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Real Challenges and People Share Their Collaborations By David B. Savage

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Real Challenges and People Share Their Collaborations By David B. Savage

2017 Break Through To Yes with Collaboration, David B. Savage Show Episodes;
# First Broadcast Theme Featured Guests
1 January 26th Collaboration and Leadership Bob Acton & David Mitchell
2 February 2nd Collaboration and Sports Tristen Chernove & Martin Parnell
3 February 9th Collaboration and Organizational Culture Mike Thompson &
Stephen Hobbs
4 February 16th Collaboration, Company Dispute Resolution, and Mindfulness Julie Murray
5 February 23rd Collaboration and Critical Thinking in This Age of Lies Doreen Liberto & Chuck Rose
6 March 2nd Collaboration, Europe, and Rotary International Elisabeth Delaygue Bevan & Florian Wackermann
7 March 9th Collaboration and Human Sexual Trafficking Cliff Wiebe & Lance Kadatz
8 March 16th Collaboration, Human Resources and Global Networks   Amy Schabacker Dufrane & Japman Bajaj
9 March 23rd Collaboration, Secret Marathons and Going the Extra Mile Martin Parnell, Kate McKenzie, & Shawn Anderson
10 March 30th Collaboration, Leadership and Disruptive Technologies Alice Reimer & Jim Gibson
11 April 6th Collaboration, Negotiation, and Mediation Jeff Cohen
12 April 13th Collaborative Global Initiative Tool Kit;  a panel on solutions to current challenges Doreen Liberto, Kathy Porter & Jeff Cohen
13 April 20th Global Audience Live Call In  
discussions on collaboration, negotiation, dispute resolution, and systems design. You are the guest

Teaching Peace

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Dr. Lyly Rojas, a university professor, international humanitarian, and co-founder of the European Institute of Collaborative Law. She specializes in the teaching the culture of Peace (inner and outer), Corporate Social Responsibility, and Multicultural Intelligence.

Lyly was born in Nicaragua, a country of conflict with a long history of turmoil, and ultimately her family had to flee because of their political beliefs. “I was born into a political family and we were ‘living’ international issues. I was born into a family where people were always making choices about staying and leaving and asking the questions: Where is home? Is it time to go or stay?”

She has worked with and consulted to the United Nations; as an advisor to the Vatican in the trafficking of human beings; in war zones training diplomats, human rights workers, the military, and tortured women and children. The unifying theme for her work: compassion and dignity for self and others. Lyly says that we cannot begin to help others heal if we cannot heal ourselves. “How can you teach peace if you are not peaceful within yourself?”

She helps individuals, families, groups, corporations, and entire nations to connect with their inherent peace making capacities, teaching conflict resolution, non-violent communication, corporate social responsibility, and multicultural consultancy skills. Her current book project is titled: From Inner Peace to Outer Peace and All the Pieces In Between.

Join Cheryl Esposito and Dr. Lyly Rojas to explore inner peace as the key to world peace.

Tune into Leading Conversations on the VoiceAmerica Business Network 3/27/15 at 10am PST

Banker to Solopreneur – Insights, Intelligence & Inspiration from My “Road Less Traveled…” By Marcia Zidle

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Banker to Solopreneur – Insights, Intelligence & Inspiration from My “Road Less Traveled…” By Marcia Zidle


Dennis  Pitocco takes us through the highlights and low points along his “solopreneurial” journey, from “banker to publisher” and beyond. Along the way, he’ll share candid insights into pivotal decisions, lessons learned and wisdom gained. Whether you’re a “millennial” thinking about launching a new venture from scratch or a corporate professional seeking insights into how to climb (or perhaps “leap”) the corporate ladder, you’ll capture the fundamentals here. Don’t expect cliché’s, jargon “corporate speak” or vague concepts, but rather a dose of “reality” for those looking for a mix of invaluable candor, “can-do” and inspiration.

Guest Bio:

AS A GLOBAL consumer banking industry veteran, Dennis sPitocco serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ConQuest Partners International – a privately held management-consulting firm. ConQuest maintains a leading-edge practice centered IMG_3476-150x150on all aspects of strategic planning, organizational development and exceptional service delivery. He has also served on the Board of Directors of a number of public and private companies in the US, Canada and Europe. Alongside his business activities, Dennis devotes a considerable amount of time to Non-Profits, currently serving as President of Meals on Wheels of Tampa Bay and Board Trustee of Novadebt (New Jersey), and is an active Member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team.

In recent years, Dennis has methodically developed a formidable business advisory channel within the ConQuest global consulting practice – now entirely centered on the tactical leveraging of existing and emerging social media platforms. Along the way, he’s created and launched a series of professional networking Groups across Ushi (China) and Linkedin globally – now spanning all key sectors of the business marketplace. Dennis ultimately parlayed the success of these initiatives into the independent launch of , over which he now presides both as Publisher and Executive Editor while serving as a contributing Member of the “BizProphets” thought leadership Panel.

The Business Edge with Marcia Zidle, your Smart Moves Coach, delivers practical advice to help business leaders take the growing pains out of growth. Are you facing overwhelming demands on your time? Are costly mistakes eating into your profits? Are you facing increased expectations from customers and clients and the need to strike a better balance in your life? Now’s the time to stop spending your energy managing problems and start doing your real work: growing your business to the next level and beyond. Learn to create a growth agenda to get your business on the right track and keep it there. Rev up your growth engine with exceptional talent. Develop the right kind of leadership to move it forward fast. Start by tuning in to The Business Edge, airing live every Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

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Yes, You Are Creative By Paula Joyce

creativeThere is a creative intelligence within you that has been imprisoned since childhood, sentenced to a maximum security prison for the crime of self-expression. It’s desperate to break out from behind the four electronic doors that keep it hidden from you and the world.

The lock down began in your family when you first heard messages like: color within the lines; grass isn’t orange; people don’t have blue faces. Then there was the hysteria that ensued when you thought the living room wall would make a great canvas. Or maybe your sibling or parent was the real artist. You were supposed to hide your talent so they could shine.

The second door was locked by your teachers. In the process of helping you become a real artist, they taught you that you were no good. There was a right way to do it, and if you couldn’t or wouldn’t do it that way, you were no good. The so-called “best” pictures were put on display and held up as examples for everyone to honor. The rest of the students were the “have not’s.” They were made to feel bad about their work through benign neglect or direct criticism.

Our society shut the third door. It tells us what good art, music, writing, acting, or dancing is. There’s legitimate theater, experimental dance, fine arts versus arts and crafts. Then we have the critics who make sure we don’t color out of the lines or dance in the aisles.

Finally, we locked the last door on ourselves. Creating became a high risk venture. Fear of criticism coupled with self-doubt separated us from our own creativity. It was much safer to be the audience than the creator. Now we love going to concerts, seeing plays, attending art openings. We try desperately to feed the artist within ourselves through viewing and critiquing someone else’s art, all the while knowing that we are hiding. Like Rip Van Winkle, everyone thinks your artist is dead. In fact, it’s pacing incessantly inside a tiny cell, waiting desperately for an opportunity to escape.

Today is that day. The guards are so sure you’ll never have the courage to escape that they’re all playing cards in the coffee break room. Their music and chatter are so loud that they’ll never hear the electronic doors or your footsteps. Your job is easy. You just have to push the button to open each door and walk out into the freedom of self-expression and artistic creativity.

What has this article motivated you do? I’d love to hear from you about the steps that you are taking or questions about how to take that first or next step.

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