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Cyber-Compromised Data Risk Management

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Cyber-Compromised Data Risk Management

Join me May 6/21 at 9am EST!

Ransomware! Cyber-Crime! Data Risk Management! These are the things that keep Senior Executives awake at night. Join me as I talk with internationally recognized cyber security expert, John Beattie. John will clarify Ransomware; what it is, how it impacts organizations, and how organizations can prepare – and respond to – cyber/Ransomware attacks. John will also clarify for us the difference between Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery, and how the two can actually work together. We’ll also clarify the differences between RPO and RTOs and how during Ransomware attacks, these are almost never met. I’ll be talking to John about the concept of MVDL, which is something many need to hear. A very important episode.


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Alligators In The Swamp: The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Email (And Elsewhere) And What To Do About ‘Em.

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Alligators In The Swamp: The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Email (And Elsewhere) And What To Do About ‘Em.

 One of the greatest threats facing businesses and organizations today is not robbery, not burglary, not workplace violence or random terrorism – it’s electronic theft or damage from hackers, malware and even unscrupulous competitors. Today, Brad Wohlander, CEO of Sentry Network Services, talk about some of the ways that these would-be evil-doers misrepresent, misstate and mislead, all designed to extract information – and hard-earned dollars – from anyone foolhardy enough, or gullible enough, to be hoodwinked. And we’ll address some ways in which you can protect yourself, and your organization, from these dangers.

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Marcia Zidle, the smart moves executive coach and speaker, is host of The Business Edge on the Voice America Business Network. The show features the Smart Growth System providing small to medium sized businesses the proper foundation for expansion: a Growth Agenda that becomes their roadmap, a Growth Engine that attracts and engages the best talent and Growth Leaders that make it happen. Marcia, the CEO of Leaders At All Levels, brings street smarts to help businesses get on the right track and not get sidetracked on their path to higher performance and profitability.


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