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Employee Characteristics that Promote Resilience

Posted by Alex Fullick on
Employee Characteristics that Promote Resilience

Join me Thursday, June 8/23 at 1pm EST! I’m joined by researcher and author, Dr. Robert Sinclair, who talks about the personal characteristics that can be used to promote resilience. Despite what many have been saying, resilience isn’t something you can simply state yo are or that an organization can initiate.

During out chat, Dr Sinclair touches on:

1. Defining resilience (it’s more than you think),

2. Capacity for resilience and the Demonstration of resilience,

3. Stressors,

4. Characteristics of resilience,

5. Leadership and resilience,

6. Discuss the POWER model,

7. Organizational participation in creating resilience,

8. The dark side of resilience,

9. Tips for individuals about resilience…and more.

Dr Sinclair provides some insight into resilience not many are covering. It’s not something you buy off a shelf or simply implement – it’s much more personal than that. Enjoy!


Embedding Business Continuity / Resilience into your Organization

Posted by rstapholz on
Embedding Business Continuity / Resilience into your Organization

Join me August 18/22 at 1pm EST!

Embedding Business Continuity and Resilience into an organization can seem a daunting task. I I talk with BC and Resilience specialist Gary Stevenson about how we can do this and what we should consider.

We discuss:

1. Define the term embedding,

2. The importance of awareness and the different levels of awareness required,

3. Steven’s personal experiences with embedding BC in his organization (the good and the bad),

4. Recommendations for getting an embedding initiative started,

5. How to be flexible with your approach to embedding BC, and

6. The challenges, and how to overcome them.

A great conversation with Gary, who helps us better understand how to embed BC into our organizations for success. Enjoy!


CEO Perspective: 6 Ways to Become a Stronger Leader

Posted by Editor on
CEO Perspective: 6 Ways to Become a Stronger Leader


Gary Ross was interviewed on the Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations show 0n 7/28/15. As a summery, here are 6 tips to becoming a stronger leader Gary learned from his work as a CEO over the past 16 years, He has served successfully as President/CEO of four different organizations, ranging from $10M to $150M in revenues. He has improved financial performance and value creation within both large public technology and private family companies.

Under his newly formed company, Ross Innovations LLC, Gary has completed successful confidential engagements with CEOs of several software and technology service companies to help them drive specific value-creation initiatives.

Here are Gary’s 6 tips in his own words. Learn more on the recorded show.

1. Evaluate YOU

I took an article that listed the ‘8 Qualities That Make Unforgettable Bosses’ and cross-mapped it against my four President roles – and graded myself from 1-10.  You know what I found?  The roles where I led with passion, I performed the best!

2. Focus on RESULTS

Activity does not equal results.  Focus on accomplishing a lot of goals in a short amount of time.  While at Astute in just under 3 years, we successfully closed on a private equity sale, acquired a company, broke into new international markets, and grew recurring revenue 38% per year!

3. Be creative and open to new IDEAS

Get to know your customers and how you can help them succeed.  Get to know the market you are in and look for other markets to target.  Listen to your associates ideas.  I developed the Growth Cube TM strategic planning tool as a new and innovative way to unlock the growth within companies!

4. Stand for something personally – BEYOND CEO

I am a family man, a man of faith and overall continue to push myself to be a better man.  I work with others on how to increase their Personal Value.  I speak to groups on ‘How to Overcome Major Life Challenges!’ where I give specific tips on how to strengthen yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually!


I believe my role as the CEO is to set the direction, make sure we achieve our company goals, increase the speed with which we operate, and in general function as the organization spark plug!

6. SYNCH UP your Financial model and your Leadership model

To get growth, we need to build a growth culture.  I accomplish this by implementing the inverted pyramid.  This is designed to focus the organization on the customer at the top of the inverted pyramid (Raving Customers) and those who support the customer (Raving Associates).

Want to hear more details?

Listen to recording on Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations show. The interview also includes Jodi Curran, who worked with Gary at his last 3 companies: Emerson, Cott Systems, and Astute Solutions.

To Create the Future, Change the Conversation

Posted by Editor on

Peter Block photo 1

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Peter Block award winning author, thought leader, and consultant to corporate, government, and community organizations in the realm of empowerment, stewardship, chosen accountability, and the reconciliation of community.

Peter’s many books include The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters, which won the Independent Book Publisher Book Award for Business Breakthrough Book of the Year; and Community: The Structure of Belonging. Peter suggests that our major challenge in moving toward a relevant future is to focus on what we can create, rather than what problems we can solve. He has stopped talking about what’s wrong and how to fix it. Instead, he observes, “Nothing new gets created by better problem solving or by focusing on low-hanging fruit,” he says. “No matter how sophisticated we are as a learning organization, if our conversations are limited to measurable outcomes, we are simply getting better at a system, not creating a new future.”

Want to know how to do this? Join Cheryl Esposito & Peter Block on ‘Leading Conversations‘ to explore creating the future by changing the conversation!

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