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May Power Blessings

Posted by presspass on
May Power Blessings

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“A person of power embraces challenges in complete gratitude. No matter the situation life may bring, discontent is never justified, rather all is experienced as an opportunity and a privilege to adventure and grow.”James Ray,Author and Speaker 

cynthia brian-India mustardMESSAGE FROM CYNTHIA BRIAN 

Founder/Executive Director

Happy May! Can you believe we are in week seven of sheltering-at-home. I’m sure everyone is now a gourmet cook, expert cleaner, garden aficionado, Zoomer, and a bit stir crazy. Just how many shows can be binged watched a night?

As for me, I’m great although concerned about keeping Be the Star You Are!® alive after almost 21 years because of lack of donations. The government isn’t helping nonprofits that are all volunteer, like Be the Star You Are!®, even though we have normal business expenses to run our outreach programs. When I founded BTSYA in 1998, I chose to not take a salary and not employ staff so that all donations would totally benefit the programs and people we serve. Who knew that we’d be penalized for being frugal and sustainably sensible?


There is a silver lining! We were thrilled to be notified that we won a $500 grant from the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Gilbert Fund for our work. Roger Gilbert was a former insurance company CEO who believed in the work of non-profits. THANK YOU Gilbert Fund and NIA for believing in our work.

Green Air LogoWe also want to recognize Nicholas Donzelli and Green Air for their generous contributions to Be the Star You Are!®. This is the time to “go green”. Contact Green Air for all your energy solutions. I did, and I recommend them 100%. https://www.gogreenair.net Nick’s son, Isaiah was a teen reporter on Express Yourself! Radio and is now a thriving musician. Make sure to listen to his recent  interview with a couple of his original songs at https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/119379/play-and-music We are hoping that Isaiah will write a new musical intro for our Express Yourself!™ show.

nick donzelli-isaiah rankin-greenair1To support authors with new books and all appearances canceled, we began a new radio series on both StarStyle® and Express Yourself!® See below for more details and tune in. https://www.BetheStarYouAreRadio.com

Here in California we are on lockdown until at least May 31. You’ll find me in the garden or in my barnyard. For a bit of nature inspiration, check out Wild and Free: Press Pass: https://blog.voiceamerica.com/2020/04/30/wild-and-free/ .

Our hearts go out to all the graduates who will not get to “walk” in a ceremony or celebrate all the fun rituals of graduation. Chin up! There will be more awards and traditions for you in the near future. Use this special time for all those projects and ideas that you always said you wanted to instigate but had no time. YOU HAVE TIME NOW! I’m sure you are busy being at home, so I will sign off. Just wanted to say hello.

Find the blessings in the challenges. There is your power. Discover moments of joy. “This, too, shall pass.”

Stay positive. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. Wear a hazmat suit, if you have one! Find the humor in every moment. It will boost your immune system.

And call your Mother! Remember her on Mother’s Day. Make a donation in her name. I know that besides talking with my kids, a donation is the gift I want for Mother’s Day! https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504

Happy Mother's DayWith grace, gratitude,  and love,

Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556




P.S. During the lock-down, I am available for consultations, webinars, interviews, or speaking via on-line sources only. If interested, email cynthia@BetheStarYouAre.org or visit https://www.starstyleradio.com/coaching

DONATE: https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504


by Karen Kitchell

joy karen kitchel with millennial book

May we all savor and remember the moments of joy during 2020 so that we can share them with future generations. What I’ve learned during these last few months is when you help others, you are helping yourself. Nothing beats human kindness and compassion to lift your spirits. While self-care is important, other-care can boost your well-being in a big way.

To increase your happiness, consider ideas like these.

  • Arrange for a local restaurant to deliver pizzas to a domestic abuse shelter
  • Send a variety of snacks to a homeless shelter via Amazon
  • Email positive messages to an elderly assisted center
  • Check the list of needs at a local family shelter
  • Send “The Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu to someone struggling with job loss or isolation
  • Make peanut butter cookies and drop them off on a neighbor’s doorstep
  • Savor the green grass and daffodils like the gift they are from above

While funds are scarce for some of us, others can use their dollars saved from buying less gas or the cups of good coffee that are temporarily out of reach.  If you have a time windfall, use it to increase your happiness. Experience one act of generosity followed by a moment of joy.

Karen Kitchel penned two chapters in the book, Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World, and is a dedicated volunteer with BTSYA. She serves meals to the homeless and is a volunteer teacher, writer, job coach, and mentor.www.scatteringkindness.com


simple bouquets - 1 TSHIRT_design-2.jpg

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Please help Be the Star You Are!® and our fantastic outreach programs survive by making a donation today.

Make a DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND with 100% going to BTSYA with NO FEES:  https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504

Or send a check to Be the Star You Are!® charity, PO Box 376, Moraga, Ca. 94556.

Let us know if you’d like to be set up to make monthly donations. All are tax-deductible.


2016 Promo Banner bothshows-no picsAs part of our Be the Star You Are! COVID-19 Disaster Relief Outreach program, Be the Star You Are!® has collaborated with the Authors Guild to showcase the new books launched by many authors from around the country in a variety of genres. We will also be showcasing artists, actors, and musicians, all of whom had had their gigs canceled and are out of work. We believe in supporting creativity and believe that books, art, music, and film provide escape and joy, especially during tough times. For the next few months, make sure you are tuned in to both StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® on Wednesdays at 4pm PT for “Writers Wednesdays” LIVE http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2206/be-the-star-you-are as well as our teen program, Express Yourself!™ airing on Sundays at 3pm PT for “Super Smart Sundays”, https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2014/express-yourself

Both programs broadcast on the Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel and will be archived on that site as well as iTunes, Stitcher, etc. It’s a giant artistic festival!

For information on the line-up, visit http://www.BetheStarYouAreRadio.com 


Since we need to stay at home and only go out when absolutely necessary.  These are on-line shopping portals that will sell you what you need, offer discounts, and assist our mission as a nonprofit. Please use these web sites for all of your shopping essentials.

1. AmazonSmile donates .5% of purchases https://smile.amazon.com/ch/94-3333882

2020 Amazon smile logo 2

2. Discounted books at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shops/be_the_star_you_are_charity

3. Giving Assistant: Shop. Earn. Give! Use Giving Assistant to earn cash at 3500+ popular online stores, then donate a percentage to BTSYA:https://givingassistant.org/np#be-the-star-you-are-inc& buy from your favorite stores. Giving Assistant Icon 234x60

4. Search and GoodShop: Choose Be the Star You Are as your charity to support. You can log in with Facebook, too! https://www.goodshop.com/nonprofit/be-the-star-you-are

5. Shop at over 1300 stores on IGIVE: http://www.iGive.com/BTSYA2020 IGIVE logo

6. BTSYA Logo Store: http://btsya.rylees.net

7. Buy or Sell on EBAY:http://givingworks.ebay.com/charity-auctions/charity/be-the-star-you-are-501-c-3/1504/?favorite=link

8. Designer Clothes to Buy or Sell: https://www.unionandfifth.com/charities/be-the-star-you-are-moraga-ca/shop

9. Buy “Read, Lead, Succeed” T-shirts and tanks $19.99 at StarStyle® Store: http://www.starstylestore.net/


10. Are you a gamer, lover of new software, or other digital content? Buy all of your favorites at Humble Bundle. http://ow.ly/cYs130iN6n4

We appreciate a direct donation most of all via PAYPAL GIVING FUND at https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504

Checks can be sent to PO Box 376, Moraga, California 94556


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Positive Results: https://www.bethestaryouare.org/positive-results

About Us: https://www.bethestaryouare.org/about_us

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Contact us: https://www.bethestaryouare.org/contact

GREAT NON PROFITS REVIEWS: https://greatnonprofits.org/org/be-the-star-you-are-inc

2020-top-rated-awards-badge-embed 2020 Platinun Guidestar logo 3

GUIDESTAR: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/94-3333882

We invite you to volunteer, get involved, or make a donation. Make a DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND and PAYPAL with 100% going to BTSYA with NO FEES:  https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1504

flowering cherryClassified Ads:
If you’d like to advertise your service or product while supporting Be the Star You Are!®, we are now accepting approved ads that will benefit readers. Contact info@BetheStarYouAre.org for details.

IMay, Pray. Play, Stay! 

Be healthy, Be HOME.


Be the Star You Are!®

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556




All donations are 100% Tax Deductible according to law. Thank you!




The Power of the Christ Consciousness on the Journey of Transformation

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave
The Power of the Christ Consciousness on the Journey of Transformation

St Germain_pic

The Power of Transformation – Pathway to Enlightenment with Brigitte Boyea and St. Germain is a unique radio show series supervised, guided and directed by St. Germain, Master of Transformation, and channeled by Brigitte Boyea.

Many current world issues will be addressed. Other divine Masters and Angels as representatives of the Seven Sacred Rays will also be introduced throughout this series to offer their wisdom to the audience.

In this seventh episode of their radio show Brigitte and St. Germain will focus on the Power of the Christ Consciousness on the Journey of Transformation at a time where it is so needed to ease the wounds of humanity.

The Christ Consciousness is often depicted as a threefold flame; the flame of love, wisdom and power.

Having experienced representatives and activations of these three rays in previous episodes, St. Germain will now use the transforming powers of the violet flame to bring all of these aspects into one great whole within you. This will further awaken the “Christed Self” inside of your heart to be expressed out into a world that is in such need of love and support during these times of great change.

To complete this process you will be guided on a journey into the heart of the Cosmic Christ to receive an activation that will unify those three rays within you into the ray of universal love and oneness consciousness.

Much has been written about St. Germain, some of it true and some of it a human interpretation to conceptualize the unexplainable.  His intent for creating this radio show series is not only to assist you in the transformation of your own personal life, but also in the transformation of planet Earth through you as a channel and instrument of the Divine Hierarchy Of Light.

His main message is always one of love and empowerment to give you the courage to delve deep into your own inner Self to uncover the beauty of your true divine essence and radiance.
The Power of Transformation – Pathway to Enlightenment with Brigitte Boyea and St. Germain is broadcast live every Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern Time and 5 pm Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. Archives of this radio show series are available, too. Please go to www.voiceamerica.com under the 7th Wave Channel option and look us up for more information.

You can also visit Brigitte Boyea’s website at www.lightbridge101.com for more information on her and her services.

Mike Snyder will also add his beautiful channeled music to this radio show again to assist in the downloading and integration of the threefold flame of the Christ Consciousness that is being offered to everyone. For more information on his healing services, recorded music and events offered in the past, please visit his website at www.mikesnydercc.com.

The inspired picture of St. Germain on the VoiceAmerica host page was created by Eva Sullivan. For more information on her and her artwork, please visit her website at www.stardolphin.com.

Conscious Evolution With Barbara Marx Hubbard

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Legendary Leaders Radio Show is honored today to bring you a fascinating conversation with the well-known futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. We will hear about Barbara Marx Hubbard’s life, her work and explore ideas from two of her books, ‘Emergence: The Shift From Ego to Essence’ and ‘Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of our Social Potential.’ In this discussion you’ll learn ways to accelerate your own personal growth and evolution by awakening your higher conscious mind and deepening your relationship with your Higher Self. You’ll also discover greater peace and strength today, as you understand the bigger, evolutionary picture of what is going on naturally in our world today and be inspired to find your place in the larger scheme of things with your individual passion and higher calling. Go to http://www.7thwavechannel.com and hear ‘Legendary Leaders: Answering the Higher Calling‘ this Tuesday at 1:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm EST.

Women, Power, Hollywood, and Marilyn Monroe

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Women, Power, Hollywood, and Marilyn Monroe


The Investigation Room – Blog
VoiceAmerica Variety Channel, 3/6/15, Goodnight Marilyn: Women, Power, Hollywood, and Marilyn Monroe
The investigation Room is designed to expel fact from fiction, and probably theory from outlandish rumor. Each week if and when one of the guest shares something of use to the investigation, we will share our finding with you.
FACT – Objective and multiple sources confirm and/or there is tangible evidence to back it up.
PROBABLE THEORY – Subjective however most people can understand the line of reasoning.
OUTLANDISH RUMOR – Subjective and is a person’s point of view that no one can substantiate or see as plausible.
THEORY/FACT – We are still working to determine this. __________________________________________________________________________
This week’s guest experts included Marijane Gray, and Leslie Kasperowicz from immortalmarilyn.com.
Marijane Gray is a contributor on www.immortalmarilyn.com.
Marijane Gray:
Marilyn is multi-faceted, every fan who loves her sees a different side of her he/she can identify with
• THEORY: Self-worth is all in how you look and your appearance – Marilyn experienced that as well.
• FACT: Marilyn’s candor was remarkable. She was very open about her fears and insecurities. To be as open as she was about herself in that time and era, it was unheard of and, made her that much more relatable.
• FACT: Misquote: “To all of the girls who think you are fat because you are not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society that is ugly”
o Marilyn averaged 120 pounds and wore size 2-4; her clothes were put on modified child mannequins. The term was coined 4 years after her death, a size zero was non-existent during her lifetime.
• THEORY/FACT: Marilyn did not sleep her way to the top. She prided herself on never have being a kept woman. She was propositioned by the head by Columbia Studios, but declined it and was very famously dropped.
o “I’ve always worked hard for the sake of someday becoming a talented actress. I knew I would make it if only I kept at it and worked hard without lowering principles and pride of myself” – Marilyn in 1962
• FACT: She actively took acting, dancing and elocution classes – displayed so much drive and ambition.
• FACT: Marilyn would have absolutely been a humanitarian if she had the chance to live longer. She did charity events for St. Jude’s, Toys for Tots and Muscular Dystrophy – devoted her time to help the underdog.
Marijane describes Marilyn as hopeful

Leslie Kasperowicz is a contributor at www.immortalmarilyn.com
Leslie Kasperowicz:
• FACT: Who she was on screen was not who she actually was in real life, people often mistake her for the image she plays: the dumb blonde.
• THEORY: Marilyn’s power came from being ahead of her time – being willing to be who she was no matter what anyone else thought. She was part of the beginning of the end of Hollywood Studio System which put actors in contracts where they were stuck with a studio.
• FACT AND THEORY: Marilyn fought studios repeatedly to get the respect she deserved. She was underpaid, but what she really wanted was artistic freedom – choose her script, the kind of roles she took and how she appeared on the screen. She didn’t understand her power at the time, it took a lot of strength and courage to speak up about that.
• FACT: Marilyn was one of the first women to start her own production company – with partner Milton Green. 20th Century Fox suspended her immediately after she announced her company.
• THEORY– Did she renegotiate with Fox?
• FACT: She was still in negotiations at the time of her death, she very much wanted to go back to work. Marilyn had met with executives but, nothing was finalized at the time of her death.
• PROBABLE THEORY: There were rumors, but the only evidence was from her lawyer, who stated he had a new contract ready to sign but she passed away before then.
• PROBABLE THEORY: Fox was stringent and demanding in terms of the conditions — wanted her to publicly say she had a mental illness, fire her acting coach and representatives, etc.
• FACT: Huge misconception about Marilyn’s talent: She was always working on herself, constantly developing her craft. Worked with well-known foremost acting coaches of her era, who really believed at her – one even compared her to Marlon Brando.
• FACT: Controversial — Ella Fitzgerald: Marilyn never stepped on anyone to get to where she was, she lifted people up at every turn and was very supportive of women in Hollywood
• One word to describe Marilyn = Courageous

InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Power, Force & Foolishness: Developing Power That Helps

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave
InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Power, Force & Foolishness: Developing Power That Helps

power and force

Share your comments about power, force and foolishness in YOUR life. On our InsideOut Forum Discussion Call this morning, we explored this topic and how most of us have engaged in a preponderance of foolishness and very little real power, as defined by Beth Green. She teaches us that following the guidance of higher consciousness is the only real power. Do you agree? Do you see how much our world is dominated by the force of the ego instead? We’d love to hear your experiences on this topic.

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