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Listen to Your Body to Heal Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally – With Noa Belling

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Listen to Your Body to Heal Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally – With Noa Belling

By Dr. Paula Joyce, Ph.D.


In a recent episode from my radio show, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit, my guest, Noa Belling, talked with us about ways to listen to your body in order to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. She shared the importance of exercising the muscle of joy, of feeling passionate about what we do and spending time with the people we love. There’s new research on the social nervous system, which are the parts of our brain that help us create more joy, happiness, immunity, and resilience, down to the cellular level. It turns out that having joy and fun increases your ability to have more joy, fun, and happiness. Noa also gave us a powerful technique to help change your negative thinking. As she took us through it, I suddenly had difficulty breathing. I knew something from the past had surfaced to clear. Here’s the technique: First ask yourself, what is my body telling me? Do I have tension on one side of my body or tightness in my chest? Then notice if standing more upright makes you feel more comfortable or maybe taking a deep breath helps you release the tension. This will open you up to new ways of thinking and being more resourceful and creative. Even doing something small is empowering because it gives you control over your emotional, mental and physical well-being. To learn more, I encourage you to click here.

Dr. Paula’s Tip of the Week

My Tip from my e-book, 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment is: Be Positive. The person we judge the most is ourselves. Listen for the ways in which you criticize yourself and others. When you think or hear a negative thought, turn it into a positive. For instance, replace, “I’m stupid,” with “I know a lot of things,” and in response to “how are you?” instead of saying “bad headache” or “boss chewed me out,” think of something good in your life and share it. Being negative is a habit of the mind. You can prevent yourself from moving into a downward spiral of stress, worry, panic, illness or pain by catching your negative thoughts and changing them. We have a false belief in current times, that once a thought is in your mind, there’s no way to get it out. That is just not true. We can change our thoughts and we can change our outlook on life. I have done it for myself and have helped my clients do it, too. The more positive we become, the healthier we become.

Dr. Paula’s Silver Lining Story

As my regular listeners know, I have been working on healing my own body since 1980. At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and told I didn’t need surgery. After giving birth to 2 children, my spine started to get worse and the doctors wanted to put a steel rod up my spine. I refused and began an adventure chock full of silver linings. Although my goal was to heal my spine, what I discovered was how my emotions, thoughts and physical ailments were all connected. To heal one, I really had to work on healing everything. Because I had lived my whole life with abuse, I had never learned how to process and release painful thoughts and emotions. Consequently they got stuck in my body and grew into a disfigured spine, panic attacks, on-going sinus and respiratory infections, gall bladder, digestive and bladder problems, brown spots on my skin, and osteoporosis. My thoughts were filled with doom and gloom, blame, guilt and resentment. Anger, hurt and sadness were always close to the surface and no matter how many degrees I had, how long my list of accomplishments was or what my job title and salary were, I never felt like I had done enough or was good enough. My desire to heal my spine, led me to the people and experiences that changed me on the inside, helped me face and let go of the thoughts, emotions and people that were hurting me, and led to profound physical healing. I’m still in process, but I feel and look younger and am stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of my conditions have healed and the rest are much improved and continue to heal to the point where people comment on my disappearing wrinkles and the improvement in my spine. In addition, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about new ideas and methods for healing the body as well as powerful traditional ones, like acupuncture and healing with the help of the spiritual realm, where true miracles are just everyday occurrences. My acupuncturist marvels at the power of the body to heal itself and my spiritual healer gives all of the credit to the guides, angels and archangels who do the actual healing as we open our hearts and minds to them and invite and allow their help. In fact, just this week, Archangel Gabriel told me to trust that my guides were helping me. Trust has not come easily to me after a lifetime of trusting the wrong people. But I have learned to trust my guides and angels and they continue to prove that miracles are real. I’ve received the added blessings of growing in my spiritual knowledge and connection, my personal life, my career, my understanding of abuse, its legacy and how to heal the generational pattern, and I’ve grown in the spiritual qualities of strength, forgiveness, love, including self-love, compassion, empathy, acceptance, non-judgment and more. Along the way, I have also learned how to listen to my body and do my part to facilitate my own healing in partnership with my helpers in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm.

Marian Stephens’ Story

I have listened to Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit every Thursday since January without fail. A few weeks ago, Noa Belling was featured, and this was the first show that I missed live. I was in what felt like a physical crisis mode – I was having an emergency colonoscopy the morning of the show to assess the problems I am having with my digestive system, and I found out that I need to have surgery. So, I felt like everything was just crashing down around me. The silver lining to missing the show is that I was not ready to receive the message of that episode. So it worked out for the best that I was in a better state of mind when I did listen. Noa Belling encourages one to listen to their body to discover more about their emotions and feelings, finding patterns and then working to change those patterns held in the body, thereby changing the emotional state. I have found this to be a powerful tool; just using my mind’s eye to scan my body and focus my energy on places that are uncomfortable or not working properly.

Dr. Paula’s tip of the week is simple: Be Positive! I realize that I tend to worry and look to the future too much. It takes a great deal of energy to stay in the moment, and to redirect negative energy. However, the more I train myself to do these things, the more energy I have. I have a great deal of responsibility, and I am just learning how to put myself first. Dr. Paula recently explained to me in our life coaching session that we have the wrong definition of selfish. Being selfish truly means being full of self, a whole and complete person. The more I fill my emotional and physical tank, the more gracefully I will be able to handle my responsibilities.

Dr. Paula asks listeners how their body is trying to communicate with them, and this resonated with me. My body is desperately telling me to take care of myself. In all ways. I cannot keep going with the amount of stress and distress I face without focusing my energy on healing myself. I have been putting in a great deal of effort to do so, and I am starting to feel physically better. That is my body telling me that I am on the right track!

Dr. Paula’s Coaching Response

Marian, I love that you ended by congratulating yourself. All too often, we focus on what is wrong and what we still have not accomplished. You just showed me that you are taking care of yourself in many ways, including acknowledging your successes and celebrating them! Yay!!! I hope everyone is cheering for you and finding ways to congratulate themselves in their own journey toward health.

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10 ways to put the past behind you

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10 ways to put the past behind you

In this edition of LIFEadvice, coaches Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham give great tips for forgiving your past and moving on.


My life has been hard and I’ve made mistakes, I have a hard time forgiving myself and not feeling defined by my past. How do you not? How do I feel good about myself and as you say see my value as good enough?


Everything you feel comes from the way you are looking at the situation. Your perspective determines the story you tell yourself and how you feel about everything. The way you currently see your past and the feelings you have about it could completely change if you chose a different perspective.

Here are some ways you might change your perspective and look at your past differently. See if they help.

1. Choose to see life as a journey.

Imagine your life as a road trip. On this road trip there are high points and low points. Some of the experiences are fun, some are scary and others are miserable. Each of these experiences could be seen as a location on your journey through life. These experiences do not define who you are nor do they affect your value as a person. They are just places you’ve been. Just because you spent time traveling through Texas doesn’t make you a Texan. Texas was a location on your journey; it is not who you are forever.

2. See life as a classroom.

The thing you must understand about your past is that each experience — each location you have been through — has brought you to where you are today.

Each experience taught you things. Some experiences taught you about who you don’t want to be. Some showed you options in human behavior and the consequences of those options. Each experience served a purpose in your life to help you become stronger or smarter. At least, you have the option of seeing them this way if you want to. You could choose to embrace what each experience taught you and remember that you are not there anymore.

You are a different person now. The person you are today wouldn’t make the choices you made then (though that is partly because of what you learned from making those choices before). You cannot change the past, nor should you want to. Your journey taught you important lessons. But you can refuse to let your past define you now.

3. Choose to see your value as infinite and unchangeable.

You have the option of believing every human being has the same intrinsic value and that value cannot change. This would mean that no matter what mistakes you have made, they don’t affect your value and you still have the same value as everyone else. You can see human value this way, by simply deciding to.

4. Let go of shame.

We define shame with the acronym: Should Have Already Mastered Everything. You are always a student in the classroom of life, so you can’t expect to have known everything, all along. That would make no sense. Shame is a waste of your energy. Instead, focus all that energy toward being who you want to be today.

5. Live in this moment, all the time.

There will never be a moment when it is not “this moment” and this is the only moment you have the power to make any choices. In this moment you can always choose to see yourself as good enough and let your past be experiences that taught you things and nothing else. Don’t waste time that could be filled with joy today, feeling pain over the past.

6. Focus your energy on what’s in your control.

Look at your current situation and write down what’s in your control and what’s not. Focus your time and energy only on what is.

7. Do something to metaphorically let the past go.

Write down the experiences you are having trouble letting go of emotionally. Then burn the paper, bury it, or tie it to a balloon and let it go, or rip it up and throw it in the trash.

8. Choose to trust life and the universe.

Another option you have is to trust that your journey was the perfect one for you and that everything happens for a reason. Trust that you are on track and right where you are supposed and always have been. If you choose this perspective, it will change how you feel about yourself and your past.

9. Don’t worry.

Worry, guilt and stress do you no good. They will not prevent bad things from happening, and they just make you miserable. Choose to trust that good things will happen to you. Optimism may actually draw good things your way in the future because people will be more drawn to you.

10. Set aside a time each day to experience regret and guilt.

If you just can’t let the past go, choose a 15-minute block of time today to wallow in self-pity and shame. Dive in and immerse yourself in it during that time, but the rest of the day don’t think about it.

The key to a successful, happy life today lies in looking at the past, understanding it and learning from it, then, leaving it in the past and moving forward. Put the lessons you’ve learned to work by making better choices today. Choose to see the past as a location on your journey that taught you things and nothing else; do not let it define your value or who you are. If you see experiences accurately, you will be grateful for the lessons and even be empowered to be a better you.

You can do this.

Uplift Parenting Conference By Nicole Cunningham and Kim Giles

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Uplift Parenting Conference By Nicole Cunningham and Kim Giles

Kim Giles is a featured speaker at this year’s Uplift Parenting Conference in Utah. Kim will be sharing the importance of parenting without fear and how to step into greater levels of trust and love with our children. Kim is a mother of 7 and has been a family and executive life coach for 15 years. Kim is an author, speaker and has over 9000 articles published on the topic of living fearlessly. She is president of upskillrelationships.com and co host of Relationship Radio on Voice America.

More Here!


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Nicole Cutts Head Shot-VA

Success Coach and Clinical Psychologist Nicole Cutts, Ph.D., joined me on “Turn the Page” to discuss the benefits of seeing your life as a hero or heroine’s quest, and how to clarify and achieve your vision of success.

Dr. Cutts is the author of “The Adventures of Isabelle Book I: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho,” a heroine’s quest adventure novel with a purpose.

Dr. Cutts states, “Have you thought about how much easier your life would be if you were a super hero? I know I have. Think of all the great super hero powers there are! Flight, invisibility, extraordinary strength, and one of my favorites, the ability to breath under water like Aquaman. Although it’s not realistic for humans to be super heros, we can all be heros or heroines if we choose to be. While being a heroine does not come with super powers, it does come with special abilities and great advantages.

Even if your life does not become a literary work, you are writing your own life story, so why not cast yourself as a heroine or hero of this story?”

She shares, “A VISION is an idea, state of being or concept that you have regarding what you “want” in your life, or what you want your life to be. This phenomenon has been referred to by other terms, such as dreams, callings or aspirations, to name a few.  Human beings experience feelings of want, longing or desire toward a vision.

I view the union of a vision and a person as a COSMIC MATCHMAKING process! My Vision Realization Continuum (VRC) model asserts that both you and the vision are involved in a process of pursuit, a mutual longing that ends in a committed relationship. The Vision’s desire is to be born while the human’s desire is experienced as a need to create or realize a higher aspiration, and to feel a sense of purpose and meaning. Humans believe that they know what will come out of the attainment of a Vision but there is much that comes out of this attainment that they aren’t even aware of or privy to.”

Read Dr. Cutt’s blog, “The Vision Quest Chronicles,” which includes tips to overcome the fear of success. Benefit from her success coaching tools and complete her “Write Your Own Heroine’s Quest” FREE ONLINE COURSE.

Participate in her Writer’s “Beach” Retreat by the Pool, through which published authors will share tips and feedback to help you improve and SELL your writing.

Identify where you are in the EIGHT STATES of Dr. Cutt’s VISION REALIZATION CONTINUUM, and learn how to address COMMON IMPEDIMENTS TO THE ACHIEVEMENT OF A VISION by listening to our conversation!

Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli

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Finding Love- a womens workshop by Alexandra Janelli


It’s spring.  Love is in the air. The birds are doing it. The bees are doing it. And we want you to be doing it up in NYC.

Join Alexandra Janelli, Ashley Kaylor & our special guest STYLIST as we help you jump into spring as the best and most empowered version of yourself. We want to help you solidify your inner goddess, style yourself to look and feel incredible, and land the man of your dreams this spring!

Our three diverse background of Hypnotist,  Stylist, and Matchmaker will help you gain the confidence, stylish look, and dating savvy techniques you want to find love this spring.

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