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Following Your Heart

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7th Wave
Following Your Heart

“I never made one of my discoveries

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” – Albert Einstein

Join Ariel and Shya Kane in Being Here and open a window into the world of your intuition, your natural knowing and following your heart.

Listen Live this Wednesday, July 1st at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Network.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 400 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives HERE.

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Sight beyond Site with Morgan O. Smith

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Sight beyond Site with Morgan O. Smith

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I know of a nothingness, the absentee that is completely whole and fully in the present.

I know of the abyss; an empty well, but a flowing emptiness that will never run dry.

I know of the unseeing absolute of complete perfection, but cannot be perceived through the sight of the amiss.

I know of a Almighty Creator, a multi paradoxical supreme being who has manifested itself into all things, and in every realm.   

Now that I can see through the eyes of The All, everything I have ever known, and everything I have ever experienced never existed; what we know as actuality, is really one of the many dream like states created by an Extraordinary Mind that imagined it all with just one magical thought which I call the OM.

A thought that created all polarities – complete opposites that are magnetically drawn to, yet in opposition of each other; a tug of war pulling from left to right, and the gravitational pull from up to down; a rise upwards to the heights of cloud 9, which always results in hitting the depths of a ground 0.

All of this is happening within The Majestic Mind of The Highest High, and outside The Moronic Lowest of the Low; a Holy Hollowness that is totally conscious of itself, and has made me fully aware that all of this is only an illusion.

Because of my yoking with The One True Divine, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no future, no past, no you, no me, no near, no far, no here, no there, absolutely nothing, nothing at all.


Morgan O. Smith


Morgan O. Smith is a former Stand-up Comedian & Television Host turned Mystic & Philosopher. He is a 2001 Gemini Award Winning Writer and has been nominated for The Gemini’s People’s Choice Awards:Canada’s Favorite Comic back in 2003.Morgan has been studying Eastern Philosophy & Metaphysics, and has been practicing meditation for over a decade. Morganis also a Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Brainwave Entrainment Facilitator.  Morgan holds a Teacher’s Certificate in Transformation Meditation and is the creator of Yinnergy – which is the latest advancement in brainwave entrainment technology, based on Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics.  Morgan is the Host of the highly anticipated radio show, Sight beyond Sight will be airing later this year on Voice America. Sight beyond Site is an opinionated conversational show tackling subject matters such as Mysticism, Metaphysics, Meditation, Spirituality and Non-Duality.

If you have any questions or comments about this blog, feel free to contact Morgan innovativecoaching@gmail.com

Question and comments maybe chosen and answered on the air.


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