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Building Team Resilience w/ Kathryn McEwen

Posted by Alex Fullick on
Building Team Resilience w/ Kathryn McEwen

Join me Thursday, June 22/23 at 1pm EST!  I’m joined by globally renown resilience team building expert, organizational psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Kathryn McEwen. Resilience in the workplace is a topic organizations around the globe is tackling, and trying to understand what it really means and how to address it. Kathryn will help us understand this.

During our discussion, Kathryn talks about:

1. Defining team resilience,

2. Building personal resilience at work,

3. Building resilient teams,

4. The impact and culture of organizational culture,

5. Measuring resilience,

6. Aligning team resilience with other disciplines (e.g., BCM, Risk, etc.),

7. DE&I…and so much more!

Don’t miss Kathryn great insights on how to build resilience – in ourselves and in our teams. It’s one you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!


The Customer Experience and Business Continuity w/ Charlein Barni

Posted by presspass on
The Customer Experience and Business Continuity w/ Charlein Barni

Join me Thursday, March 9/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel!

As a result of COVID, there is allot more talk and interactions between teams – internally and externally – with regards to Business Continuity, Disaster Planning, and the like. But what doesn’t seem to be talked about very much, if at all, is the customer experience, I speak with long-time BCM and customer experience specialist, Charlein Barni, about BCM and the customer experience.

We talk about:

1. Defining what ‘customer experience’ means,

2. Defining exactly who is a customer (more than you might think),

3. Internal and external organizational views and interactions,

4. What org’s sometime get wrong about the customer experience,

5. How important organizational culture is to the customer experience,

6. When an experience ends…,

7. Measuring engagement with customer experiences and how engagement is often misinterpreted,

8. The BCM lifecycle and what it contains,

9. The most important part of the BCM lifecycle when it comes to the customer experience, 10. Measuring customer experiences…and much, much more.

It’s obvious Charlein is passionate about BCM and the customer experience. Don’t miss her insights as she talks about a topic not often broached in BCM. Enjoy!


Opportunities in the BCM Industry to be Stay Relevant!

Posted by rstapholz on
Opportunities in the BCM Industry to be Stay Relevant!

Join me Feb 3/21 at 1pm EST!

What opportunities are there in the Resilience / Business Continuity Management (BCM) industry that enable professionals to be – and stay – relevant? The answer that that question and many more, are discussed as I talk with the CEO of Crisis Ally, Alexandra Hoffman.

In this episode, Alexandra talks about:

a) continuous learning

b) the willingness to accept and be part of change

c) the role of Diversity and Inclusion

d) soft (Human) skills

e) linking activity to the organization’s purpose (and the overall culture),

f) the differences between resilience and sustainability…or the lack thereof, and so much more.

Alexandra’s passion for the Resilience, Business Continuity Management, and Security industry’s is easily apparent, as she shares many great insights into how industry professionals can shine before, during, and after, an adverse event. Don’t miss it!


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