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Here Comes Climate Change for Business Continuity Professionals

Posted by rstapholz on
Here Comes Climate Change for Business Continuity Professionals

Join me May 12, 2022 at 1PM EST!

Climate Change is one of – if not the most – important issue facing individuals, communities, organizations, and the world today. It’s become a key component that many Business Continuity (BC) professionals must address; from the Risk Analysis (RA) to the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), to preparedness and response plans.

I talk with noted industry expert Margaret Millett about what BC professionals can do to address Climate Change concerns in their organizations.

We talk about:

1. Historical Information (cities, species…),

2. Risks and Impacts,

3. The challenge facing the BC profession and professional,

4. Considerations for organizations,

5. What opportunities exist for the BC industry/professional?,

6. Getting ahead of the Climate Change risk,

7. The Risk Analysis (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA),

8. Policy and standards,

9. Company response (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery),

10. Metrics,

11. Sharing information with Leadership and the Board of Directors…and more.

It’s an insightful discussion on how we as professionals, can address the challenges Climate Change posses us and our organizations. Enjoy!


A Practical Guide to Building Supply Chain Resilience w/ Paul Raw

Posted by presspass on
A Practical Guide to Building Supply Chain Resilience w/ Paul Raw

Join me September 16, 2021 at 9am EST!

Supply Chain Management and building resiliency within your supply chain is more than thinking about finding alternate suppliers. I talk with recognized Supply Chain Management industry expert Paul Raw, about what really makes up a good Supply Chain Management system and the considerations that organizations often overlook – or don’t even know about. We’ll touch on how the supply chain can be managed effectively using risk identification and risk management practices. Paul will also talk about he Resiliency Cycle (Prevention, Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery) using real-world examples and some personal experiences. Paul takes Supply Chain Management and Resiliency into a much more detailed world.

Don’t miss it!

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