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Friend or Foe: Media Engagement in a Crisis (w/ Mark Harris)

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Friend or Foe: Media Engagement in a Crisis (w/ Mark Harris)

Join me Thursday, April 6/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel!

During a crisis the media can be your friend or foe, and it comes down to your own actions that will determine which part media will play. I’m joined by established crisis management and crisis communications subject matter expert, Mark Harris.

During Mark’s talk, we touch on:

1. Defining media (it’s more than it used to be…),

2. The spokesperson (who’s good, bad, and who should be waiting in the wings),

3. Training,

4. Messaging,

5. How to get the media on your side,

6. How not to communicate with media,

7. Building a relationship with media,

8. Some key tips on dealing with the media…and much more.

Mark gives some great insights on how to deal with the media to keep them on your side during times of crisis, when you need all the friends you can get during those challenging moments. Don’t miss the great information Mark shares. Enjoy!


Commitment to Civility in Phoenix

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Commitment to Civility in Phoenix

Commitment to Civility

Phoenix, Arizona , June 18, 2019 – A true commitment to civility has become priority for a group of professionals and entrepreneurs taking Phoenix by storm.

Dr. Vernet Joseph, World Civility Ambassador, National Statesmen, recognizes the gravity of responsibility relating to public life and befitting a citizen. Not taken lightly a necessity to be solution influenced by shifting increased division coarsening our culture too often fueled by vitriol of politics and public discourse.

Vernet, entrepreneur productivity speaker, best-selling author and the Founder/CEO of Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC energized the city as a world wind this year. The 3rd Annual Productive Business Summit positioned in Phoenix, at the Salvation Army Joan and Ray Kroc Center was a game changer. Attendees were startled with awe when City of Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, issued a proclamation deeming June 8th as Phoenix Day of Civility, presented by the Mayor’s Director of Community Relations.
This day filled event encompassed speakers ranging from the My Financial Home CEO from California – Dr. Cozette M. White – who stressed the five biggest mistakes business owners make, and Arizona Financial Planner Ashley Folkes, who provided practical tips about being mentally, physically and financial fit, to World’s Best Connectors’ founder Denise Meridith, Crown Life Enterprises Founder Marquez Hughley, whose talk focused on increased levels of productivity, Mindset Changer CEO Jamal Cummins, whose message was “Don’t quit!” and PITCH Investors Live representatives who introduced a new innovative way for business owners and entrepreneurs to gain exposure and obtain funding.
The Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global awards is a collaboration with Dr. Clyde Rivers, the Honorary UN Ambassador at Large of the Republic of Burundi. Rivers has earned innumerable awards, including, in 2017, the United States Presidential Life Achievement Award for over 4,000 hours of serving the nation and humanity. He is also the Founder and President of iChange Nations (ICN), which improves the quality of life throughout the world by emphasizing honor, trust, dignity, and civil discourse. Cities and states are encouraged to join the cause. For example, communities throughout Indiana celebrated their fourth Annual World Civility Day in April, 2019.
Award recipients this year from the Productive Business Summit were presented by Dr. Vermet Joseph and Dr. Wil Moreland of Wil Moreland International. The recipients were:
IChange Nations World Civility Award (Danielle Williams),( Dr. Aikyna Finch), (Tasha “TC” Cooper),( Houssam Makki), (Bennie Randall), and (Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant)
IChange Nations Challenged Champions and Hero’s ( Anthony Ameen)
IChange Nations Women Add Value ( Dr. Cozette M. White), (PeShon ALLEN), ( Dr. Robin Hollis), (Roslyn Williams), ( Diana Gregory), (Beverly VanTull), (Nisha Witt), (Nakisha Graves King), (Dionne L. Archibald), (Pollyana Neely), (Chelsea Mandello), (Tammy Phipps), (Suzie Mills), (Johnnie Lloyd)
IChange Nations Community Ambassador (Harry Garewal), (Abraham James), (Anthony Ameen), (Sheriff Mark Lamb), (Ghazi Muhammad), (Derrick Smith), (Diana Gregory), (Denice Williams), (Dionne L. Archibald), (Pollyana Neely), ( Johnnie Lloyd), (David Winkler)
IChange Women of Global Solutions (Denise Meridith), (Tammy Phipps), (Marchelle Franklin)
Productive Business Global Agent of Change (Clarence McAllister)
Productive Business Agent of Change (Tara Laurie), (Larry Ross), (Christie Ellis)
Productive Business Community Game Changer Award (Harry Garewal), (Cozette M. White),(Sheriff Mark Lamb), (Sheriff Joseph Alvarado), (Ron Williams), (Dr. Aikyna Finch), ( Ron Williams) (Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant), (Beverly VanTull), (Dionne L. Archibald), (Johnnie Lloyd), (Denice Williams), (Pollyanna Neely), ( Houssam Makki), (Marchelle Franklin)
Productive Business Warrior Hero’s Award (Anthony Ameen), ( Tammy Phipps)
Productive Business Sustainable Developement Award (Chelsea Mandello)
Productive Business Award (Nakisha Graves King)
Productive Business Innovators Award ( Nisha Witt)
Productive Business Media ICON Award (Daniel Williams), (Roslyn Williams), (Derrick Smith), (PeShon Allen), (Javier Soto)
Productive Business Economic Developement Award (Diana Gregory)
Productive Business Entrepreneures (Abraham James), (Ghazi Muhammad), (Tamala Daniels), (Pamela Slim), (Robin Reed), (Suzie Mills)
Productive Business Philanthropy Award (Diana Gregory – Black Philanthropy Initiative)
Productive Business Volunteer Service Award (Robin Hollis)
Productive Business Veterans Award (Quincy Milam), (David Winkler)
Productive Business City of the Year – City of Phoenix

Another highlight of the evening was an attendee making an impromptu decision from the audience to enlist in a real live pitch contest for $10,000.00. Three minutes later Darryl Gooden of www.keepteachersteaching.org pitched an initiative to support teachers around the world inside and outside the classroom. The vote was unequivocally unanimous to award Gooden the grand prize.

When Joseph was asked what were the aha’s or moments that took his breath away? Joseph proclaimed, “Experiencing the power of relationships and collaboration with partners flying in from around the world.” Topped off by “Mayor Gallego’s proclaiming June 8th Phoenix Day of Civility.”

Civility lives on.

PBS All Awardees.jpg

Be Aware

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Be Aware

With higher personal awareness and respect for others, more and more of us are seeing the manipulations and intellectual dishonesty too often represented in the media, social media, politics and corporations. I invite those who seek to understand and co-create to connect in any way we can for our future, our economy, our planet and our communities. Unlike never before, we now have one or two degrees of separation from the people and wisdom that will guide us. First, though, I ask myself, what I choose to invest my energy and wisdom in. It starts within. It starts in spirit. Then it moves to seeing ourselves and others. Then courage moves us to take our path. We include all cultures, perspectives and we learn from difference and from conflict. And we learn to take the time the relationship requires.
Ken Photo
We feature Ken Cloke on Be Aware; “Collaboration as the highest road to the self. It constructs a higher order of creation.” Ken is a brilliant visionary with a large heart. He also shows us so much about our own awareness that comes through conflict.

Also, featured are Cheryl Cardinal and Ryan Robb talking about engaging First Nations.

Decorated DEA Agent, Steven Peterson, Says Black Tar Heroin Aided by U.S. Media

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Decorated DEA Agent, Steven Peterson, Says Black Tar Heroin Aided by U.S. Media

Steven Peterson pic3

In 2014, Attorney General, Eric Holder, declared heroin use “an urgent and growing public health crisis.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal heroin overdoses nationwide jumped almost 55 percent between 1999 and 2010.

Steven Peterson, agent for the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for three decades, and one of the country’s foremost Mexican cartel experts, joined The Costa Report to explain the growing abundance of cheap, black tar heroin in the United States.

According to Peterson, “Mexican traffickers have been smuggling drugs into the U.S. since back in the 1960’s, but it was just Marijuana and heroin wasn’t a big problem. The Mexican drug cartel played the middleman.” Within a short period of time Mexican drug cartels learned that opium could be grown on Mexican soil where they would “have control of the supply.” Today, the primary source for black tar heroin is Mexico. Peterson claims the way to stop black tar heroin is to attack the source. He draws a parallel between a similar drug problem the U.S. faced in the 1980’s with the explosion of cocaine use. South American governments cooperated with U.S. law enforcement who “sent in the DEA and Special Forces, blew up processing facilities and were involved in the task force that killed major cocaine trafficker, Pablo Escobar.” Peterson continued, “Because we were active and aggressive we put fear into the Colombian drug cartels … If we took the same aggressive stance against Mexican traffickers that we did back in the 1980’s against Colombia, it would work.”

Peterson states that one issue which has contributed greatly to the growing supply of black tar heroin is a lack of awareness of how widespread the problem is. Peterson blames a lack of coverage by the mainstream media. “The media conspires with this drug problem because they don’t cover these stories.” He worries that the American people do not realize there are “gun fights on a daily basis” along the U.S. – Mexican border and “cartels are using military tactics, and can afford the best weapons and protection, which our own law enforcement cannot.” Peterson feels that if the mainstream media provided an accurate picture of the violence, there would be public support for utilizing more aggressive methods to track drug lords, including the use of surveillance and accessing information from private records. He concluded, “The American people don’t support these tactics, because they aren’t shown the big picture.”

To hear the full interview with Steven Peterson, visit The Costa Report

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