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Kick Off

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Health & Wellness
Kick Off

Sandra Reich, Clinical Director

On Thursday, November 12th 2015, the leading Internet talk Radio Network VoiceAmerica™ will be launching a brand new show! The exciting new program will be hosted by the Clinical Director of The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression, Co- director of Empowered Women Workshops, Co-director of Anxiety Videos Sandra Reich. M.Ed.
Sandra also is a best-selling author of a #1 self-help book on relationships, (Once upon a Time- How Cinderella Grew Up & Became a Happy Empowered Woman), a TV & radio personality and a well-known expert on anxiety, family issues, relationships and much more.
STRAIGHT TALK with Sandra Reich will address everyday struggles such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, fears, phobias, and more! The mission statement for this show is to live your best life! Sandra will show you how to reach for the stars, and live the life you always wanted!
Sandra’s extraordinary ability in getting to the root of a problem and solving it efficiently has made her gift very sought out. She is known to be an expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & “Life Strategy”.
Sandra has been fascinated with human nature since she was a small child. She has an astonishing talent for understanding people and the dances that they play out in life and love. The combination of her own real life application and her scientific knowledge make her a unique and special leader in the field.
The show description follows:
There are secrets to living your best life. We have control over our destinies if we are willing to accept responsibility and learn how to evolve to our highest levels. The sky is the limit if you can learn about your own traps, wounds and move beyond them. We don’t get a manual on parenting, romantic relationships, how to become successful or how to manage life.
Victimization, anxiety, depression, martyrdom and worse are the fall outs of not understanding your own role in your own life quality. Learn how you can really change your own life. Turn any darkness in your world into light. Master how you run your own “life movie” even during those tough moments. Become an expert at the dance of relationships. Reach for the stars and have the success in life and love that you always dreamt of.
Top Relationship, Parenting, Anxiety Expert and Best Selling Author Sandra Reich M.Ed. will give you the “straight talk” on strategies that will take your life from getting by, to living your dreams!
Don’t miss the debut episode of STRAIGHT TALK with Sandra Reich.
For her first show, Sandra will be interviewed by special guest and Wellness expert  Kirsten Eykel re Sandra’s journey  and also begin talking about one of the most common traps we often fall into- Caretaking. It is going to be an amazing hour of …Straight Talk!

Let the Joy Begin with Paula Vail

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Health & Wellness
Let the Joy Begin with Paula Vail


Paula Vail will be interviewed by Kristen Eykel: Known worldwide in Television and Media. With years of training and experience in TV speaking to live audiences. She is an inspiration to others with her energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Paula will share a bit of her history, experiences, and life changing personal growth that her journey into Reiki has brought to her life and to others. Paula will introduce the wide variety of topics that will be presented on future shows. Paula will share her goals and intentions for the worldwide sharing that these shows will be based on. Paula will ask for emails from listeners in regard to their questions about Reiki and/or share their favorite Reiki stories.


Kristen Eykel CHt. Brings a wealth of experience to her clients. From Supermodel in Paris to LA’s Red Carpets, Kristen has travelled the world of Beauty & Self-Empowerment. Her training as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, IKYTA & E-RYT Yoga Specialist, and Certified Advanced ThetaHealer has brought her a deeper understanding of where we all hold fears & limitations- and given her the keys to unlock them. Her years working in TV speaking to live audiences & millions of people internationally has given her the confidence & passion to hold the stage for her audiences as well as hold Sacred Space for her work with clients and those she Mentors.

Kristen Eykel loves to inspire others with her energy, enthusiasm and expertise. A member of Women Speakers Association, Kristen is also the Yoga Expert/ Media Spokesperson for Total Woman Gym + Day Spas, and has been featured in Fit Pregnancy, Health Magazine, Dance Magazine, Healthwise,Today’s Black Woman, Shine.com, and IVillage.com. Kristen hosted the lifestyle show My OWN Time for the Oprah Winfrey Network & has been interviewed by and on the covers of Yoga Journal, New Living Magazine and has appeared on Leeza, The Maury Povitch Show, New York’s WB & LA’s KCAL 9 News for her personal and unique varieties of expertise. Her book, INITIATE – from Supermodel to Shaman to AWESOME, meditations, DVDs & tutorials are all available online on her site www.KristenEykel.com as well as retailers in-store and online. Sign up on her site and receive a free Warm Melted Honey Meditation!

Tune in for a new episode of “For the Love of Reiki” where they will discuss “Introduction: Let the Joy Begin” You can also watch upcoming shows every Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

My goal is that you will gain new knowledge and insight about Reiki, as well as gain your own self-empowerment. Every day, I wish to help others live with love and compassion, thus allowing their own blessings to manifest. Our show will be about Reiki. It will cover many different aspects of Reiki, and other topics that work with Reiki. Shamanism, nutrition, self-empowerment etc.

We’ll discuss how Reiki fits in with Western medicine and other alternative healing modalities (chiropractic, massage, SVH, etc.), Reiki in hospitals, and the tremendous effect it has in regard to surgeries, pain, and its role in healing, and its value to a Reiki practitioner, How Reiki aids in healing us physically and emotionally, discussion on our LEF (Luminous energy field, and Reiki is an energy healing modality) and discuss how our energy field, vibration, and intent play such a huge role in our health, happiness, and self-empowerment.

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