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How do you define LOVE? By Beth Bell

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How do you define LOVE? By Beth Bell

LOVE IS PROJECT on The Beth Bell Radio Show

Have you ever wished you could make a big impact on the world?  Hear all about the LOVE IS PROJECT on Tuesdays episode of The Beth Bell show as she interviews the Founder, Chrissie Lam. She’ll share detail on how she traveled the globe asking people how they defined love.  The answers were astonishing.  In combination she realised there was constant media exposure about stories of fear, war, displacement and terrorism.  These were overwhelming and brought awareness that we were lacking the real stories about love.   So the project started as an experiment in the human connection and the exponential power of love.  Today it’s grown into a thriving movement.

This simple yet profound question has taken Chrissie around the world with a single handmade bracelet emblazoned with the word LOVE.  The answers are compiled in the #loveisproject and contains answers from 600 people from 40 countries over a six-month period of time.  The journey spanned the globe.

For 12 years, Chrissie worked as a Concept Designer in the fashion industry in New York City. It was a dream job as she explored new cities and countries, finding the latest trends and inspirations which also lead to meeting interesting people. However, despite its perks, something was missing. She was searching for ways to integrate fashion for social good.  Her first foray into the philanthropic sector was a during a 3 month sabbatical in Rwanda in 2008. She connected graphic designers to nonprofit organizations in East Africa to rebrand and design graphic tees to raise money and awareness for women’s sexual violence, genocide documentation and school fees and supplies for children.

In 2012, these efforts naturally dovetailed into The Supply Change, a consultancy that was started to develop more socially-conscious sourcing options for the fashion industry. The Supply Change connects artisan groups to brands and creates concepts and products for those collaborations.

The success of the project showed an appetite for something different. Technology keeps us connected, yet we are disconnected in real life. This was an experiment in the human connection and the exponential power of love.

Chrissie Lam is on a mission of LOVE which resonates with the  host, Beth Bell’s mission  of “Pollinating the Planet with Love”.  Hear the dynamic conversation  between these two ladies to learn more about how you too can find and follow your life passions and purpose.

Listen in on the Beth Bell Radio Show on Voice America Empowerment Channel Tuesdays at 5pm PT

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A Better World for Kids on BetterWorldians Radio

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A Better World for Kids on BetterWorldians Radio


Can our kids help make the world a better place? A Better World thinks so! This week we’re discussing a new crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign to create a safe, online, family-friendly game. A Better World for Kids is a virtual world game where kids help adults to save the day through positive actions and attitude.

A Better World is the same Do-Good Games and Apps company that launched BetterWorldians Radio last year to expand its mission and highlight people around the globe who are doing good. You’ve been listening to Ray, MarySue, and Greg ever since!

This year, A Better World is embarking on a new mission to make the world better for kids, but they need your support! On this week’s episode, you’ll learn all about their new game concept A Better World for Kids and how you can help them reach their fundraising goal to produce and distribute the game.

Tune in to BetterWorldians Radio to learn more about the Kickstarter campaign for A Better World for Kids!


BetterWorldians Radio inspires you with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place. Learn how doing good leads to feeling good, and hear how small acts make a big difference, all around the world, everyday.

BetterWorldians are the experts, authors, volunteers, business owners, spiritual leaders, and everyday people dedicated in their work or craft to making this A Better World. Join us!

Topics include Altruism and Acts of Kindness, Positivity and Happiness, Self-Help and Well-being, Philanthropy and Generosity, Religion and Spirituality, among many others.

We will be doing interviews with special guests, providing updates on the BetterWorldian movement, and taking emails and live calls from people who want to change the world.

BetterWorldians Radio is a broadcast that helps Bring Out the BetterWorldian in Everyone. Listen every Thursday at 11am Eastern Time, 8 am Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Cynthia Brian Interviews Dr. My Haley, Collaborator on Roots, Author of The Treason of Mary Louvestre

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Cynthia Brian Interviews Dr. My Haley, Collaborator on Roots, Author of The Treason of Mary Louvestre


Dr. My Haley, widow and collaborator with Pulitzer Prize author Alex Haley of Roots fame, was interviewed by Cynthia Brian on Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® radio about her newest novel, The Treason of Mary Louvestre. Based on a true story of a seamstress slave who risked her life to steal plans of a Southern battleship and got them to the North in one of the worst winters in Virginia history, Dr. Haley researched the information for almost twenty years before publishing. She has written a six part series and is developing it for a TV series or film. First there was Roots, now there is The Treason of Mary Louvestre.

In the same hour, Heather Brittany brought high blood pressure issues to the listeners in Health Matters while she and Cynthia Brian discussed symptoms, risks, diet, and cures. Almost 20% of adult Americans have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. What you don’t know can kill you.  

As Executive Director of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 literacy and positive media charity, Cynthia Brian encourages everyone to dig deeper and give back through money, time, experience, skills, and networks. Learn how you can make a difference for a cause you care about deeply.

Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany are the Mother/Daughter dynamic duo who have been co-hosting this program live weekly since 1998 bringing upbeat, life enhancing conversation to the world. With Cynthia’s expertise in interviewing the trailblazers, authors, and experts and Heather’s healthy living segments, these Goddess Gals are your personal growth coaches helping you to jumpstart your life while igniting your flame of greatness. 

Brought to the airwaves under the auspices of the literacy and positive media charity, Be the Star You Are!®, each program will pump your energy to help you live, love, laugh, learn, and lead.

Tune in Wednesdays 4-5pm PT on the Empowerment Channel at Voice America.  More details at Star Style Radio.

Starstyle® Productions, LLC offer coaching for acting, media, presentations, writing, and life challenges. Cynthia Brian is available as a speaker, actor, spokesperson, writer, editor, and reviewer.http://www.Star-Style.com

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