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Exercising & Testing for Corporations: Design, Delivery and Evaluation

Posted by presspass on
Exercising & Testing for Corporations: Design, Delivery and Evaluation

Join me Thursday, January 19/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel!

Exercising (and testing) our disaster, crisis, and business continuity plans, is important if we want our organization’s and our colleagues to respond effectively and efficiently to crisis and disaster situations.

I talk with globally recognized crisis management and business continuity specialist, Robert Burton. Rob will walk us through his proven methodology of how to plan and execute effective tests and exercises.

We touch on:

1. Pre-exercise planning,

2. Exercise and scenario design,

3. Final logistics,

4. Exercise delivery and evaluation,

5. Post exercise activities (AAR and summary video),

6. A few stories (how exercises can go wrong, a good way to end an exercise and war brings home the seriousness of not preparing).

It’s a great chat and a great way to help bring your exercises to a new level. Enjoy!


Improving Supply Chain Resilience with Suppliers (w/ Zera Zheng)

Posted by rstapholz on
Improving Supply Chain Resilience with Suppliers (w/ Zera Zheng)

Join me July 21/22 at 1pm EST!

Working with you suppliers is key if you want to create Supply Chain Resilience for your organization. I talk with the Head of Business Resilience Lead Logistics at Maersk, and BCI award winner, Zera Zheng.

Zera is very passionate about supply chain resilience and we have a very interesting talk, touching on such subjects as:

1. The elements of Supply Chain Resilience Management,

2. Supply Chain Mapping,

3. Contingency Options and Contingency Strategies (Acceptance, Reduce dependency, Work with Suppliers, Exit the relationship),

4. We get a real-life viewpoint of how Mearsk managed the Suez ‘ship’ crisis (You know the ship stuck in the canal),

5. 3 key areas of focus when supporting customers (Visibility, Alternative Solutions, Communications),

6. Supply chain resilience through collaboration, and more.

It’s a very interesting talk with some new perspectives on Supply Chain Management and Resilience. Enjoy!


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