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Psychology and Crisis Management with Gavin Freeman

Posted by rstapholz on
Psychology and Crisis Management with Gavin Freeman

Join me 1pm EST, May 5, 2022!

Being a leader is hard. It’s even harder during a crisis. I speak with psychologist and author, Gavin Freeman about leadership psychology as it pertains to crisis management. It’s quite insightful and at times, surprising.

We touch on:

1. The Ardent – Dreamworld Incident (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Outcome?),

2. The mind of the CEO – Upper Echelon of the CEO,

3. Regulatory Theory,

4. Promotional vs Preventative to Performance vs Preventative,

5. Behavioral Agency Theory,

6. Reputation Management,

7. Value = Insight + Tension (This is really interesting and worth a listen), and

8. What can leaders, professionals, and organizations do?

It’s a very interesting talk about psychology and crisis management, and Gavin does a great job of turning theory into something lite and understandable. It become clear quite quickly, that being a leader during a crisis is much more than following a plan. Enjoy!


Cyber-Attack Response: A Focus on Resilience & Reputation

Posted by presspass on
Cyber-Attack Response: A Focus on Resilience & Reputation

Cyber attacks are on the increase. Organizations are more susceptible to attacks, as a result of Covid-19 and people working from home, and good Crisis Management is needed now more than ever to help manage such attacks. Crisis Management expert, Mark Hoffman, joins host Alex Fullick, as they discuss how the Crisis Management Team and the Cyber-Security team can work together to define a solid response, manage communications, and ensure quality decision making when a cyber attack occurs. Mark will provide some very helpful actions to consider to help organizations with their Crisis Management responses; think “4 x4” considerations. You’ll have to listen in to Mark’s talk with Alex to learn what the ‘4×4′ considerations are and how it will help your organization.

Don’t miss Alex’ chat with Mark!


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