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Awaken To Bliss Retreat by Angela Blaha

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7th Wave
Awaken To Bliss Retreat by Angela Blaha

Awakening to Bliss
A Weekend Retreat April 29th- May 1, 2016
We are living in incredible times, where energy insists we awaken our hearts. You are being called to let go of the struggle.

This weekend of finding peace, finding a deeper connection to self will include guided meditations, skills to become true creators.
You will learn to understand emotions such as forgiveness, guilt, and shame. These skills create a deep sense of freedom, allowing you to step into your power and to live blissfully.

It is truly a time to transform your life from worry and pain, to infinite possibility and manifest your true desires. We will work with higher states of consciousness and understand what it means to become conscious.

Join Jenna Ward & Angela Blaha on an exciting journey to transcend fear and doubt and instilling confidence, strength and love.
Susannah Furr will be leading healing Singing Bowl sessions throughout the weekend as well.

When: April 29 – May 1, 2016

Where: Honeysuckle Farms
3588 Causeyville Road
Meridian, Mississippi

Time: Friday April 29th 5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday April 30th 9:00am-8:00pm.
Sunday May 1 ~ 9:00-2:30pm
Other: http://angelablaha.com/event/awakening-bliss-weekend-retreat
Cost:$265.00 for retreat. A list of lodging options will be forwarded upon registration.
For more information call:
Jenna Ward 310-597-2405 or email:

Viewing the retreat by tele-seminar option may be online soon! Stay tuned!

About Angela Blaha

Like you, Psychologist, Intuitive & meditation expert, Angela Blaha often wondered how to transform her thoughts, emotions, actions, dreams, wants and desires, so life flowed effortlessly. Is it positive thinking or Charisma? Do I have to quit my job and meditate for hours a day to find tranquility? Can I really have everything I want or is that meant for Guru’s? Or, is there another way?

With twenty-two years of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is a transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author. Her methods help to decrease stress, clarify goals by increasing optimism and strengthening natural abilities.

About the Councils

Angela has embodied two councils of light beings that deliver Akash wisdom through a unique energetic experience. The counsel focuses on strength and courage and is devoted to the surrendering of a perfected state of consciousness, the natural condition of the soul, or pure love.

Going Deep ~ A semi-silent Meditation Retreat by Angela Blaha

Posted by Editor on
7th Wave
Going Deep ~ A semi-silent Meditation Retreat by Angela Blaha

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The value of going into silence!

I remember the first day I went into silence, it feels like it was yesterday.  I was filled with anticipation of going deep within, to experience silence like I had never experienced it before.  I was a bit nervous to go so deep within myself, that I actually made myself sick a few days before I was scheduled to leave for the event.

I was a ball of emotions, none of which I could identify with.  It was as if they were new emotions, or old emotions that had a new layer to them.  I rarely get nervous, but I have to admit I was nervous about the silence.  Like you, I live in a very loud and noisy world.

The nervousness continued upon arrival, as I was entering a place with new faces, not knowing any of the other people attending this silent event.  The thing I thought would be a saving paradigm was that we would be silent, so there was no room for small talk or getting to know people.  Just silence!

Much to my surprise there was some sort of underlying knowingness with the other participants, like we had known each other for years.  There was no room for small talk as there was deep and expansive conversation to experience.  We all seemed to be on the same path to enlightenment or at least to understand ourselves better and the reasons we exist.

What I learned from this experience was that I yearned for the silence, and it is now a regular part of my daily life.  I yearn for the moments of silence so I can explore an even deeper level of who I am.  My first experience was mind blowing to say the least.

This experience was life changing and with every change comes new opportunity to open up to my path, my journey and my truth.  I hope you join me for an experiential experience into the ultra depths of YOU.

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