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Nicole Cutts Head Shot-VA

Success Coach and Clinical Psychologist Nicole Cutts, Ph.D., joined me on “Turn the Page” to discuss the benefits of seeing your life as a hero or heroine’s quest, and how to clarify and achieve your vision of success.

Dr. Cutts is the author of “The Adventures of Isabelle Book I: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho,” a heroine’s quest adventure novel with a purpose.

Dr. Cutts states, “Have you thought about how much easier your life would be if you were a super hero? I know I have. Think of all the great super hero powers there are! Flight, invisibility, extraordinary strength, and one of my favorites, the ability to breath under water like Aquaman. Although it’s not realistic for humans to be super heros, we can all be heros or heroines if we choose to be. While being a heroine does not come with super powers, it does come with special abilities and great advantages.

Even if your life does not become a literary work, you are writing your own life story, so why not cast yourself as a heroine or hero of this story?”

She shares, “A VISION is an idea, state of being or concept that you have regarding what you “want” in your life, or what you want your life to be. This phenomenon has been referred to by other terms, such as dreams, callings or aspirations, to name a few.  Human beings experience feelings of want, longing or desire toward a vision.

I view the union of a vision and a person as a COSMIC MATCHMAKING process! My Vision Realization Continuum (VRC) model asserts that both you and the vision are involved in a process of pursuit, a mutual longing that ends in a committed relationship. The Vision’s desire is to be born while the human’s desire is experienced as a need to create or realize a higher aspiration, and to feel a sense of purpose and meaning. Humans believe that they know what will come out of the attainment of a Vision but there is much that comes out of this attainment that they aren’t even aware of or privy to.”

Read Dr. Cutt’s blog, “The Vision Quest Chronicles,” which includes tips to overcome the fear of success. Benefit from her success coaching tools and complete her “Write Your Own Heroine’s Quest” FREE ONLINE COURSE.

Participate in her Writer’s “Beach” Retreat by the Pool, through which published authors will share tips and feedback to help you improve and SELL your writing.

Identify where you are in the EIGHT STATES of Dr. Cutt’s VISION REALIZATION CONTINUUM, and learn how to address COMMON IMPEDIMENTS TO THE ACHIEVEMENT OF A VISION by listening to our conversation!


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Jaye Smith Head Shot

Jaye Smith, M.A., educator, author, consultant, coach, and Co-founding Partner of Reboot Partners, joined me on “Turn the Page” to provide guidance on how you can “Reboot Your Life at 60+” and plan for your next chapter. Listen to our conversation to find out about some the universal fears and struggles that people over 60 share around the world, and how you can look toward your future with greater confidence and ease.

Jaye spoke with me after the show to share exercises that have supported thousands of “Reboot Partner’s” readers and retreat participants in approaching their lives with a fresh perspective. Here are three to get you started:

“A number of us get stuck in doing things the same old way. That thinking and approach makes it hard to reinvent ourselves as we plan for a new chapter in our lives. In order to have a new experience, we need to find ways to OPEN UP OUR PERSPECTIVE.

When needing a breakthrough or a shift in perspective, we recommend trying out this exercise. We call it “Taking Little Risks.” What little risks can you take to begin to have new eyes about your day-day life and long-term view? Here are some ideas: identify FIVE new ways to travel to and from work, FIVE new kinds of food you have not tried, and FIVE activities you’ve always wanted to try. You get the idea. Try new things that draw you out of your comfort zone. This will help you to release old habits, see things differently, and exercise your brain!”

“We talked a lot about visioning and imagining your ideal future. Another way to uncover some of those dreams and goals from another angle is to consider what you would like to make sure you do, see or experience before you die, that reflect, in your way of thinking, a WELL LIVED LIFE.

Write down those things and think about them in terms of the next few decades. How will you plan to accomplish that BUCKET LIST? Looking back on your life on your 100th birthday, what would you have liked to have done and seen?”

“Think about the various stages of your life, your first pieces of furniture, your first job, your first home. Once you start the process of accumulating “stuff,” it can get worse as you move through other phases, such as having a family and inheriting belongings of aging or deceased family members. Before you know it, you are buried under more stuff!  The interesting phenomenon is that baby boomers, for the most part, want to get rid of stuff and live more simply. We call it “living light.”

What are ways that you can simplify your life? Who can help? Identify a plan, maybe with your partner or perhaps a more objective friend, and start to eliminate stuff. Many are benefiting from “living light” as both a cathartic and money making experience through yard and estate sales, on eBay, or some of the new apps that help you sell what you don’t need.

You will feel lighter and freer to do other things and not tied down unnecessarily.”

Jaye recommends “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston, as a practical resource.

The Reboot Partners website offers information about upcoming retreats and other resources.

Refer to The Retirement Boom: An All Inclusive Guide to Money, Life, and Health in Your Next Chapter (2015), and Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break (2011) for additional expert advice.

Listen to my conversation with Jaye to hear success stories that mirror what’s possible for you!

The Gift of Goals

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The Gift of Goals

Happy New Year 2010.gif

Every week, Express Yourself!™ will bring you a stimulating program based on a chapter from our award winning book Be the Star You Are!® for Teens.
Have a dream and follow it. Have a plan and stick to it. Have a goal and achieve it. Every January, people make resolutions to lose weight, earn more money, sleep more hours, travel to distant lands, and spend more time with loved ones.  By the beginning of April, most of those great intentions have been long forgotten.

Asya Gonzalez-stinking feet - 4Brigitte Jia - Version 2 (1)

Hosts Asya Gonzalez and Brigitte Jia show us how to create goals and make them achievable, whether it be in business, art, school, or relationships.

Maria Wong-EY

Book Smart reporter, Maria Wong discusses the book, Willow, whose main character has the goal of stopping self-harm. Make a goal to be there for your friends. A new sports reporter is introduced today, Katie Lyons with her segment Lion Roars. Katie discusses setting specific goals as an individual and as a team and gives easy ways to do just that. Remember, don’t have to break records.  Goals are best when they are challenging yet also achievable.

katie lyons 1
Katie Lyons Bio:
Katie Lyons is a freshman in high school in California.  She loves sports and coaching and is a competitive swimmer and water polo player as well as a swim coach for the Special Olympics.  If not in a pool, Katie can be found baking cookies or watching other sporting events – football, soccer, lacrosse, or any other game involving a ball. Katie is the sports reporter.

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How to Complete Your Goals

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How to Complete Your Goals


This show will begin with a guided centering exercise to help set a relaxed and receptive awareness. During this broadcast, we will discuss how often we set goals and find it difficult to attain them or take the action steps required to make progress. We will explore with my special guest, six time author and transformational speaker, Molly Nece how she manifested success through her personal journey and proven techniques with her ‘Art of One Word’ goal setting experience. She will discuss how to live out our one word goals through our thoughts, words, and actions. We will open the phone lines to your questions by calling, 1-888-346-9141. Tune into Gentle Power Radio 4/21/15 @ 12:00pm PT

Learn more about Molly Nece

Ambitions & Goals? No more… BY SIMRAN SINGH

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Ambitions & Goals? No more… BY SIMRAN SINGH



*image credit Mirka Mora

Life on the edge simply means you trust in the wings you have with which to fly. We all have them… We are angels after all. Life was never designed to be as hard as humans make it. We have forgotten how to rest… How to relax… How to organically flow. Live in the rhythms that organically occur. Consider living in a manner that sounds too good to be true… And you may discover it is the truth and all good. Relax into yourself… Your body…Your life.

The sacred valley lay within… It is the deep bowl of creativity that awaits your presence… And then it is sparked with new birth… New life. As this happens, something else shall die away… And it will be something that needs to go. The cycle of life is fluid and organic when we allow its rhythm.

In the moment you least expect it… Awakening happens. The unknown holds all your secrets… And the heart holds the Great Unknown. Let go of the mind and what you know… Find a deeper intelligence that rests in the heart. 

Never be afraid of the ‘unknown’ because the vastness of who you really are is there. Step beyond what you know and see there is greater the value in what you don’t know.
Just love… Fall into the heart… Rise in love. What you will soon discover is that much of your life may have been being in love with the idea of love than the object itself. But, when you see yourself as love… Then not only will you be ‘in’ love you will find many objects of love making their way to you as well. 
Open your heart. Let yourself have what you most desire by first opening your heart to it. What you do not realize is love does not require the other.. It really only requires you. If you delve deep and really feel, really imagine… You will discover your dream will experience deeper than your reality has… and it will draw to you that or greater. Try it and see.
In Love, Of Love, With Love… Simran 

Simran Singh, award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, has released a powerful new book, Conversations With The Universe, guiding how signs, symbols and synchronicity are the way the world speaks to us. Simran states, ‘You are not on a journey, YOU are the journey!’ Readers of Conversations With The Universe receive FREE support videos, meditations and audios at:
www.ConversationsWithTheUniverse.com – www.simran-singh.com

Your goal: clients, colleagues, and customers feeling great BY RICHARD LEVY

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Your goal: clients, colleagues, and customers feeling great BY RICHARD LEVY

goal setting

Sometimes we dwell too much on what we think we deserve but don’t have.

That energy, contrary to what many believe, repels customers, clients, colleagues, and mates. The result: less success, less wealth, and less happiness coming your way.

Let go of that attitude. Instead focus on these important people feeling great, being satisfied, receiving value, and having a better life. Keep your attention, thoughts, and feelings on a happier and fulfilled “them.” Trusting and faithfully believing the truth of these words will result in your own wealth and success!

Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day.

Prosperous thoughts,

Richard Levy    


Richard Levy is a radio host for the show â€œWealthy Thoughts.”  on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Network.  Levy is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and life coach. He is best known for his “Thoughts Make You Wealthy” philosophy, which focuses on identifying negative habits and replacing them with abundant thoughts and behaviors that cultivate personal and professional success. Levy’s philosophy is practiced by thousands of people across the country and has helped transform the lives of many.

Levy’s positive lifestyle led him to personal and professional success and now his pursuit to help others learn to think their way to abundant lives of success, wealth, health and love. He speaks at events all across the country and regularly holds wealth seminars. His first book, “Thoughts Make You Wealthy,” was published in 2012. Levy lives in Chicago, where he enjoys spending time with his wife Anne and their two dogs, Lucy and Ricky.

San Francisco: Wealthy Thoughts Seminar on July 20. Click here! 

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