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Preparing for Your Magic Mushroom Journey- Practical Advice from Psychable

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Health & Wellness
Preparing for Your Magic Mushroom Journey- Practical Advice from Psychable

Psilocybin (also known as magic mushrooms) is a natural psychedelic substance that can be used for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of therapeutic use and have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Magic mushrooms are gaining popularity in the Western world, with many people seeking out how to take psilocybin in order to experience its hallucinogenic effects and to benefit their mental health.

Psilocybin mushrooms are currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug and are illegal in the United States and most other countries, but continued research on its health effects may eventually change that status.

Organizations like Psychable and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) are not only focused on spreading awareness and advocating for the decriminalization of psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms but also aim to share information that focuses on harm reduction strategies. One important harm reduction strategy is to ensure that you are adequately prepared for a psychedelic experience. It will help ensure that you are safe and will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a bad trip. We’ve compiled some practical advice from Psychable about how best to prepare for your own personal journey with psychedelics.

Find a Safe Place For Your Magic Mushroom Trip

The first and most important thing you need to do to prepare for your experience with magic mushrooms is to find a safe place where you feel comfortable.

Many people choose an outdoor setting for their magic mushroom experience. Getting outside and connecting with nature is a strong reminder that we are a part of something larger than ourselves. An outdoor setting is often the most popular choice for taking magic mushrooms because it can lead to powerful spiritual experiences.

If you choose an outdoor setting to experience magic mushrooms, consider choosing a place that is far enough away that you won’t encounter distractions. You may want to find somewhere where you can go on a hike or sit quietly and enjoy the views of nature. Having a sober sitter or guide accompany you on your trip is important so that you don’t put yourself in danger around water or roads. You should also make sure that someone knows where you are and how to find you in case of an emergency.

If you choose an indoor setting, a good place would be your own home. Home is typically a comfortable and familiar place where one feels in control. To a certain extent, you can control the environment by altering things like indoor temperature or lighting. You can also control the environment by doing things like diffusing a comforting scent, like lavender, which could help reduce any pre-journey jitters or anxiety.

Your Safe Place Includes People, Too

Finding a safe place also includes making sure you are comfortable with the people you are surrounded with. Especially if this is your first time trying magic mushrooms, it might be helpful for you to have a guide or sober sitter who has experience with taking shrooms. This should be a person you trust and who is committed to staying sober throughout your experience.

Decide if a Psilocybin Retreat is Right For You

Because psilocybin is still illegal in the United States, many people opt to attend magic mushroom retreats, which are often held in South America or other countries. Retreats are held in countries where psilocybin is legal, which makes some people feel more comfortable since they aren’t breaking any laws by partaking.

Magic mushroom retreats are often held in beautiful, tropical settings where the surrounding beaches and lush greenery bring to mind a sense of calm, peace, and closeness with nature. Packages may include lodging, healthy meals, individual check-ins with facilitators or sitters, and guided preparation activities. While this option may not be feasible for all people, for those looking for a holistic wellness experience and who want to focus on their overall mental health, it may be a great choice. You can search for magic mushroom retreats here

Prepare your Mind and Body

Once you are sure you have a safe and comfortable setting, you should prepare your mind and body. This means doing things like getting enough to eat and enough sleep the night before to help with any fatigue or tiredness that comes from traveling if you are going to a retreat somewhere away from home. You also want to make sure to have a good, healthy meal and drink plenty of water. These are all good habits to incorporate into your life anyway!

You’ll want to make sure you have supplies handy that you may need throughout the experience. Here is a list of some things to consider having on hand:

  • Plenty of water or electrolyte heavy beverages (like coconut water) to keep you hydrated, as you may experience fluctuations in body temperature.
  • A notebook or journal and pen so you can record your thoughts and experiences. You may want to come back to these at a later date to fully process your magic mushroom experience.
  • A playlist of calming music. You should choose music that is personal to you and aligns with your taste. If you are using your phone to play music, consider turning it on airplane mode to reduce distractions.

Consider What You Want to Get Out of Your Experience With Magic Mushrooms

It’s important to know what you want to gain from the experience, but also to have realistic expectations. Are you going on a journey for healing? Exploration? What do you hope will be different in your life after your experience with the drug?

If your goal is simply relaxation and introspection, just knowing that should help prepare your body and mind more effectively. But remember that it’s okay if nothing happens- different psychedelic drugs work differently on certain people. Rather than going into the experience with a certain set of expectations, try to approach the experience with curiosity and accept whatever the experience has in store for you.

If you’re going on a journey for healing, then it’s important to be mindful of that intention. If there are unresolved emotions or trauma that need processing, know that your brain may be about to relive some unprocessed emotions, which can be both an intense and positive experience at the same time. Many people find it worthwhile to have a trained therapist help them process and integrate the experience following the journey.

##Understand the Risks of Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are not addictive but they do carry some mild risk of adverse reactions.

It’s rare for someone to have adverse reactions after taking mushrooms; however, it can happen. The most common adverse reactions are nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. You can reduce your chances of experiencing these adverse reactions by starting with a small dose. How much you take can make a difference in what the effects will feel like.

Take special care to not consume other hallucinogens or drugs while on shrooms, as this can put you at a higher risk of having an adverse reaction and may change the effects.

For more information on how to take psilocybin mushrooms, check out this article.

Considering aspects of Hypnosis

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Health & Wellness
Considering aspects of Hypnosis

Hi my name is Ines Simpson and I have a weekly podcast on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel called Hypnosis-Everywhere. You can listen here

A little post here for those of you wondering about this world of Hypnosis…

Wondering where to begin?

Where to start?
In my life I have always used Mentors, some good, some not so good, some I was aware I was using ( or modelling) some I never realized until later.

Sometimes it was deliberate and measured.

Jerry Kein was a tremendous Mentor to me. He didn’t call me up, or come to my house, but his work, his videos, his presentations at the NGH – at all of those of those venues and in all his teachings I could get access too – I was his student.

Now I find, I am in the position of mentoring others – and it’s wonderful and humbling. And I really, really enjoy helping Hypnotists, experienced and brand new to move through situations they are unsure of, and helping them with more exciting work with them on new ideas or processes that they want to try.

Sometimes its when you get a series of clients that you can’t seem to shift – and you need a different pair of eyes, or different track of experience to make all that work. Sometimes it’s for confidence in a certain technique, or insight into a new way of doing old things to achieve the results you are looking for. Whatever it is – it’s a collaboration on an aspect of your practice or coming practice that moves it forward.

And rather than be haphazard about this, or turn people away because I am running out of time – I have decided to make it a part of my Hypnosis practice – set aside time and schedule to work with those who want to work through things.

Mentoring as a practice. For the absolute Beginner – or Someone already with a little or more experience

FOR the Beginner:
 For the absolute Beginner – instead of a fixed formal course I am putting together an online  course you can follow at your pace – there will be all the details here when its done – in the meantime you can email me for more info now
FOR Someone already working or has a little experience:
I made a video explaining this a little more – you can see it here ;

And there’s a webpage with more details here

If you want to work through some things in your Hypnosis work, or , as I mentioned, you are just getting started and want some firm foundations, or expand your practice, clarify some methods or techniques – give me a call or email me and we can chat and see if there’s a way I can help that works for you (and me – of course – its always about me too!!)

If you just want to go through some things that will confirm you are on the right track.
If you want to get back on track!
Let’s see what we can do

Ines Simpson

What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??

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Health & Wellness
What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??
Does Hypnosis Work?? Can I be Hypnotized? Will it change me forever??
My name is Ines Simpson and I have the weekly podcast – Hypnosis-Everywhere on Voice America Health & Wellness Channel
Let’s chat about this Hypnosis thing
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring event, an essential occurring event in our lives – like breathing, or walking, or laughing – its a thing we do many times a day – every day. Hypnosis is the way the Mind works. Its call focused attention. It allows us to become immersed in a book, or a movie, or another person ( we call this Love). It allows us to focus on a sport (getting in the zone) – exceeding past the place we thought we never could.
That’s what we do – naturally – all the time.
Creating Hypnosis on purpose, however, allows us to create change – positive change in our lives.
I have this little FREE book you can download with the link below – have a look – its FREE – but valuable as it offers up a lot of information. And will continue this discussion about what Hypnosis is and isnt and how valuable it can be for you – when you take advantage of it.
If you have never taken a course or have. If you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have – but you’ve wondered what is it with this Hypnosis deal?  Feel free to check out this book.
Or you’ve had some experience and wondered what else there may be – go ahead check out this book.
If you wonder if there is any money in it – and what kind of career it may be – full or part-time – go ahead and download this book – feel free

Is Hypnosis really a thing?

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Health & Wellness
Is Hypnosis really a thing?

intro to hyp book2.png


If you have ever wondered what’s with this Hypnosis thing? Or perhaps you really wonder about this Conscious Mind- Subconscious Mind and all that stuff. Check out my Free  Book on Hypnosis.

Its a free download to introduce my Voice America Show on Wednesdays at 11.00am on the Health and Wellness Channel – starting January 3rd .

If you have never taken a Hypnosis course or have, if you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have, or seen a Stage Hypnotist and thought ‘really!!’ –  Feel free to check out this book.

RECLAIM your happy and GAIN clarity through meditation. By Marni

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Health & Wellness
RECLAIM your happy and GAIN clarity through meditation. By Marni

Common thoughts & phrases I hear from clients about Meditation:
“I can’t sit still” “My mind doesn’t settle” “It’s too hard”  
“I don’t know where to begin”
“Are there other ways to Meditate?” “Am I doing it Right?” “How long?” “What tools help?”
“I fall asleep?” “I have issues sleeping”

If you’ve ever said any of these things and wanted to receive all the benefits of meditation, then this workshop is for you.

I will teach Meditation 101 on November 30th. You learn how to achieve the great benefits in a style that meets you where you are. Join me in this workshop hosted by Sip and Skill (see Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sipandskill/?fref=ts ).  Go to the Sip and Skill Facebook for details and the website to sign up and tell them I referred you. Space is limited so sign up today. https://www.sipandskill.com/

Cultivating Your Meditation Practice
This workshop is for YOU IF..  
*you want to discover what meditation is like and its benefits
*you want to try meditating to see if it is for you
* you want to BEGIN meditating and don’t know how.
* you’ve started a practice and want help boosting your benefits
* you enjoy meditation and want to expand your know-how and tools.

What you Learn…
* Learn about meditation and how it can benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally.  It can help rewire your brain.  

* Learn Powerful tools making it easier for you to meditate and create a style all your own.

* Learn my personal Invaluable secrets to increase your meditation benefits

*Learn what you need to begin meditating

* As my private clients have told me, you will feel “empowered and have fun”

*Experience guided meditation

I teach interactively…so there will be multiple exercises throughout the1 1/2 hour event and q/a throughout.

Meditation changed my life and I love helping other people access the benefits-mind, body & spirit.  Please join me on the evening of November 30th for a fun and interactive experience. Head to www.sipandskill.com and sign up today as space is limited and tell them I referred you. https://www.sipandskill.com/ See you there.

Healthy individuals, Healthy Families and Healthy Communities By Troy Ismir

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Health & Wellness
Healthy individuals, Healthy Families and Healthy Communities By Troy Ismir

This episode of the Divine Wellness Academy radio show is on how we can work together to create a healthy environment for ourselves, our families and our communities.  Chad Garmon will be discussing how working together as a community can strengthen spirit, mind and body.

Chad Garmon is the Executive Director of Christian initiatives and community partnerships at the YMCA of Central Florida.   The YMCA of Central Florida is one of the largest nonprofits committed to strengthening communities across Central Florida with services in more than 100 neighborhoods.  Chad’s role is to put the C for Christian back into the YMCA.

Lesley Johnston-Woo – Exploring the Science, Philosophy, Practice and Benefits of Meditation

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7th Wave
Lesley Johnston-Woo – Exploring the Science, Philosophy, Practice and Benefits of Meditation

Lesley Johnston-Woo Bio Pic

Meditation brings balance, concentration, strength and calm into your body and life. It reduces stress and aging, while increasing attention span. It improves brain function, metabolism, immunity and sleep.

Anyone can meditate, it only takes a few minutes each day and the benefits are amazing!
Join us as Lesley Johnston-Woo shares her wisdom, experience and insight into the world of meditation.

Don’t miss your opportunity to ask questions by calling or emailing the show.
Call 1-866-472-5795 or emailHello@SundraHealing.com.

Listen Live Monday, April 25 at 9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. Tuesday following the show you can stream or download this episode.

Fall Garden Guide, Pearl’s Premium, Exercise

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Fall Garden Guide, Pearl’s Premium, Exercise

jackson Madnick, Zoe, Cynthia

with Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio brought to the airwaves under the auspices of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity, LIVE, since 1998.
This hour is fun, informative, and lively. Join us!

Autumn is with us. The sun is still scorching our soils with heat during the days while the nights offer chilly dew. The fall season is the best time to take care of garden chores before winter arrives. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian sets the stage for fall gardening.

With the drought parching the soils of the West, how can we be environmentally friendly and still enjoy a green lawn? Enter Massachusetts citizen scientist, Jackson Madnick who spent years researching a combination of seven seed grasses from around the world that needs minimal water and mowing. He name his company Pearl’s Premium after his mother and today more than 300,000 American lawns boast his invention. Customers call it “grass without the guilt.” Jackson and his service dog, Zoe join Cynthia Brian to watch the waterless grass grow.

Do you exercise? Do you enjoy keeping your body, mind, and spirit in shape? There is nothing better for the soul than shaking your body and dancing around like a wild person. Cynthia Brian helps you rock out with pleasure with The Gift of Exercise from her award winning book, Be the Star You Are!® 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference.
Jackson Madnick
Jackson Madnick’s Bio:
Jackson Madnick is an award-winning environmental advocate, sustainable lawn expert and entertaining speaker. He has been cited by 2 White Houses, the United Nations, Al Gore, John Glen and numerous environmental groups for his environmental advocacy. Jackson is literally one of a “Thousand Points of Light.”

Listen at Voice America

Listen at StarStyle Radio with photos and descriptions

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The award winning positive talk radio program, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® broadcasts on the Voice America Empowerment Channel LIVE every Wednesday from 4-5pm Pt/7-8pm ET.  Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany are the Mother/Daughter dynamic duo who have been co-hosting this program live weekly since 1998 bringing upbeat, life enhancing conversation to the world. With Cynthia’s expertise in interviewing the trailblazers, authors, and experts and Heather’s healthy living segments, these Goddess Gals are your personal growth coaches helping you to jumpstart your life while igniting your flame of greatness.
Brought to the airwaves under the auspices of the literacy and positive media charity, Be the Star You Are!®, each program will pump your energy to help you live, love, laugh, learn, and lead.

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Cynthia Brian talks about the empowering outreach programs offered by Be the Star You Are!® charity.

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Accessing The Moment, an excerpt from Practical Enlightenment

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7th Wave


Accessing The Moment
An excerpt from Practical Enlightenment
by Ariel & Shya Kane

The mind plans. The mind thinks. The mind draws upon what it already knows, rearranging a finite set of data in an attempt to create something new. This isn’t a problem. This is normal. In fact it’s something people routinely do when organizing their days. But enlightenment includes something else. It includes accessing this moment rather than being lost in thought. It includes an active engagement with your environment and the people who inhabit it. It also includes saying Yes to how your life is currently unfolding rather than being fearfully preoccupied with worries from the past projected into a fantasy future.

Each of us is encased in a forward-thinking machine that references the past in order to improve upon what has gone before. And so, we fear the future, afraid of doing our lives “wrong,” of making bad choices, of falling behind, of not getting ahead, not reaching our goals, of dying or enduring the death of a loved one.

When you’re living in a state of fear, you are not accessing the moment. When you fall prey to your fearful mind and the machine that drives you forward, you lose your experience of the interconnectedness we all share. You lose sight of God Consciousness, your higher self, your connection to the Vedas, to the oneness of all – depending on how you wish to view or term it.

You have the potential at any given moment to be in sync with life and with the universe at large. Your universe is taking care of you right now and it’s going to take care of you in the future. You never need to scheme, connive or manipulate to make it work out the way you think it ought to be or the way you would prefer. The current moment of now is perfect and you don’t need to be different than you are to survive it.

The challenge is that we’ve all been raised in cultures based in survival. The forward-thinking nature of our cultures drive us toward future fulfillment or satisfaction that is never forthcoming because it dismisses the current moment in favor of some future “better” moment. When you strive to achieve what you think will be better, there is no satisfaction because all you have is the current moment. Even if you achieve your goal, satisfaction will elude you because this moment leads to the next moment, which leads to the next moment and if you’re dissatisfied right now, the future will arrive as an extension of your current dissatisfaction. You are dissatisfied whenever you think that something else in the future will be “it,” and what you have or where you are isn’t “it.”

The simple truth is that the current moment is all there is. The technology of Instantaneous Transformation allows us to step out of that survival dynamic if we choose to and discover a creative lifestyle – one in which we’re not only driven to achieve and accumulate wealth but one where we can also experience our lives. The game of self-realization, of living a transformational lifestyle, requires us to retrain our values. It involves reining in our predisposition to strive for a future fulfillment so we can appreciate what is happening in life right now. The mechanical predisposition to upset and irritability can be dissolved if you honestly see it and feel it without blaming the circumstances for how you feel. It is about being in the midst of whatever is happening rather than doing anything about it. This “being here” allows for the completion of your forward-thinking nature. All it takes is a moment to be in sync with your life once again. All it takes is saying Yes to how your life is showing up – right now, even if circumstances are not meeting your preferences…and even when they are.


This article is an excerpt from Ariel & Shya Kanes’ new book, Practical Enlightenment, now available on Amazon.com.

Since 1987, internationally acclaimed authors, seminar leaders, radio show hosts and business consultants Ariel and Shya Kane have acted as guides, leading people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. Find out more about the Kanes, their seminars in NYC, in the UK, Germany and Costa Rica, the Say YES to Your Life! Meetups their work has inspired, their Being Here radio show or join their email newsletter. Also get information about their four award-winning books.

The Fear Cure: It’s the Art of Well-Being

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Lissa Rankin, M.D., physician, speaker, New York Times bestselling author & Founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute. After years as a practicing OB/GYN physician, Lissa Rankin decided there had to be a better way to live into her purpose for becoming a physician in the first place. She stepped away from the conventional practice of healthcare, but not away from caring for the health and well being of people. Observing the mind-body connection in healing with patients, Lissa set out to learn what makes it work for some and not others. She wrote Mind Over Medicine to tell the story. Her new book The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul provides a look into fear as an inhibitor to healing, with a plan to move beyond it. Are you curious? Join Cheryl Esposito & Dr. Lissa Rankin to learn the art of well-being, Friday May 29, 2015 at 10:00 am Pacific Time on ‘Leading Conversations‘.

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