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What You Should Know About Supply Chain Continuity Management

Posted by rstapholz on
What You Should Know About Supply Chain Continuity Management

Join me July 14/22 at 1pm EST!

If the COVID19 global pandemic has taught organizations anything, it’s to develop a stronger focus on their supply chain. I speak with Supply Chain Management (SCM) expert Matthias Rosenberg about what you should know about SCM to help your organizations and communities deal with disruptions in a proactive and positive manner.

We talk about:

1. Defining Supply Chain Management,

2. The different perspectives on Supply Chain (e.g., Corporate view vs. SCM view),

3. SCM complexities,

4. Supply Chain Continuity Management (SCCM),

5. The SCCM Lifecycle (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Validation…),

6. SCCM solution options,

7. SCCM/SCM challenges, and

8. Some quick tips for professionals and organizations.

It’s an in depth talk about SCM you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!


A Practical Guide to Building Supply Chain Resilience w/ Paul Raw

Posted by presspass on
A Practical Guide to Building Supply Chain Resilience w/ Paul Raw

Join me September 16, 2021 at 9am EST!

Supply Chain Management and building resiliency within your supply chain is more than thinking about finding alternate suppliers. I talk with recognized Supply Chain Management industry expert Paul Raw, about what really makes up a good Supply Chain Management system and the considerations that organizations often overlook – or don’t even know about. We’ll touch on how the supply chain can be managed effectively using risk identification and risk management practices. Paul will also talk about he Resiliency Cycle (Prevention, Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery) using real-world examples and some personal experiences. Paul takes Supply Chain Management and Resiliency into a much more detailed world.

Don’t miss it!

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“Excuse Me, Doctor! I’ve Got What?” & “Sexual Euphoria”

Posted by Editor on
“Excuse Me, Doctor! I’ve Got What?” & “Sexual Euphoria”

Kathryn interviews patient advocate Melissa Clarke MD, author of “Excuse Me, Doctor! I’ve Got What?”. For patients diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer, the fear of not knowing what to do next can distance them from staying active in their healthcare. Harvard-educated physician Melissa Clarke MD helps consumers make informed decisions about their healthcare, with special attention to understanding the new changes in the Affordable Care Act. Kathryn also interviews relationship expert George Moufarrej, author of “Sexual Euphoria: A Complete Guide for Men and Women”. If you have to ask yourself if your relationship with your partner is healthy or not, chances are it is not. So what happens next? Relationship expert George Moufarrej discusses what is necessary for a successful relationship and what couples can do if their relationship is unstable or unhealthy. Moufarrej has been featured in Cosmopolitan, CNN and The Huffington Post.

Kathryn Zox is your Social Worker with a Microphone™. She’s informative and fun and opens up the mike with conversations that women need to hear. The Kathryn Zox Show is savvy and relationship oriented. Kathryn has counseled hundreds of women and their families who have suffered from eating disorders, addiction problems, marital, family and geriatric issues as well as persons coping with mental and physical disabilities. She combines her feminine perspective, social work skills and acting talents to produce a show that’s smart, upbeat, informative, sometimes irreverent, but never boring! Tune in Wednesdays at 7 AM/PT, 10 AM/ET to The Kathryn Zox Show be a part of Kathryn’s lively interviews on wealth, health, kids, divorce, travel, menopause, recipes, diets, and relationships. Serious and not so serious topics include hair loss, weight gain, face lifts, obsession, and rejection and even male contraception. That’s the Kathryn Zox Show, right here on VoiceAmerica.



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