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A Resilient You: Practicing an Effective Continuity Culture at Home & Work

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A Resilient You: Practicing an Effective Continuity Culture at Home & Work

Join me Thursday, Sep 1/22, at 1pm EST!

I talk with award-winning IT, Continuity, Resilience, Risk and Security professional and noted resilience expert, Modebola Olowu. Modebola talks about personal resilience and how we can cultivate a practice the will work effectively at home and in the workplace.

We touch on subjects such as:

1. What is resilience and the difference between the workplace and home,

2. Characteristics of personal resilience?

3. The art of Kintsugi? (This is a great analogy for resilience and I urge everyone to go find your gold!!),

4. Cultivating Resilience,

5. The Me Strategy,

6. The Proactive Strategy,

7. The Community Strategy,

8. Crises and their Opportunities, and

2020-10-29 - YOUTUBE - Banner.jpg9. Way’s to identify opportunities in crisis (e.g., change your perspective, find the ‘loophole’ etc.).

It’s clear that Modebola is quite passionate about personal resilience, and it comes across during our discussion. With allot of resilience talk focusing on technology, processes, and systems, Modebola teaches us how to take a step back and look at ourselves…our gold.


Real Challenges and People Share Their Collaborations By David B. Savage

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Real Challenges and People Share Their Collaborations By David B. Savage

2017 Break Through To Yes with Collaboration, David B. Savage Show Episodes;
# First Broadcast Theme Featured Guests
1 January 26th Collaboration and Leadership Bob Acton & David Mitchell
2 February 2nd Collaboration and Sports Tristen Chernove & Martin Parnell
3 February 9th Collaboration and Organizational Culture Mike Thompson &
Stephen Hobbs
4 February 16th Collaboration, Company Dispute Resolution, and Mindfulness Julie Murray
5 February 23rd Collaboration and Critical Thinking in This Age of Lies Doreen Liberto & Chuck Rose
6 March 2nd Collaboration, Europe, and Rotary International Elisabeth Delaygue Bevan & Florian Wackermann
7 March 9th Collaboration and Human Sexual Trafficking Cliff Wiebe & Lance Kadatz
8 March 16th Collaboration, Human Resources and Global Networks   Amy Schabacker Dufrane & Japman Bajaj
9 March 23rd Collaboration, Secret Marathons and Going the Extra Mile Martin Parnell, Kate McKenzie, & Shawn Anderson
10 March 30th Collaboration, Leadership and Disruptive Technologies Alice Reimer & Jim Gibson
11 April 6th Collaboration, Negotiation, and Mediation Jeff Cohen
12 April 13th Collaborative Global Initiative Tool Kit;  a panel on solutions to current challenges Doreen Liberto, Kathy Porter & Jeff Cohen
13 April 20th Global Audience Live Call In  
discussions on collaboration, negotiation, dispute resolution, and systems design. You are the guest

It’s Up to You By Ariel & Shya Kane

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7th Wave
It’s Up to You By Ariel & Shya Kane

“I’m an optimist because I’ve found you have more opportunities that way.” – Matt Vetri

Would you like to have a consistent “hum” of well-being running through your life rather than having circumstances determine how you feel? Join Ariel and Shya and special guest Menna van Praag as they bring to light how Being Here during life’s challenges can do just that. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-866-472-5795!

Listen Live this Wednesday, August 3rd at 9am PST / 12pm EST on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel.

After this Wednesday, you can stream or download this episode and over 400 episodes on a wide variety of topics from our archives here.
You can also subscribe to BEING HERE on iTunes!

Crossroads of Life

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Crossroads of Life


Have you ever found yourself in a position where all you have worked toward is right in front of you, but instead of a simple black and white decision you are presented with a handful of options? None clear cut. None with reassurance of long term happiness.
This situation embodies one of the most complicated tasks any of us will face in life – the concept of making the right decision. Every few seconds we have the opportunity to change our lives, our careers, our future, and the lives of many others, some of which we will never meet.

You already have the tools to succeed. It’s simply a mindset you need to access at the crossroads of life. Success is right there on the horizon. The question remains, how do you navigate the path ahead?
Here are some keys to weathering life’s crossroads:
1. Have a little faith and trust your gut. We all know, deep within ourselves, what we need to do — what we know, how to think, when to trust — during times of crisis. We can learn to access and trust our innate wisdom; it is personal and always available. When we don’t follow our inner guidance, we feel a loss of power and energy.
2. Move ahead with purpose. Pick one option, commit to it, and get moving with focused intention. Climb that mountain.
3. Take in the scenery. Once you’re moving, you’ll quickly feel whether it’s the right direction for you. Be in the moment and respect the value of being here and now. Allow yourself to feel the feedback that comes from action.
4. Adjust your course accordingly. Evaluate where there is room for improvement. Consider all the factors that led to the consequences and adjust your course and move forward with an increased awareness of how to navigate the path ahead.

Life’s too short to remain stuck. Life is experiential and full of difficult decisions. Every day holds new opportunities to learn and grow. Take life in your own hands and trust all you’ve learned and your inner wisdom. Enjoy the empowerment of traveling new paths and climbing the mountain. Readjust as needed and discover new heights. As W. Clement Stone once said, “Aim for the moon, if you miss it you may hit a star.”

Tune in to Intentional Living Mondays at 7am PST

Pay it Forward

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Pay it Forward


       Kantha is a highly successful consultant who attributes all of her success to one simple concept: Paying it Forward. She has never had to pitch companies to get hired. High-end businesses just seem to flock to her! You might be asking yourself, “how?” How does Kantha “pay it forward” to reach greater success? The answer is quite simple. She approaches each conversation or interaction in life as an opportunity to leave the other person or audience with a gift. She makes her No. 1 goal to give to her peers! Success follows! To listen to Kantha’s tips on generating new business and success by “paying it forward,” tune in to Wealthy Thoughts with Richard Levy on Monday, December 2, 2013 (12 p.m. PST, 2 p.m. CST, 3 p.m. EST). You will not want to miss this interview!

Tune into Wealthy Thoughts Every Monday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on Voiceamerica Empowerment Channel. Listen to this weeks episode “Pay it Forward” with host Richard Levy as he interviews his guest Kantha.

Do you catch yourself thinking negatively sometimes? Do you carry around a lot of suppressed anger or envy towards others? If so, these thoughts could be holding you back from success without you even realizing it! “Wealthy Thoughts” with Richard Levy will empower you to live a more positive and prosperous life. Richard believes that there are certain thoughts and actions that attract wealth, while others repel it. During this show, Richard provides CLEAR and SIMPLE direction for anyone seeking a positive lifestyle change.  Our Topics include  releasing negativity, anger and abusive relationships, improving health, overcoming debt, following your life’s passion, attracting your dream job and/or soul mate, eliminating fears, the power of affirmations, and more.


Opportunity and Adventure by Maria Rodriguez

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Opportunity and Adventure by Maria Rodriguez

Opportunity Photo


“Is this an opportunity to consider or a problem to solve?”, so asked America, an intuitive consultant. She was referring to my fretting about how we could afford the remodeling project we were considering. I quickly shifted from a state of agitation to one of cautious excitement. I could feel the power of choice- there was nothing that I had to do, only something that I could choose to do…with proper planning and precaution.

How often do we miss the opportunities hidden within possibilities like this one, worrying instead about all of the risks? Similarly, how often do we miss adventures hidden within losses- of a job, of a marriage; of any loss we didn’t want and didn’t choose?

With those that aren’t as obvious, sometimes all it takes is a shift in attitude and mindset, an embracing of the spirit of Opportunities and Adventures (the giddy anticipation of the child within and the uplift shown in the photo above), and a leap of faith in action.  Try it, you’ll see.


Healer, Teacher, Circle Leader and host of the show Cour De Grace on VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel. Maria Rodriguez has served in these ways in her 25 years as a clinical social worker. These roles have been enhanced by Maria’s gifted Channeling. She receives words, processes and images full of wonder and of truth that can speak to us all, adding Infinite Possibilities to our lives.

Maria believes that together we can see more clearly, shift more deeply and move forward more swiftly. In light of this, she developed a model for Breaking Our Toxic Shame Cycles: Healing Ourselves and Our Relationships, a model that has led many to profound spiritual and psychological transformation. Maria is also the founder of Sacred Spaces, her counseling work of partnering with each person to remove these barriers and to access and embrace the Sacred Spaces, within us, between us, and around us.

Through Cour de Grace and the VoiceAmerica talk radio show, Maria will share much of the wisdom she has gained from the pain and triumphs of her own journey and from being a co-journeyer with others. Maria believes that none of us need live any longer bound by shame and that our journey is one of moving towards leading a life we love to live, ever uncovering the essence of who we are, bringing higher intentions wherever we tread. All with grace, for the good of all that is.


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