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Cella’s Chat: Encore of THIEVES OF EDEN : A Quantrum Thriller about Reality

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Cella’s Chat: Encore of THIEVES OF EDEN : A Quantrum Thriller about Reality

Thieves of EdenMeet Robert Simon Siegel, the author of THIEVES of EDEN, an exciting new graphic novel to “Save our Reality”!  Based on Robert’s fiction thriller book of the same name, secrets of ancient wisdom traditions are combined with cutting-edge science, humor and the eye-popping artwork of Chris Hopkins.  Robert also combines his unique trainings with lineage holders of several wisdom traditions plus decades of experience as a psychophysiologist, stress specialist and corporate wellness trainer to usher in “Energy Health”, a new understanding of health that connects mind, body and energy with a new breed of effective skills people can use to pro-actively produce optimal health and uplift their lives.  Every molecule, cell and object is comprised of energy that manifests as physical matter.  Join our conversation today with Robert to gain new insight into the power of energy health, the future of wellness and his fun adventure comic.

Tune in for a new episode of Cella’s Chat with Host Cella Zappia for “Encore of THIEVES OF EDEN : A Quantrum Thriller about Reality” on the Voiceamerica Health and Wellness Channel Thursday Feb.27th 1pm Pacific Time.

Cella’s Chat was created out of Cella Zappia’s personal healing experience. Each week, Cella will be your guide in teaching you how to find your own healer within. This healing is accomplished when we work to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Through interviews with experts in each of their different fields of holistic wellness and medicine, you will learn how to use your own mind to create a life of health and empowerment. Deeply passionate about the subject of depression, suicide awareness and prevention, she desires to take the stigma away from this disease and provide facts and information to allow you to know there is hope. Healing through inspiration and information, Cella’s Chat invites you to create a space in your life where all things are possible. Tune in every Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

Thriving Through Recovery from Life Threatening Illness

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Thriving Through Recovery from Life Threatening Illness

RadiantSurvivorCover 229

Show Description

You’ve finally reached the top in your career and you have a life changing event that means you have to start all over. You’re back at square one. You have to learn to speak, to walk, and to do all the normal things of daily living. What do you do? Erica Tucci was at the peak of her career in a Fortune 500 company when she had a stroke that left her completely paralyzed on the right side. As she began to recover she realized more clearly what is truly important in life and she began a new mission—to use her story as an inspiration for others facing life challenges. She wrote the book Radiant Survivor: How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and Other Life-Altering Experiences which launches on November 19. While she is still in her own recovery process, not just surviving but thriving, she is developing a trauma recovery coaching program to help others. This is a story no one should miss.


Guest Bio:

Erica Tucci started out to be a dancer but switched majors and received her a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston. She has authored two books, started a healing arts business, and was a manager in a Fortune 500 company. In the midst of this whirlwind of activity, she had a stroke that changed every aspect of her life. This story can be found in Erica’s new and third book, Radiant Survivor: How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and Other Life-Altering Experiences, launching on November 19th. Today Erica continues the work she was doing before her stroke, helping women find their “yin radiance” through their authentic voice and their own healing. And to help others going through their own life-altering experiences, she is developing a trauma recovery coaching program based on her Radiant Survivor book.

For more information:

Contact: Irene Conlan
Show Date:  Thursday, November 14, 2013
Show Time: 1 p.m. PST/PDT
Show Title: Thriving Through Recovery from Life Threatening Illness
Guest: Erica Tucci

Visit Erica Tucci’s Website

The Self Improvement Show was created because almost everyone wants to be better, do better, and achieve more, but we don’t always know how to do that. We aren’t looking for perfection. We are simply trying to improve in ways that allow us more happiness, contentment and success with some laughter  along the way. We address issues common to us all and suggest useful tools that will help you tap into your strengths and your wonderful uniqueness. We think most self improvement is an “inside job” so we talk a lot about how to “go within” to make lasting changes. We talk to people who have struggled and won and have great stories to tell as well as those who live ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. The show is laid back, informative and down to earth.  The welcome mat is always out and we invite you to join us. The Self Improvement Show is broadcast live every Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Listen Now!

New dry eye discovery! The need to protect eye lids by Sharon Kleyne

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New dry eye discovery! The need to protect eye lids by Sharon Kleyne

Herbal Tonic for your Eyes[1]

Keeping Eyelids Moist Can Help Prevent Dry Eye Complaints Says Researcher and Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, Sharon Kleyne

Several recent news articles have reported a new therapy for evaporative dry eye syndrome involving the tiny meibomian glands located n the eyelids. To water and health researcher and radio commentator Sharon Kleyne, the reported success of this new therapy underscores her long-held contention that dry eyelids are too frequently overlooked as a component of dry eye disease. 

Sharon Kleyne is Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, a water and health research and product development center. Natures Tears® EyeMist® is the company’s global signature product for dry eye and dry facial skin. As part of an ongoing commitment to educating the public about water and health, Kleyne hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes.

According to Kleyne, dry eye complaints are caused by a loss of water in the all-important “aqueous layer” of the basal tear film overlying the eye. The tear film is 98% water. Tear film water may be lost either to excessive evaporation or insufficient production by the tear glands. Excessive tear film evaporation, in turn, may result from dry air, polluted air and/or dysfunction of the oil-producing meibomian glands located in the eyelids. Meibomian glands produce lipids, or oils, which cover the “aqueous layer” and help slow evaporation.

The new therapy reportedly unblocks clogged meibomian gland ducts through a gentle heat treatment. The therapy has reportedly proved successful when meibomian gland dysfunction is a contributing factor in the dry eye condition.

Sharon Kleyne’s own research has discovered that dry eye is more environmentally based than most researchers realize. Dry air and air pollution significantly increase the rate of water evaporation from the tear film (certain common pollutants, such as soot and sulfur dioxide, have the ability to attract water). According to Kleyne, when water evaporates out of the tear film as a result of environmental conditions, it simultaneously evaporates out of the eyelid skin, causing the eyelids to become dry, inflamed and flaky. Inflammation of the eyelids is called ”blepharitis.”

Dry and inflamed eyelids almost certainly affect the meibomian glands within the eyelids, says Kleyne. She has long been concerned that most standard dry eye treatments do not rehydrate dry eyelids and that untreated dry eyelids can create a vicious circle in which the complaints continue to recur.

The best way to soothe and hydrate dry eyelids, according to Kleyne, is the application of a pure water mist followed by a gentle moisture sealing lotion.

Sharon Kleyne believes that each individual has the power to become proactive in maintaining their own health • Sharon and her guests offer simple, logical, do-it-yourself solutions from a non-political, common sense perspective • Weekly shows have featured experts in medicine, pharmacology, health and healing, therapeutic healing research, nutrition, occupational safety and wellness, global climate change and more. The weekly “Power of Water” segment features guests discussing the scientific, recreational and aesthetic aspects of water.

Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel and Wednesday 12 Noon Pacific on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2207/the-sharon-kleyne-hour

Seeing the Gift in Trauma Sacred Circle Workshop with Pat and Bryce

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Seeing the Gift in Trauma Sacred Circle Workshop with Pat and Bryce

pat and bryce1


All trauma brings gifts. Learn these gifts and how to use them.  Come and sit in a spiritual workshop hosted by Patricia Nelson and Bryce Korzenowski known for their show Illuminating You on Voiceamerica.

Check out the dates, times, cost and location

Wednesday, October 30     6pm – 9pm    Fee: $60

Fairview College

Come and learn the Sacred Circle through stories and experience. We will sit in a circle and see how spirit moves through each of us and how the collective responds in kind to spirits message. Through this we see how the Sacred Circle comes to life and can show us where we are who we are and what we are. We can see how to better our lives to be more fulfilling and happy. The circle has many perspectives and this one workshop will just be a”big toe in”.

For more information and to book a spot call 

Sue Qayutinnuaq

Executive Director

Northwest Peace Community Adult Learning Council

Box 3000, Fairview, AB  T0H 1L0

Phone: 780-835-6618


Illuminating You

Wednesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

Listen to the show:http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2232/illuminating-you 

By reaching out through talk radio we can help heal by using our skills of relaying messages needed for healing, by our fun and creative approach with you, each other, our guests and callers. The healing understanding and good feelings that you will have after listening to the show will change your life.

By having topics such as The Sacred Circle Teachings, The Psychic/Medium, True and Real Healing, Coming back from the Dead, and Living as a part of Nature we can cover many answers that so many today have questions to. We welcome calls and e-mails to answer on the show because we know that one person’s question is many people’s question. We will have guest speakers to tell their personal stories of triumph over trauma. Illuminating You is broadcast live every Wednesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel.

Cella’s Chat: Susan’s Journey – a Story of Hope Recovering from a Stroke With Marcella Zappia

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Health & Wellness
Cella’s Chat:  Susan’s Journey – a Story of Hope Recovering from a Stroke With Marcella Zappia



If you had told me that I would be part of anyone’s healing and recovery, especially a stroke survivor’s, after 28 years working in law, I would have scoffed at the idea.  I thought I was “stuck” in the reality of living an inauthentic life of doing something that left me without passion.  Wrong!  After taking the leap this past March, I have experienced more passion these past five months than I have in years. Recently, I was asked by Jayne Dabu, an acupuncturist with Lotus Acupuncture and Holistic Health Center in Virginia Beach (www.lotusacupunctureclinic.com), to help her work with Susan, a stroke patient who needed help regaining her mobility and speech.  Jayne was already working with Susan to help alleviate her pain and get the blood circulating in the affected area of her arm.  At the age of 64, Susan had suffered a stroke which left her partially paralyzed in her right arm and her speech impaired (which were her physical symptoms), but the bigger problem was the sense of hopelessness and fear that Susan experienced, as do many stroke patients.  Susan first was treated in the hospital and went through traditional physical therapy to no avail.  Losing hope quickly, she was connected to Jayne through a former co-worker who encouraged Susan to try the Eastern approach to healing and offered to even pay for the sessions. Angels come into our lives in all forms and Kristen was definitely Susan’s angel!  As Jayne works with cupping (an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin which mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing), Susan regains blood flow to the area of her right arm which is the most affected from the stroke.  After the cupping procedure, Jayne inserts acupuncture needles into Susan’s scalp and I proceed to work with her utilizing Ageless Grace techniques (as I am an Ageless Grace educator; www.agelessgrace.com).  These techniques consist of tools which help re-run the neural pathways of the brain as well as promote mobility and strength.  Susan and I are also working on her speech and her progression is nothing short of phenomenal.  Making healing fun, I throw on some great tunes by Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack and we go to work working through various therapy techniques which includes making “funny faces” at each other to strengthen the muscles in the face.  My greatest accomplishment comes, however, by allowing Susan to know that she is worthy, valued and loved explaining to her that our body always tell us what we need to know.  Before the stroke, Susan never stopped, always trying to accomplish everything and dealing with much stress in her life until her body said “enough” and slowed it down for her by causing a stroke.  It is a hard concept for us to understand, but there is always a mind/body connection and it is very important to read the signs the body is trying to get us to hear.  The most exciting news here is that Eastern medicine and the holistic approach works miracles where Western medicine falls short.  Using the techniques taught by Prof. Ming Qing Zhu, L.Ac., who has treated more stroke patients than any other acupuncturists in the world, Jayne Dabu is bringing hope to many people in the Hampton Roads area utilizing these principles.  Dr. Zhu’s technique (www.scalpacupuncture.org) has helped people all over the world recover from the debilitating effects of a stroke.  As I continue to work with Susan, I am amazed by her progress from not moving her arm to touching the top of her head and using her hand again to grasp objects such as an eating utensil, the greatest gift to me is the pure delight of observing Susan’s face light up with each accomplishment, her laughter at our silly antics designed to help her heal and her tears of joy.  Susan doesn’t quite grasp the profoundness that every disadvantage in our life becomes an advantage and through her story, she will help to inspire and heal many.  I am so blessed to be a part of this healing.  Know that there is ALWAYS hope in any situation and to try all avenues before giving up.  Sometimes Western medicine just doesn’t have what it takes to stimulate the healing process as Eastern medicine does. There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies. ~Friedrich Nietzche


About Marcella Zappia

Upcoming Host of “Cella’s Chat” on Voice America’s Health & Wellness channel
Writer, Nia Instructor, Ageless Grace Educator


Blog:  www.yeslifeisworthliving.blogspot.com
www.nianow.com; www.agelessgrace.com

Mobile:  757-650-5811

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