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Family Mediation Group led by VoiceAmerica show host Virginia Colin wins legal services award

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Family Mediation Group led by VoiceAmerica show host Virginia Colin wins legal services award

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What does Dr. Virginia Colin, host of “Family Matters” on VoiceAmerica’s Variety channel, do when not on air? As Director of Colin Family Mediation Group LLC (CFMG), she provides family mediation services to families in Burke and other parts of northern Virginia. For 2015, the Best in Burke Award for providing legal services went to Colin Family Mediation Group. The Group is, naturally, proud, and also very happy to be able to provide valuable, low-cost assistance to families making decisions about marriage, separation, divorce, reconciliation, or other family matters. Best of Burke 2015 CFMG award v2

To Create the Future, Change the Conversation

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Peter Block award winning author, thought leader, and consultant to corporate, government, and community organizations in the realm of empowerment, stewardship, chosen accountability, and the reconciliation of community.

Peter’s many books include The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters, which won the Independent Book Publisher Book Award for Business Breakthrough Book of the Year; and Community: The Structure of Belonging. Peter suggests that our major challenge in moving toward a relevant future is to focus on what we can create, rather than what problems we can solve. He has stopped talking about what’s wrong and how to fix it. Instead, he observes, “Nothing new gets created by better problem solving or by focusing on low-hanging fruit,” he says. “No matter how sophisticated we are as a learning organization, if our conversations are limited to measurable outcomes, we are simply getting better at a system, not creating a new future.”

Want to know how to do this? Join Cheryl Esposito & Peter Block on ‘Leading Conversations‘ to explore creating the future by changing the conversation!

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