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The Better Human Experience PART 2 SLEEP

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Health & Wellness

Sleep and rest, something we all know so much about, right?

Welcome to PART 2 of “The better Human Experience”. Or as we like to call it, things we should have learned in school.

I have done countless hours of research on both sleep and rest. If I’m honest I started doing the research so I could have something to support my not wanting to do either of these things. For many years I saw sleep as something that got in the way of my productivity, rest was just something I laughed at.
I’m sure there are many of you out there nodding your heads right now. Don’t get too excited. What I found through my many years of research and my own physical, mental, emotional trials and tribulations.

Sleep is essential to Leading a healthy life. Rest at appropriate times is the best way to set yourself up to sleep better!
As a matter of fact, these two things may be the most important things you can do for yourself. In a world that is still largely about being reactive instead of proactive, we are still having to find these things out for ourselves. Research shows that one of the worst segments in North America for lack of sleep is the medical field itself!( conventional that is) p.s. sleeping pills do not count. They give you the illusion that you are sleeping well, they cannot give you the proper sleep cycles that your body so desperately needs.

Imagine my frustration when I could no longer argue the benefits of my destructive lifestyle.
On today’s so we are talking to Dr. Nicholas Jensen, naturopath doctor out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada.
Please listen in and get some tips on how to take care of yourself.

For those of you that have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep once you are there.
If you are worried about your memory.
Believe you never dream.
Feel like you could fall back asleep a few hours after you have just woken up?
Want to talk about your teenagers sleeping habits?…
Please contact us at know BS talk.
Sleep hygiene is a specialty for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons.

Many years later I am very protective of my sleep and the side benefits have been shocking to say the least. Issues I suffered from that I thought were just genetic or something I was just going to have to live with.
Please don’t let something as simple (yet difficult) as lack of sleep get in your way.
We are here to support you or find someone that can.

The Better Human Experience PART 1

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Health & Wellness

The Better Human Experience part one of the series. We are excited, and grateful, to have our special guest Wendi Michelle join us for some down to earth advice on nutrition.As well as a chance to really get to know her.

Wendi is a published author and has advised and served as a founding member to health centers across the U.S.. She has developed food products, supplements and the most diverse holistic health programs and coaching platforms for Executives, Athletes and Children.

This show is for those of you who have ever struggled with weight, whether putting it on or taking it off, as well as the confusion over the cornucopia of available diet options in this day and age. Spoiler Alert – often NO diet is one of the BEST diets.
This is also an area of expertise for me (Julie Turner). I LOVE to take things back to basics! Nutrition should not be that difficult.

Through many years of working with clients to improve their health something interesting emerged around nutrition. I noticed a very common theme. It seemed to me that their connection with food was emotional, very seldom was it about the proper nutrition for their body.
The better Human Experience series is all about what we believe to be “things we should have learned in school.”
The topic of nutrition will have to be split into many shows I’m sure as it is a big one!

One thing I would love to shed some light on Right Here and Now is that our minds should not control our nutrition. At least not in a reactive manner we need to be proactive and having a proper knowledge base in this area will be amazing!

Often throughout my course,I speak of being smarter than our mind. Left to its own devices it can be a little bit of an imp. Our mind will look for familiarity and past situations where we felt comfort. What does that look like when it comes to eating?

Picture this…
You’ve had a rough day at work/School. You get home and for some reason you are craving chocolate chip cookies. Do you think your body actually needs chocolate chip cookies? Let me answer for you…no!
The chocolate chip cookie craving comes from a memory. You don’t actually connect with the memory necessarily, but your subconscious mind does. It remembers a Time when a loved one, maybe grandma or Mom, made you chocolate chip cookies and listened to your stories and smiled and you simply felt good. So when you crave feeling that good Comfort feeling, our minds tell us it’s time for those cookies.
Of course our bodies will crave certain things that we get from certain foods. There can be a little bit of that but make no mistake if you have a hard time saying no to certain foods. It might be time to look at the emotional needs that you are silencing with this Behavior.
If you have any questions, concerns or cries of outrage around this or any other topics we discuss. Tune in and then reach out after the show!

Be Awesome, be you!
Julie Turner

Contact Julie For more info www.julieturner.ca

Considering aspects of Hypnosis

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Health & Wellness
Considering aspects of Hypnosis

Hi my name is Ines Simpson and I have a weekly podcast on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel called Hypnosis-Everywhere. You can listen here

A little post here for those of you wondering about this world of Hypnosis…

Wondering where to begin?

Where to start?
In my life I have always used Mentors, some good, some not so good, some I was aware I was using ( or modelling) some I never realized until later.

Sometimes it was deliberate and measured.

Jerry Kein was a tremendous Mentor to me. He didn’t call me up, or come to my house, but his work, his videos, his presentations at the NGH – at all of those of those venues and in all his teachings I could get access too – I was his student.

Now I find, I am in the position of mentoring others – and it’s wonderful and humbling. And I really, really enjoy helping Hypnotists, experienced and brand new to move through situations they are unsure of, and helping them with more exciting work with them on new ideas or processes that they want to try.

Sometimes its when you get a series of clients that you can’t seem to shift – and you need a different pair of eyes, or different track of experience to make all that work. Sometimes it’s for confidence in a certain technique, or insight into a new way of doing old things to achieve the results you are looking for. Whatever it is – it’s a collaboration on an aspect of your practice or coming practice that moves it forward.

And rather than be haphazard about this, or turn people away because I am running out of time – I have decided to make it a part of my Hypnosis practice – set aside time and schedule to work with those who want to work through things.

Mentoring as a practice. For the absolute Beginner – or Someone already with a little or more experience

FOR the Beginner:
 For the absolute Beginner – instead of a fixed formal course I am putting together an online  course you can follow at your pace – there will be all the details here when its done – in the meantime you can email me for more info now
FOR Someone already working or has a little experience:
I made a video explaining this a little more – you can see it here ;

And there’s a webpage with more details here

If you want to work through some things in your Hypnosis work, or , as I mentioned, you are just getting started and want some firm foundations, or expand your practice, clarify some methods or techniques – give me a call or email me and we can chat and see if there’s a way I can help that works for you (and me – of course – its always about me too!!)

If you just want to go through some things that will confirm you are on the right track.
If you want to get back on track!
Let’s see what we can do

Ines Simpson

What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??

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Health & Wellness
What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??
Does Hypnosis Work?? Can I be Hypnotized? Will it change me forever??
My name is Ines Simpson and I have the weekly podcast – Hypnosis-Everywhere on Voice America Health & Wellness Channel
Let’s chat about this Hypnosis thing
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring event, an essential occurring event in our lives – like breathing, or walking, or laughing – its a thing we do many times a day – every day. Hypnosis is the way the Mind works. Its call focused attention. It allows us to become immersed in a book, or a movie, or another person ( we call this Love). It allows us to focus on a sport (getting in the zone) – exceeding past the place we thought we never could.
That’s what we do – naturally – all the time.
Creating Hypnosis on purpose, however, allows us to create change – positive change in our lives.
I have this little FREE book you can download with the link below – have a look – its FREE – but valuable as it offers up a lot of information. And will continue this discussion about what Hypnosis is and isnt and how valuable it can be for you – when you take advantage of it.
If you have never taken a course or have. If you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have – but you’ve wondered what is it with this Hypnosis deal?  Feel free to check out this book.
Or you’ve had some experience and wondered what else there may be – go ahead check out this book.
If you wonder if there is any money in it – and what kind of career it may be – full or part-time – go ahead and download this book – feel free

Is Hypnosis really a thing?

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Health & Wellness
Is Hypnosis really a thing?

intro to hyp book2.png


If you have ever wondered what’s with this Hypnosis thing? Or perhaps you really wonder about this Conscious Mind- Subconscious Mind and all that stuff. Check out my Free  Book on Hypnosis.

Its a free download to introduce my Voice America Show on Wednesdays at 11.00am on the Health and Wellness Channel – starting January 3rd .

If you have never taken a Hypnosis course or have, if you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have, or seen a Stage Hypnotist and thought ‘really!!’ –  Feel free to check out this book.

Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli

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Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli


It’s spring.  Love is in the air. The birds are doing it. The bees are doing it. And we want you to be doing it up in NYC.

Join Alexandra Janelli, Ashley Kaylor & our special guest STYLIST as we help you jump into spring as the best and most empowered version of yourself. We want to help you solidify your inner goddess, style yourself to look and feel incredible, and land the man of your dreams this spring!

Our three diverse background of Hypnotist,  Stylist, and Matchmaker will help you gain the confidence, stylish look, and dating savvy techniques you want to find love this spring.

Grounding Exercises for Spiritual Journeying BY Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr.

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7th Wave
Grounding Exercises for Spiritual Journeying BY Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr.

grounding yourself

©2013 Joseph Mancini, Jr.  soulsrvr@erols.com

In Episode #5, Past-life Regression and Shamanic Journeying, of my radio show, “Explorations in Consciousness with Dr. Joe”, my guests, Dana & Shana Robinson, shamanic practitioners and teachers, discussed with me a unique workshop we did combining the modalities.  We mentioned a number of grounding exercises for any kind of spiritual journeying, but we did not have time to add more to the list.  So I am sharing a whole bunch more here.  May your journeys in Spirit be expansive and useful to this incarnation!


To be ungrounded to a degree is not a problem as long as you are in a safe place where you do not need to attend to your body and your surroundings.  This place may be, for instance, a chair, bed, couch, floor in a space that you will be undisturbed and protected.  You would use this kind of ungrounding to go on a spiritual journey, to focus on writing or playing music or other such activities.  But a substantive part of your consciousness should stay with your body consciousness so you can return easily to full groundedness.   Those who make proper use of the ungrounded condition know when they have chosen to be ungrounded to accomplish a specific purpose, and they have the means to return safely and at will to a grounded condition.

Being Ungrounded means (in varying degrees):

  1. You are not fully in your body; much of your consciousness is somewhere else.
  2. You are not in the now; you are either back in the past or far in the future.
  3. You are emotionally upset—sad, angry, frustrated, etc.—and not open to what else is going on around you that could calm the emotion.
  4. You are obsessed with thoughts (usually of the worrying kind) and feel compelled to do certain actions, often repeatedly (like over-eating or smoking)—once again, you thereby lose awareness of what is going on around you in the moment.
  5. You are doing something that you are not focused on.
  6. After a spiritual journey, you are feeling dizzy, confused, unbalanced, irritable, nervous, outside of yourself, unfocused, forgetful, overwhelmed, lacking organization, sleepless, chronically anxious, overly hungry and suddenly very tired.


To Ground:

1.  Get sufficiently grounded BEFORE you go into trance or shortly thereafter.

Do the grounding cord exercise described in #3 below.  Doing so is not to constrain you but rather to remind you that, while you remain incarnated, you cannot do your mission fully or make use of the fruits of your spiritual journeys unless you bring them back to the material world.  The grounding cord can “stretch” to allow you to go anywhere in the realm of Spirit and stay tethered to this Earth and this incarnation.

2.  Orient to your immediate physical context.

When you arise out of the altered state of consciousness, no matter where you are, do not attempt to get up and walk; simply and slowly look at every THING, seeing ALL of its details and even saying aloud the name of the thing.  Look behind you, as well as up and down.  You can also attune to what you hear, smell, touch, and even taste in your environment without moving very much at first.

3.  Go into Nature:

Hug a tree:

Open up all your senses in finding and embracing the tree.  Do a full-body hug by standing up next to it, wrapping your arms around it and letting all of your body touch the tree.  Or sit down in front of the tree, wrap your arms AND legs around it.  Bring home a piece of bark or branch that has broken off the trunk to remind you to ground.

Pay attention with all of your senses (you can do this anywhere, not just in Nature):

What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you feel (touch)?  What might you taste?  If one is available, work your hands into the dirt/loam in a garden. 

Sink roots into the earth:

Sit or stand and concentrate on your feet touching the earth—this works best when you are barefoot and are safe to be so.  Imagine roots emerging from the bottom of your feet and sinking into the earth until they meet and join the energies arising from the center of the earth.

Send a grounding cord into the earth:

This is similar to the previous exercise, but, instead of using roots growing from your feet, you use a white or golden cord or beam that at one end is attached to your crown chakra while the other end is sent down along the spine through all the other chakras, exiting out the first chakra, and then down to the center of the earth where it is anchored in the iron crystal that is the core.

4.  Stomp your feet/Exercise:

Stand up or sit down and either march vigorously in place or stamp your feet hard onto the floor/ground without hurting yourself.  You can also jump up and down in place for as long as you can without injury.  Or do some steady exercise so you can feel your muscles operating, but do not overdo it.

5.  Pat/gently slap your body:

Either you or a friend can rapidly pat your body all over (even your head if you do so with care) so you can feel your body more intensely as the blood is brought to the skin.

6.  Use your feet to push against something:

Find ways you can use your feet to push without hurting yourself, i.e, doing knee bends, pushing again a platform on a gym machine, getting up from a chair repeatedly (using mostly your legs), using a recumbent bike with a high resistance setting, etc.

7.  Drink lots of water: 

Doing so reminds the body of its connection to an earthly resource, to its essential component, to its origin in material life.

Among many other benefits, water “is essential to the functioning of every single cell and organ system in the human body” and thereby grounds us into our fleshly state.

“A decrease of as little as 2% in our body’s water supply can have harmful effects and cause symptoms of dehydration, such as daytime fatigue, excess thirst, fuzzy memory, difficulty focusing on tasks and simple math, lightheadedness, and nausea.”

8.  Eat certain foods:

Eating anything after a spiritual journey helps the body speed up its metabolic process, which is very grounding.

You can eat comfort food, including chocolate, but not too much!

Of course, always eat in moderation, but certainly enough to sustain yourself appropriately.  If you do not, you will get ungrounded.  Chronically overweight individuals and overly thin individuals are NOT very grounded.

Eating meat, especially red meat can help ground you.  But you can also eat

root and red vegetables like beets, potatoes, radishes, onions, turnips, peanuts, carrots, garlic, and cherries, red cabbage, red currants red peppers, red plums, red strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon and so on.

9.  Envision red, the color of the base chakra, and thus lower your   vibration:

Concentrate on all the red you may find in what is around you.  Imagine red coloring your feet and what they are standing on.

10.  Send excess energies out of you:


Write about EVERYTHING that you have experienced on your journey; let the paper contain and hold those energies for you, so you know you will not lose anything important about the experience if you shift your attention onto earthly activities.

Make/imagine a box or tool to hold the energies:

Direct the energies into a physical object like a box or a wand so that they are apart from you but available for your use.

Send the energies deep into the earth:

Direct the Earth Energies to dissolve them or hold them for future use.

11.  Take a shower while imagining (or simply intending) that the excessive spiritual energies float out of your energetic field

12.  Distract yourself from the spiritual journey

Do something mundane or analytical, like balancing a check book (but later check again what you have done).  Do not do anything that will ultimately hurt you if you are not fully attentive to the activity.

13.  Be with others:

Go outside of your inner world and connect with others who know nothing about your journey and talk about non-spiritual topics.

14.  Get rest by sitting or lying down for a period of time.

Feel yourself gradually and deeply sinking into a big, fluffy chair or bed, imagining either one as “holding” or “cradling” you in its embrace.

15.  Use certain yoga position:

Choose those positions that stimulate and let go of energies, especially in the root chakra.

16.  Use chakra balancing:

Focus on aligning all your chakras with each other.  You can do this in various ways.  One way is to see, sense, feel or imagine a golden bean of light fixed at one end to the crown chakra at the top of your head.  Send the other end, the moving end, down your spine through all the other chakras and out through the root chakra to the ground.  Feel energy moving up and down this beam of light.  This process reinforces the connection of the upper chakras with the lower chakras.

17.  Listen to and/or utter the sounds associated especially with the lower chakras:

Listen ot the sounds made by crystal bowls and metallic, Tibetan singing bowls that are attuned to the lower chakras, especially the root chakra called Muladhara.  Use also music that is tuned to the keynote of C, such as Brahm’s Symphony No. 1 in C Mnor; music with strong base sounds is excellent, such as Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.

The keynote of the Root Chakra is C; the keynote of the Sacral Chakra is D; the keynote of the Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra is E.

Utter the sounds associated with the lower chakras:

Root: Sanskrit Letter LAM (“A” is pronounced “AH”)                                  

Sacral: Sanskrit Letter VAM (“A” is pronounced “AH”)                                                                                                                                   

Navel: Sanskrit Letter RAM (“A” is pronounced “AH”) 

If you utter in sequence (one way and then the other) the sounds of all the chakras, you can align the chakras to each other and get grounded also in that way.  Here are the other chakra sounds:

Heart: Sanskrit Letter YAM (“A” is pronounced “AH”)                                                                                        

Throat : Sanskrit Letter HAM (“A” is pronounced “AH”)                                                                                          

Third Eye: Sanskrit Letter AUM (OM)                                                                         

Crown: Sanskrit Letter NG (as in “king”)               


Joe Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., CCHt., LBLt., PLt., CRT

Joe is host of the show “Explorations in Consciousness with Dr. Joe” and a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the International Hypnosis Association, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He is also a Life-Between-Lives Therapist certified by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, a Regression and Past-Life Practitioner certified by the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Specializing in Alchemical Hypnotherapy certified by the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis.

His hypnotherapeutic modalities include, among others, natal regression, couples’ regression, intact-group regression, counterpart selves, parallel lives, spiritual releasement, medical support hypnosis, hypnotic dreamwork, and cellular release. Joe is also certified in NLP and Reconnective Healing and trained in EFT and Matrix Energetics. A graduate of the Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts, he became, as well, an interfaith minister ordained by Universal Ministries, and a practitioner of Reiki II and Angel Alignment. Once an aspiring actor, Joe directed HypnoDrama, an improvisation modality he created to help people get out of stuck places.

Joe earned a Ph.D. in American Literature from Harvard University, a Masters in Organization Development from the American University and National Training Lab, an M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work from the University of MD. School of Social Work, and a B.A. in English and History from Providence College.

Email me at soulsrvr@erols.com


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