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Using Project Management in Disaster Management

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Using Project Management in Disaster Management

Join me April 15/21, at 9am EST!

Project Management is a skill set that is used in many situations, even when we don’t think it’s needed. Dr. Desiree Beekharry talk to us about how Project Management is used during times of Natural Disasters and how it’s various aspects are used to help with Disaster Management practices overall. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between traditional Project Management approaches and Natural Disaster Management concepts, while identifying the challenges and complexities with both. Dr. Beekharry will also provide insight on how Disaster Management and Project Management professionals need to be Agile in their approach to responding to disasters and outlines some of the challenges that can be encountered.

Having promoted the benefits of Project Management skills for years in our Disaster/Business Continuity industry, I found Dr. Beekharry’s talk to be very educational.

Don’t miss it!

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Prophecies to Help You Be Prepared and to Heal the Earth

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7th Wave
Prophecies to Help You Be Prepared and to Heal the Earth


This episode of Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit is a perfect example of how we can all find the silver lining in challenging situations. Psychic Dawon shares with us, among other things, some predictions about the natural disasters that seem to be increasing with more earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding being reported almost daily. Our purpose is not to cause fear, but to create awareness and to be realistic. From that perspective, we can be prepared but even more importantly, we can choose to help prevent some of the predictions or to lessen their impact. Hope and positive action is our silver lining, and Dawon tells you exactly what you can do. You need to listen to this on-demand show and share it widely.

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