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The Gift of Survival By Cynthia Brian

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Every week, Express Yourself!™ will bring you a stimulating program based on a chapter from our award winning book Be the Star You Are!® for Teens.

“Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were.”

Asya Gonzalez, 2016JPGBrigitte Jia

Hosts Asya Gonzalez and Brigitte Jia welcome Health Rap Reporter, Alex Pawlakos and Book Smart Reporter, Maria Wong as well as special guest Dr. Kyra Mesich to talk about survival.

Alex Pawlakos

Alex focuses on the health benefits of happiness, meditation, humor, support of friends, walking in nature, and prayer as part of survival strategies. Patients that cope the best with illness are those who learn to take control of their lives and find the joys that still exist in their lives. After receiving her doctoral degree, Kyra Mesich, PsyD went on a quest to understand sensitivity from a truly holistic perspective leading her to study extensively in the field of integrative health. She is the author of The Strength of Sensitivity. She talks about surviving sensitivity to be empathetic through holistic, intuitive healing, and emphasizes the importance of listening to your inner voice.

Maria Wong-EY

Maria shares her favorite summer read, Lily King’s novel, Euphoria, which primarily focuses on the struggle to survive by three anthropologists in the 1930’s in Papua New Guinea.  The book is suited for adults and mature teenagers ranging from 14-18 as it covers gruesome topics including brute violence and cannibalism. The standard dictionary definition of survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. Maria believes that survival includes the ability to bounce back and learn something from your experiences. Trust your gut. Be a survivor.

Dr Kyra Mesich headshot

Guest Bio: Kyra Mesich, PsyD earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1995. A quest to understand sensitivity from a truly holistic perspective led her to study extensively in the field of integrative health and write The Strength of Sensitivity. Her holistic training includes flower essence therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, and meditation. Dr Kyra didn’t know she would end up dedicating her lifelong career to empowering sensitive people, but it has been more rewarding than anything else she could imagine doing. Visit her website at www.DrKyra.com.Dr Kyra Mesich, book

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Is This My Shirt…Really? By Ariel & Shya Kane

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7th Wave


Is This My Shirt…Really?
By Ariel Kane

In the summer of 2013, we were in Cambridge, England, leading a series of seminars when Shya unexpectedly had a dramatic episode that we later discovered was an extremely rare condition. Other people who went through this type of episode have generally viewed it as a deeply upsetting, fearful event. But fortunately for the two of us, being present and taking things moment-by moment had prepared us to deal with this circumstance with humor and ease. This is what happened from Ariel’s point of view:

Many of us dream about having the ability to live in the moment, to drop our story and discover the world anew. Shya and I had that experience. Well, Shya did, but that doesn’t mean he remembers it.

It started on a Wednesday in Cambridge, England. Shya and I were scheduled to lead a seminar about Instantaneous Transformation for a local group that evening and we had some “afternoon delight” followed by a nap. We thought we would feel refreshed, but it didn’t work out the way we had planned.

We were lounging in bed, enjoying a bit of post-coital languor, drowsy and sated and drifting toward sleep.

Lying on our left sides, I had placed Shya’s hand on my shoulder. Several weeks prior I’d had shoulder surgery and I was still feeling its effects. His hand was warm and soothing on the ache and our conversation would have been largely forgotten had things not taken a sharp turn.

“Ariel,” Shya said, “when you had your shoulder surgery, I know we spent the night in an apartment but I can’t remember where it was.”

“Neither can I,” I replied.

“How did we get that apartment?” he asked.

“Through the hospital.”

“What was your doctor’s name again?”

“Dr. Glashow,” I said. I was warm and cozy and the conversation was slow and easy.

“I don’t really know where I am right now,” Shya said.

This was not a particularly unusual statement. We travel so much we may go to sleep in three different locations or countries on three subsequent days. When we wake up, we have to remember the room, the surroundings and the city we’re in. It isn’t disconcerting. It’s more like emerging from a fog into the clarity of who we are in a particular time and space.

“Where are we?” Shya asked.

“In Cambridge,” I replied drowsily.


“Yes, Cambridge, England.”

“What are we doing here?”

“We’re doing a group here tonight.”

“We are? How did we get here?”

By now I was beginning to perk up a bit as I realized that Shya’s questions were somewhat odd yet sincere. “You know,” I said. “We flew in from Helsinki. You just spent a week in Russia.”

“Russia! Me? No. What was I doing in Russia?”

My eyes flew open and I quickly sat up. For an entire year Shya and I had planned a salmon fishing adventure in Russia, but in the months preceding the trip, our plans had radically changed. I had developed a condition called “frozen shoulder,” an extremely painful affliction, and I was advised by Dr. Glashow that I would still be in no shape to go, so our friend, Peter, took my place. Shya and Peter had gone together and Shya had tied fishing flies for months prior to the trip. From the questions Shya was asking, I knew something was seriously amiss.

“You went to Russia to go salmon fishing,” I said staring at him.

“No. Really?”

“Yes, you went with Peter, remember?”

Shya’s mouth dropped open and the look on his face was incredulous. “Peter?!” he blurted out. “Peter? We went to Russia with Peter?”

“No, I couldn’t go because I had shoulder surgery,” I reminded him.

It was clear that something was desperately wrong. “Hang on, Shya,” I said. “You might be having a stroke. I’m going to get you a baby aspirin.”

I jumped up and began rooting around on the desk until I found the little snack bag filled with Shya’s vitamins that contained a baby aspirin. I’d heard that if someone was having an episode, taking a baby aspirin would act as a blood thinner and could make the difference between life and death. In the moment, I couldn’t remember if this applied only to heart attacks or also to strokes but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I handed him a glass of water and put the aspirin on his tongue. “Here, drink this,” I said as I picked up the phone and dialed “0.”

“Front Desk, this is Vanessa.”

“Do you have a doctor here?”

“No but we can get one. Do you need an ambulance?”

That question caught me off guard. “I don’t know,” I said. “My husband is extremely disoriented.”

“I can get you an ambulance if you need one,” she exclaimed. I heard a resounding click and looked at the phone in my hand. “She hung up on me!” I said.

Assuming she was calling the doctor or ordering an ambulance, I started getting us ready.

“I’m confused,” Shya said. “Now, where am I?”

“You’re in Cambridge, honey.”

He paused and said, “I’m confused. What just happened?”

“We’re in Cambridge to lead a group…”


“Yes. We had sex.”

“We did?”

“Yes, and suddenly you got disoriented.”

The phone rang. The ambulance was on its way.

“Let’s get you dressed,” I said, pulling on my own clothes. “I’m getting your underwear.”

“I have underwear?”

“Yes, how about jeans?” I asked as I pulled a pair off a hanger.

“Jeans would be fine.”

Shya had slipped into his underwear and I pointed to the shirt he’d been wearing earlier. “Put on your shirt, sweetheart.”

Shya lifted the slate-grey long-sleeved t-shirt. It was a brand he had researched prior to the Russian trip, made of lightweight wool that would keep a person warm in winter and cool in summer. He’d been wearing it almost like a uniform, but now, he held the t-shirt in two hands as if he’d never seen it before. His face took on a look of wonder.

“Is this my shirt…Really?”

“Yes, Shya. Put it on,” I said evenly.

Shya pulled on his shirt and I got him his socks and shoes and I got my own.

“I’m confused. Now where are we?” he asked.

“We’re in Cambridge,” I said.

“We are?”

“Yes. We had sex and then you became confused. The ambulance is on its way. You just came back from Russia where you were fishing for salmon.”

I kept up a steady stream of conversation as I grabbed my phone to call our friend Menna to alert her that we would not be able to make the event we were scheduled to lead in just a few hours. Suddenly I felt as if I were operating like Menna and her husband Artur. Earlier in the day, they were being loving and respectful to their toddler Oscar, even though he wasn’t talking a lot just yet. I couldn’t imagine them getting irritated with him when he grew into the repetitive-question phase so I patiently answered each of Shya’s questions as if they were new and had never been asked before.

Menna assured me she would take care of things, not to worry (bless her), and she promised to bicycle over to the hospital to meet us.

“I’m confused,” Shya said, standing in the middle of the room. “I see fly rods in the corner. That must mean something.”

“Yes, you went fly fishing in Russia.”

“Russia? Really? We did?”

“Yes. You and Peter went fishing in Russia.”

“Peter? We went fishing with Peter!?”

We went through the series of questions and answers once again and for a moment I got tight. My tone of voice changed and it immediately translated itself to Shya who suddenly became slightly agitated. I became aware of my change in attitude and let it go without being hard on myself for having gotten disturbed in the first place. Oh, well, I thought with a slight smile, he won’t remember it in a moment anyway.

Shya paused and then he said again, “I’m confused. Now what happened?”

“It’s alright honey. We had sex and…”

“Was it good sex?” He asked innocently.

Innocently is the only way to describe it. It wasn’t an embarrassing subject. Of course it shouldn’t be after more than three decades together. It was a simple question, sincerely posed by a sweet, sweet man who was my husband and yet…

“Yes, it was very good sex,” I said, laying my hand on his cheek. It was odd that Shya was so himself and yet not. It was as if his life had been distilled to this moment. While he clearly had no history, not even immediate history, he still retained his fundamental self, his innocence, his wonder, his love, his heart…
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Claire Bidwell Smith returns to Good Grief

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Health & Wellness

AT Headshot2015

I was deeply moved when Claire Bidwell Smith joined me soon after I began hosting Good Grief. Our subject was her first book, Rules of Inheritance, which told the story of the loss, early in her life, of both her parents a few years apart. She captured what it is to be thrown off the course of a launch into adult life and to enter the world of illness and death. She reflected the deep experience of coming to terms with loss and finding your way to your best self.

Claire returns to Good Grief to talk about her newest release, After This: When Life is Over Where do We Go? Continuing the search for answers to life’s deepest questions, Claire studied the ways people around the world and from different traditions think about what happens after we die while also sharing her own personal road to finding peace with the greatest mystery.

I am looking forward to spending another incredible hour with her on Good Grief.

Stress Less, Great Gratitude, Curbing Domestic Violence

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View More: http://leahmariephotography.pass.us/heatherandbrian

Stress and disease are linked. Chronic stress actually causes illnesses. Learn the risks you take when you don’t get stress under control in Health Matters with Heather Brittany. Want to be truly healthy? Try being more grateful. Cynthia Brian looks at the benefits of showing gratitude from improving relationships to boosting energy levels.

Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. According to the Bureau of Justice statistics from the year 2003 to 2012 domestic violence accounted for 21% of all violent crime with 960,000 cases reported. Stalking is a behavior of harassment that is very dangerous How can we stop this tragedy? Tune in to ways we can all curb the threats with lifestyle coach, Cynthia Brian, www.Star-Style.com. If you feel scared or threatened, please call for help at the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-32


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Daren Hogge, CEO of Q Sciences Inc. On the Science of Happiness with Leslie Carol Botha

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Daren Hogge, CEO of Q Sciences Inc. On the Science of Happiness with Leslie Carol Botha

Holy Hormones HoneyDaren Hogge! Tune in for Leslie Botha’s latest Episode  “Daren Hogge, CEO of Q Sciences Inc. On the Science of Happiness” airing April 24th 9am Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

“I’ve come to believe that virtually all illness, if not psychosomatic in foundation, has a definite psychosomatic component.   The ‘molecules of emotion’ run every system in our body, creating a ‘bodymind’s intelligence’ that is wise enough to seek wellness.”  – Candace Pert, Ph.D., Molecules of Emotion

Seeking wellness is the basis of the Science of Happiness. Daren Hogge, founder of Q Sciences believes that Q Sciences is raising the bar for the science standard of nutrition.  Two years ago, Hogge approached Anthony Stephan, founder of Truehope Nutritional Support asking to use his well-researched EMPowerplus as the foundation for an innovative network marketing company.  In the past year and a half Q Sciences has exceeded all expectations for growth and market reach, touching thousands of lives with evidence-based products that support the ‘bodymind’s intelligence’ in its quest for wellness.


Guest Bio: Daren Hogge

In his 26 years in the network marketing industry, Daren Hogge has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality. He began his career as a CPA for Arthur Andersen LLP, where he served as a financial consultant to one of the founding companies in the network marketing industry. The head of the company invited Daren to join the executive team as its Director of International Finance. Daren later went on to become President, during which time the company opened new international markets and more than tripled its distributor force.

In Daren’s subsequent executive roles for three additional network marketing companies, he oversaw record sales and international growth. As current President of the Direct Sales Management Association of Utah, Daren is one of the most respected executives in the industry. He came out of retirement to join Q Sciences because he truly believes the company’s products and opportunity must be shared with the world.


About Leslie Carol Botha

Leslie Carol Botha is host of Holy Hormones Honey! on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.  Botha is also a Women’s Health Educator and Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormones and Behaviors. She is the co-author of the highly acclaimed Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle, the first in a menstrual health education series that provides women with the education they never received about how their hormone cycle affects not only their minds, and moods, but their personal and professional relationships and their overall health and happiness.

Botha is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, and an advisory board member for the Cycles Research Institute. In 2006, Botha received the Edward R. Dewey Award for her pioneering research on how women’s hormonal fluctuations affect their behaviors. The award was bequeathed by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Her research is also featured in The World According to Cycles- How Recurring Forces Can Predict the Future and Change Your Life by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr., published by Skyhorse Publishing, New York City. Schreiner has noted that Botha is “one of the most prominent twenty-first century natural cycle thinkers.”

Botha has been a radio broadcast journalist for over 30 years. Her message is loud and clear: it is time for women to reclaim their health, and her passion and drive is to provide information to assist women in making informed choices about their health and well-being.


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