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Considering aspects of Hypnosis

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Health & Wellness
Considering aspects of Hypnosis

Hi my name is Ines Simpson and I have a weekly podcast on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel called Hypnosis-Everywhere. You can listen here

A little post here for those of you wondering about this world of Hypnosis…

Wondering where to begin?

Where to start?
In my life I have always used Mentors, some good, some not so good, some I was aware I was using ( or modelling) some I never realized until later.

Sometimes it was deliberate and measured.

Jerry Kein was a tremendous Mentor to me. He didn’t call me up, or come to my house, but his work, his videos, his presentations at the NGH – at all of those of those venues and in all his teachings I could get access too – I was his student.

Now I find, I am in the position of mentoring others – and it’s wonderful and humbling. And I really, really enjoy helping Hypnotists, experienced and brand new to move through situations they are unsure of, and helping them with more exciting work with them on new ideas or processes that they want to try.

Sometimes its when you get a series of clients that you can’t seem to shift – and you need a different pair of eyes, or different track of experience to make all that work. Sometimes it’s for confidence in a certain technique, or insight into a new way of doing old things to achieve the results you are looking for. Whatever it is – it’s a collaboration on an aspect of your practice or coming practice that moves it forward.

And rather than be haphazard about this, or turn people away because I am running out of time – I have decided to make it a part of my Hypnosis practice – set aside time and schedule to work with those who want to work through things.

Mentoring as a practice. For the absolute Beginner – or Someone already with a little or more experience

FOR the Beginner:
 For the absolute Beginner – instead of a fixed formal course I am putting together an online  course you can follow at your pace – there will be all the details here when its done – in the meantime you can email me for more info now
FOR Someone already working or has a little experience:
I made a video explaining this a little more – you can see it here ;

And there’s a webpage with more details here

If you want to work through some things in your Hypnosis work, or , as I mentioned, you are just getting started and want some firm foundations, or expand your practice, clarify some methods or techniques – give me a call or email me and we can chat and see if there’s a way I can help that works for you (and me – of course – its always about me too!!)

If you just want to go through some things that will confirm you are on the right track.
If you want to get back on track!
Let’s see what we can do

Ines Simpson

What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??

Posted by presspass on
Health & Wellness
What’s this Hypnosis Stuff all about anyway??
Does Hypnosis Work?? Can I be Hypnotized? Will it change me forever??
My name is Ines Simpson and I have the weekly podcast – Hypnosis-Everywhere on Voice America Health & Wellness Channel
Let’s chat about this Hypnosis thing
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring event, an essential occurring event in our lives – like breathing, or walking, or laughing – its a thing we do many times a day – every day. Hypnosis is the way the Mind works. Its call focused attention. It allows us to become immersed in a book, or a movie, or another person ( we call this Love). It allows us to focus on a sport (getting in the zone) – exceeding past the place we thought we never could.
That’s what we do – naturally – all the time.
Creating Hypnosis on purpose, however, allows us to create change – positive change in our lives.
I have this little FREE book you can download with the link below – have a look – its FREE – but valuable as it offers up a lot of information. And will continue this discussion about what Hypnosis is and isnt and how valuable it can be for you – when you take advantage of it.
If you have never taken a course or have. If you’ve never had a session with Hypnosis or have – but you’ve wondered what is it with this Hypnosis deal?  Feel free to check out this book.
Or you’ve had some experience and wondered what else there may be – go ahead check out this book.
If you wonder if there is any money in it – and what kind of career it may be – full or part-time – go ahead and download this book – feel free

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