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Is My Tax Data Safe & Secure? How Safe is My Personal Information?

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Is My Tax Data Safe & Secure? How Safe is My Personal Information?

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No one can fully guarantee the security of personal information. What can be done is take all possible precautions to physically and electronically protect personal information. When you take your personal information to a tax professional, you expect them to only use your information for tax preparation purposes. You also expect that your personal information will be securely stored both physically and electronically. In this episode Marcelino Dodge, EA  explains policies and procedures a tax professional should have in place to protect your data from both physical attacks and electronic attacks. Click here for suggestions of what you can ask before even providing your information to a tax professional.

Soul Genesis: Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary

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7th Wave
Soul Genesis: Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary

Paul Holly John

On Thursday October 30th 1pm Pacific on the 7th Wave channel, Paul & Holly introduce Holly’s father, a channel and author of 27 books. Who will share with you his personal story from Engineer to Channel.
He will share with you some very eye opening wise teachings from higher dimensions about the current great changes underway, Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary.

To ask questions about this or other topics call in live dial 866-472-5795. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to Email any questions for The High Council of Orion, Paul or Holly to Paul@Soul-Genesis.com

Join us LIVE Thursday 1pm Pacific time, 4pm Eastern time.


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