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Is Bus. Continuity Really Becoming More Strategic? (w/ Luke Bird)

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Is Bus. Continuity Really Becoming More Strategic? (w/ Luke Bird)

Join me June 16, 2022 at 1pm EST! (Business Channel)

Business Continuity – is it strategic? That’s the question award-winning and globally recognized BCM industry professional, Luke Bird, asks in the recently published article “Is Business Continuity Really Becoming More Strategic”? Luke talks about the difference between strategic thinkers, and the traditional approach of being a ‘doer’.

In this episode we talk about:

a) Is Business Continuity becoming more strategic?

b) The difference between strategic and tactical thinking/acting

c) Strategic skills

d) A BCM voice at the boardroom table (Getting a voice heard, and how it usually ends up unfolding)

e) Aligning activities to Leadership (Mission, Vision, Values)

f) The BCI Global Report – The Future of Business Continuity (the report that started Luke’s Strategic’ line of thinking), and

g) What BCM professionals can do to start thinking strategically.

In the final segment, we touch on a subject important to Luke – Mental Health and Wellbeing. Luke inspires us to help bring this topic front and centre in the BCM/Resilience industry, as more and more professionals succumb to burnout and mental health challenges. He asks the question: ‘What do you do when the BCM/DR/Resilience professional can’t go on?”

It’s an enjoyable discussion with a great colleague. Enjoy!

Luke Bird Contact Information: resiliencerewire@gmail.com


Business Continuity: Is Our Profession at a Crossroads?

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Business Continuity: Is Our Profession at a Crossroads?

Join me Feb 11/21, 9am EST for this interesting chat.

The Fall 2020 edition of the Disaster Recovery Journal magazine contained what became a controversial article on Business Continuity Management (BCM) entitled “Is Our Profession at a Crossroads?” I talk with the author of the article, well-known industry expert James Green. James will talk to us about why he wrote the article and the thinking behind it. We’ll also touch on some of the negative responses resulting from the article’s publication.



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