate cover. Find out what you must know to protect your investment.

2015 water damage - 1.jpg

As a certified California interior designer for over two decades, Cynthia Brian, ASID, learned a few tricks to update a home on a budget. Discover ways you can make your residence look fresh, new, and current with a few DIY tricks that cost very little.

Jen's Portola Living room.jpg

When is “enough” enough? We set goals for ourselves, decide on a monetary mountain we must reach, then when we achieve these things we want more. Sometimes we have to take a breath and realize that “enough” is a great place to be.

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Prophecies to Help You Be Prepared and to Heal the Earth

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7th Wave
Prophecies to Help You Be Prepared and to Heal the Earth


This episode of Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit is a perfect example of how we can all find the silver lining in challenging situations. Psychic Dawon shares with us, among other things, some predictions about the natural disasters that seem to be increasing with more earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding being reported almost daily. Our purpose is not to cause fear, but to create awareness and to be realistic. From that perspective, we can be prepared but even more importantly, we can choose to help prevent some of the predictions or to lessen their impact. Hope and positive action is our silver lining, and Dawon tells you exactly what you can do. You need to listen to this on-demand show and share it widely.

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