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Meet James and Gil: Investment Bankers With Corporate Heads and Social Hearts by Linda Ryan

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Meet James and Gil: Investment Bankers With Corporate Heads and Social Hearts by Linda Ryan

With the launch of the Building Banking on Values, a new VoiceAmerica radio series I’m hosting that goes behind the scenes to tell the stories of the people, passion and positivity within the values-based banking and financing sector; I thought to introduce you to some of our guests.

Meet James Vaccaro: Head of Corporate Strategy, Triodos Bank (The Netherlands) and Specialist in Social and Environmental Finance

James has been at Triodos Bank since 1998. He has advised on bond issues and share offers for leading social enterprises and charities, and managed equity investments in a range of early stage businesses in the organic food, recycling and environmental technology sectors.

James holds a MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and has a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance. He is a Fellow of both the RSA and the Strategic Management Forum.

James started his career at Triodos Bank as Development Manager – managing marketing intelligence projects and product development before becoming a loan manager with a focus in the renewable energy sector. After some time working in The Netherlands in venture capital and microfinance, James returned to the UK in 2005, starting Triodos Bank’s investment activity and was Managing Director of Investment Management UK, incorporating corporate finance advisory services and fund management. James was also the Managing Director of Triodos Renewables plc from 2005-2012. He now leads the development of strategy across the Triodos Bank group internationally.

James has served as a member of the Investment & Contract Readiness Fund Panel and author of a report for the G8 Social Investment Taskforce. He has been a director of many green and sustainable businesses and has served on the board of The UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association (UKSIF) and been treasurer of a local community development association in south Bristol. He is a member of the Global Steering Committee for the UNEP Finance Initiative and a director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Regen SW. Learn more.

Meet Gil Crawford: Chief Executive Office of MicroVest (USA), Advocate for Purposeful Capital and Investment Expert In Microfinance

Crawford is Chief Executive Officer of MicroVest. He is responsible for leading the company’s investment operations and strategy since MicroVest’s founding in 2003. As MicroVest’s CEO, he led the launch of MicroVest I, LP, the first commercial private equity vehicle focused on microfinance in North America. Mr. Crawford has over 25 years experience with microfinance institutions and capital markets across the globe.

Before helping to found MicroVest Capital Management, Mr. Crawford worked for the Latin American Financial Markets Division at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and focused on investments in microfinance institutions. Prior to joining IFC, Gil created and ran Seed Capital Development Fund, a US based non‐profit firm, involved in creating financial instruments and attracting funds to capitalise microfinance institutions, primarily in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Prior to creating Seed Capital, Gil was the Assistant Project Director for Africa Venture Capital Project, designed to create risk capital firms in Africa.

Gil received his bank training at Chase Manhattan Bank after working in Africa for the Red Cross and State Department. He is a graduate of SAIS at Johns Hopkins University and Bates College.

Gil was an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS from 2010 to 2014. He serves on the Board of the Tunisian American Fund, which began operating in July 2013, and of SFC, a Sub-Saharan finance company. He is also an Independent Director of American Capital Senior Finance, LLC since January 2014. He is fluent in English and conversant in French, Spanish and Swedish. Learn more. 


Oh, and don’t forget to tune into Building Banking on Values. My VoiceAmerica radio show airs on Thursdays 15:00 PDT on the Business channel Learn more http://www.gabv.org/our-news/gabv-launches-radio-series-with-voiceamerica#.VwRI40fRvg8

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Jay Taylor’s Five Year Anniversary with VoiceAmerica

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Jay Taylor’s Five Year Anniversary with VoiceAmerica

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor’s recent five year anniversary at VoiceAmerica has brought on publicity of his popular radio show “Turning Hard Times into Good Times.”  After a one on one interview Jay reveals some of his experiences along the way and some career choices he has made and what the future may bring.  Over these five years Jay Taylor has reached many people who turn to him for advice in gold and investing.

Before Jay was known for his expertise in gold mining, analyzing and investing in gold shares, he was attending college in New York City at Hunter College studying geology and working towards his MBA in finance and investments from Baruch College.  These classes helped him jump start his career. Learning from life and experiencing new challenges along the way he always remembers his professor in college Professor Kessler at Rutgers who helped him understand the virtues of free market capitalism and the pathology of socialism, especially as it pertained to rent control in New York City. Also Professor Anna Gavacci at Hunter College who helped him fall in love with geology that stimulated an interest in geology.

After knowing more about his education and career path, we wanted to know what motivated him to start his own radio show. He said “Tacy Trump suggested it and convinced me I could do it and should give it a try.” Tacy Trump one of our great executive producers at Voiceameria helped Jay along the way and give him the opportunity to showcase his talents.

Interested in more about investing in gold and gold shares we asked him, if someone was interested in buying gold for the first time, what should they do?  He said to find an honest dealer, someone you know, or a firm that has been in business for a long time. Jay recommended Investment Rarities in Minneapolis. Electronic Gold  is a very good way to own gold outside of the U.S., stored in England, Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore. Don’t buy an ETF and think you are the owner of gold or silver. Those instruments are promoted by the same people who are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is manipulating the gold price to deceive average Americans.

Jay also started his own business, Taylor Hard Money Advisors, in 1981 and continues to work hard and enjoy what he loves.  This made us think, with all his experience in finacinal markets and outgoing radio show personality, has he ever thought of being a politician? Jay explained “If I had the ability I would like to be a statesman, but not a politician because I don’t want to become a whore. Ronald Reagan was right when he said: “They say politics is the second oldest profession. And I have been around it long enough to know it has a great deal in common with the oldest profession.”

But instead of working, what is Jay’s favorite place to pass time, when he has no deadlines and no places to be? Jay said “I don’t know. I have never been there and done that.  Seriously, with the limited “off time” I have, I love to spend it in my wife’s home town of Cascais in Portugal, along the ocean and into the mountains along the coast.”

What is the next step in your radio career or audience?  What changes would he like to make in the future? He said “My market is everyone who cares about maintaining and building their wealth. Americans need to know they are being deceived by the ruling elite who use clever propaganda including gold price manipulation in London and New York to convince citizens not to exchange their paper dollars into gold. But there is going to be a day of reckoning in America and I fear it is very soon to come. My market is all those who will listen to this message and that includes all Americans and anyone in the world who allows themselves to think outside of the box the establishment would keep them in.”

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor’s show will explain the real underlying causes for plunging stock prices, plunging home prices and growing unemployment. By correctly diagnosing the cause of America’s economic decline, rather than listening to excuses from Wall Street and Washington, Jay will offer winning investment ideas to protect and increase wealth. Topics to be discussed will include the cause of the decline of: our monetary system and our economy, the housing markets, the equity markets, and commodities, Why gold and silver are rising in value and how investors can profit from the direction of these markets through specific stocks, ETF’s and precious metals will also be discussed. Turning Hard Times into Good Times is broadcast live every Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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